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SONGMICS Counter Stools Set LDC37, LDC38 Manual

SONGMICS Counter Stools Set LDC37, LDC38 Manual Image


General Guidelines

  • Please read the following instruction carefully and use the product accordingly.
  • Please keep this manual and hand it over when you transfer the product.
  • This summary may not include every detail of all variations and considered steps. Please contact us when further information and help are needed.


  • Please check and ensure all the components are intact before the assembly and strictly adhere to the instructions. Incorrect assembly may result in a risk of injury.
  • Damaged components may influence the safety and function of a product. Never use the product if any component is missing or defective.
  • When assembling the legs, correctly position all screws into the holes and keep the bottom of the legs at the same level, then gradually tighten them.
  • Make sure the legs are adjusted to be level.
  • This item is only intended to be used indoors and designed for use by one person at a time.
  • The maximum static load capacity of the product is 110 kg.
  • Note: Please place this dining chair on level ground, and keep all 4 feet in contact with the ground at all times to prevent falling during use. Do not perch on the front edge of the seat to avoid falling forward; sit in the chair completely. When bending to pick up items, please pay attention to the risk of falling forward.
  • The felt pads are suitable for most kinds of flooring (ceramic tile, wooden floor, PVC ground, carpet, etc), please dry it after contact with water.
  • Do not stand on the chair or use it as a step stool or ladder as it may result in physical injury or damage to the product.
  • Do not expose this item to direct sunlight and never touch with sharp objects, which may cause damage to the product.
  • Periodically inspect the tightness of the screws. If necessary, retighten to ensure structural integrity.
  • For daily care, the PU cover can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth and wiped dry with a clean, dry cloth. If necessary, please use a suitable leather-care agent. Suede fabric cover can be cleaned with dry foam or mild detergents.


  • Please use the chair as intended. Improper use of chairs will cause accidents if as a climbing tool. Children need to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Change or modify the product will affect its safety performance. Pay attention to the danger of injury!
  • During the assembly process, keep children away from the work area. The product parts include most of the screws and other small parts. Swallowing or inhaling them can be fatal.
  • Keep packaging parts out of the reach of children, especially babies such as non-woven fabric, plastic bags, bubble bags, etc. since packaging parts often have unforeseen hazards such as the risk of suffocation.

SONGMICS Counter Stools Set - Warnings-1

  • Please press down on the seat surface to level the legs on an even floor.
  • Screw in the adjustable feet to keep the chair balanced.

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Version QM:2.0

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