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StarTech 1U Rack Shelf 16 in.Deep Manual

StarTech 1U Rack Shelf 16 in.Deep Manual Image

StarTech 1U Rack Shelf 16 in. Deep User Guide

Port Function
1 Front Bracket
  • Used to mount the Shelf into a Rack or Cabinet


Notes: This product can support the following weight: 44 lb. (20 kg). The following installation instructions are for square mounting holes.

  1. Locate a suitable location in the rack or cabinet to mount the shelf.
    Note: The shelf itself requires 1U of space within the rack or cabinet.
  2. Install the M6 Cage Nuts x 4 (included) into the square mounting holes on the front posts of the rack.
  3. Place the shelf into the rack and align the Mounting Holes on the Front Brackets with the M6 Cage Nuts.
  4. Use the provided M6-12 Screws x 4 and the M6 Plastic Cup Washers to secure the shelf to the rack.
  5. Make sure that the M6-12 Screws are properly tightened and the shelf doesn’t move before you put anything on the shelf.

Package Contents

  • 1U Shelf x 1
  • M6-12 Screws x 4
  • M6 Cage Nuts x 4
  • M6 Plastic Cup Washers x 4


For the latest requirements and full manual, please visit www.startech.com/CABSHELF116.

  • At least 1U of available space.

Note: If you use a rack or cabinet that doesn’t use square mounting points, you will require the appropriate mounting hardware for the type of rack that you are using

Warning Statements

Make sure that you assemble this product according to the instructions.
Do not exceed the weight capacity of this product. Overloading this product might result in injury or property damage. This product can support the following weight: 44 lb. (20 kg).
Before you add equipment to this product, make sure that you have properly assembled and installed it, and that the product can support the weight of the equipment that you are adding to it.

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