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TOTO WASHLET C5 Electronic Toilet Elongated Bidet Seat Manual

TOTO WASHLET C5 Electronic Toilet Elongated Bidet Seat Manual Image


Installation Guide

• Before installation, be sure to read this installation manual.
Mount parts properly according to the directions.

Safety Precautions

Be sure to carefully read this “Safety Precautions” document before beginning installation.
Please comply with all safety warnings and precautions.

Symbols and Meanings

This symbol indicates misuse may result in death or serious injury.
This symbol indicates misuse may result in injury or physical damage.

Examples of symbols

 The symbol indicates a prohibited use of the product.  The symbol is used to indicate a required step in the use of this product.
Do not use this product with any power supply other than the one specified. (AC 120 V, 60 Hz)
• Doing so may result in heat or fire.
Do not use a damaged power plug, damaged power cord, or loose socket outlet.
• Doing so may result in electrical shock or fire.
Do not install an outlet directly beneath a water supply location. Do not allow the water supply hose to touch the electrical outlet of the plug.
• Condensation may seep into the outlet, resulting in fire or electrical shock.
Do not use other water than allowed by the laws and ordinances of the region of use.
Only use drinking water. Do not use seawater or recycled water.
• Doing so may cause irritation to the skin and malfunction.
Do not install the product on moving vehicles such as boats or RV’s.
• Doing so could cause a fire, electric shock, a short circuit, or other malfunctions.
• The toilet seat, lid, product main body, or another part might come loose and fall off, resulting in injury.
Do not do anything that could damage the power cord, power plug.
Do not strike, yank, twist, excessively bend, damage, alter, or heat any power cords. Also, do not place anything heavy on, bind, or pinch them.
• Using a damaged power cord may result in a fire, electrical shock, heat, or a short circuit.
Do not exceed the rated capacity of your electrical outlets or wiring equipment.
• Using a single outlet to supply power to many devices by using an extension cord or other adapters may result in fire from excess heat.
Be sure to plug the power cord all the way into the wall socket.
• Failure to do so may result in electrical shock or fire.
To unplug, hold the power plug, not the power cord.
Do not unplug by pulling the power cord.
• Pulling on the power cord may cause damage and result in fire or heat.
This is an electrical product. Do not locate it anywhere water is likely to get on it. Do not locate the product in a humid environment where water may form on the surface of the product.
When using the product in a bathroom, install a ventilation fan or opening, so that the bathroom has
sufficient airflow to avoid extreme humidity.
• Failure to do so may result in electrical shock or fire.
Always connect the product to the cold water supply.
• Connecting to a hot water supply may result in burns and equipment damage.
Check that the product is electrically grounded appropriately.
• If the ground is not installed, a breakdown or electrical current leak may result in electrical shock.
*If there is no ground installed, ask the installer to put it in the ground.
Confirm that wiring is connected correctly (L terminal: Live, N terminal: Neutral).
• Incorrect wiring may cause mechanical failure.
Always use a grounded (3-prong) electrical outlet and that is connected to a ground fault circuit interrupter (30mA or less).
If the power cord is damaged, avoid danger by having the manufacturer’s repair department or equivalent
specialist replace it.
When installing this product, comply with the regional codes and standards on installation work.
All-pole disconnection incorporated in the fixed wiring shall be provided.
Do not lift the product by the toilet seat or toilet lid.
• Doing so may result in the product’s main body dislodging, falling, and causing injury.
Do not fold or crush the water supply hose; do not damage by cutting with a sharp object.
• Doing so may result in water leakage.
Do not remove the water filter drain valve while the shutoff valve is open.
• Doing so will result in water leakage.
Install the Washlet properly according to the Installation Guide.
• Improper installation may result in water leakage, electric shock or fire.
Push the product main body securely onto the base plate.
After pushing the product’s main body until a click sound is heard, pull it slightly toward you to make sure that the product does not detach.
• Not doing so may result in the product’s main body dislodging, falling, and causing injury.
Make sure the plus and minus signs on the batteries are aligned correctly before inserting them. *1
• Otherwise, the batteries may leak fluid, generate heat, rupture, or ignite.
When the product will not be used for a long time, remove the batteries from the remote control. *1
• Failure to do so may cause the batteries to leak fluid.

*1 With remote control

Precautions before installation

  • Do not turn on the electricity and water supply for the product until installation work is complete.
  • Do not damage the connection components on the water supply hose (C-3).
  • The water supply pressure ranges from 7.25 PSI (0.05 MPa) <dynamic> – 108.78 PSI (0.75 MPa) <static>.
  • Use the unit within the said pressure range.
  • The temperature of the water supply should be within a range of 32-95 °F (0 to 35 °C). Make sure the temperature is within this range.
  • Working ambient temperature is within the range of 32-104 °F (0 to 40 °C). Make sure the temperature is within this range.
  • Do not use water supply hoses (C-3) and junction valves (A-7) other than those supplied with the product.
    *Because a water flow test is conducted on each product at the factory, water may remain inside the product. This water does not indicate a problem with the product.
  • Perform wiring correctly according to this product’s specifications (rated power 15 A or more, 120 V AC (60 Hz)).
    *Power supply, rated power consumption is indicated on the label of this product.
  • The power cord is 3.93 ft (1.2 m) long.
    Check that the outlet is provided in a location appropriate for this length.

Included parts

A-6, A-14

* Please ask the homeowner if they would like anti-theft parts for remote control (A-6) and a remote control operation guide (A-14) installed before starting installation. Please leave the anti-theft kit with the owner if it is not installed.

Required items.

Part diagram

Symbols and their meanings

Tasks that must be conducted by the installer.

Workflow direction.

Actions that the product should perform automatically.
visual confirmation required

Installation procedure

Information for the installer

Fill in the necessary information on the warranty card and be sure to hand it to the customer.
Please explain the features and operation of the product to the customer.

If the product will not be used for a long time (like when it is installed in an unoccupied, newly constructed building),

  • Turn off power at the breaker on the distribution board or disconnect the power plug.
  • To avoid leakage, remove the batteries from the remote control. (With remote control)

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