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Shark Rotator Vacuum Quick Guide

In this Shark Rotator Vacuum quick guide you can learn all about the cleaner including how to assemble it.

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Manufactured by Shark

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POWERED LIFT-AWAY with Self-Cleaning Brushroll



What's inside list


Assembling visual guide

Assembling visual guide part 2


Empty dust cup after each use

How to empty dust cap visual guide

Cleaning Filters

The filters diagram

Pre-Motor (foam and felt):

With the dust cup removed, take out the foam and felt filters and rinse them with water only.

Post-Motor (HEPA):

To access the HEPA filter, pull the Filter Access latch under the filter cover and take off the cover. Remove the HEPA filter and rinse it with water only.

Self-Cleaning Brushroll

The self-cleaning brushroll automatically removes hair wrap. If some hair or debris remains after continued use, remove the cover to access the brushroll.

Accessing the brushroll



Starting the cleaner

Choosing the correct setting for the surface

NOTE: For deep cleaning, use Carpet/Low Pile setting.


Press Lift-Away® button to lift pod off floor nozzle. You are now ready to clean those hard-to-reach places.

Example of the Power Lift-away function


Example of the Lift-away floor cleaning mode


Can you remove roller brush for cleaning?


Does the roller brush continue to operate in transitioning from carpet to hard floor?

The soft brush slowly turns but not the large

Where can you buy extra filters for the LA502 model?

Right here on Amazon

Is this vacuum pvc-free?

The whole vacuum is plastic

Can u clean up high?

The lift away allows for added versatility, including reach. Hold the canister in one hand, pull out wand, and then clean as high or low as your reach allows you.

Does this vacuum have an adjustable suction ring? Or is it just on/off for carpets and hardwood?

Not sure what a suction ring is but it has a switch from carpet to hardwood flooring

Are shark rotator la500 and la502 similar?

Look on the info on Amazon. It gives comparable models.

My vacuum stopped working. What kind of warranty is there?

If you read the info on Amazon there is a link to click for warranty info. You have to contact customer service at Shark.

is this an update of the la500 model?

You should check the Shark website.

You should check the Shark website?

You can find the filters on Amazon.
Give them the part number when ordering.

Does pet power brush beater turn off for smooth surfaces?

There are 2 settings, carpet and hardwood. The hardwood function turns off that brush.

Do you get the 5 year warranty if you buy it on Amazon?


Does it have self cleaning filters?

It is not self cleaning

What is the weight of the vacuum and weight of the lift off canister?

The weight of the canister is 2.74 pounds and the weight of the vacuum is around 10.6 pounds.

How does it work on berber?

It’s great for such places based on the power and the lift-away ability that it has and also includes tools to tackle stubborn hair, pet hair, and hard-to-reach spaces.

Does this have a retractable cord?


What is the amp and wattage?

8 amp and 960 watts at 120 volts

Can you turn off the beater brush and get suction?

You have to do this with an attachment. The brush roll does not allow for suction only.

How tall is the assembled vacuum? The handles on Shark vacuums always look too high to me – awkward for a 5’4” woman.

My wife is barely 5’0” and loves this vacuum. Easy to use and highly maneuverable.

Does it have self cleaning filters?

They don’t self clean but you can clean them

How much does this weigh?

very light.

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