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TOZO A1 Wireless Earbuds User Guide

TOZO A1 Wireless Earbuds User Guide Image

TOZO A1 True Wireless Stereo Earbuds User Guide

TOZO A1 True Wireless Stereo Earbuds User Guide

How To Wear YourTOZO Earbuds

Step 1:
Ensure the early facing downwards, then place the earbuds Into your ears.
Step 2:
Rotate the earbuds back to the auricle side to fit snugly.


  1. Take out the two earbuds, they will automatically power on and connect each other within 1 0 seconds.
  2. One of the earbuds flashes red and blue alternately.I Pairing Mode I search for pairing name ITOZO – A 11 .
  3. search for pairing name ITOZO – A 11 .


If your earbuds accidentally only get one earbud to work. or fail to pair. Please reset it.

  1.  Turn off Bluetooth and remove/forget (TOZO-A 1) records on your device.
  2.  Take out both earbuds from the case, and quickly tap them 5 times . Reset Is completed when the red lights flash for a second.
  3.  Put the earbuds back Into case first and take out to reconnect.

Note: If your device displays [Connection failed]. Please delete all [TOZO-A1] pairing history and pair again.


usb micro?


Do they really shoot lightning like in the profile pic?

It’s not really lightning; they collect ground-state vacuum energy so no power source is needed. What the camera images as lightning is actually virtual photons from the Luminiferous Aether, issuing forth from the flat hollow earth through to the concentric crystalline spheres which support the sun, moon, and the rest of the luminous heavenly bodies. It’s actually quite simple and elegant, when you think about it.

What type of measuring tape was that metric or imperial?


Are these Bluetooth charge compatible?

There is no bluetooth charge compatability only wired and wireless.

Is their a fix for the left earbud cutting out when you turn your head ?

Yes. Don’t turn your head.

What are the dimensions of the ear bids themselves?

They’re $16

How do you know they are charging in case ? No lights come on when in .

When the earbuds are charging, there is a red light shining on the earbuds while inside the case. The outside box does not glow red that they are charging.

Why my earplugs not hanging up the calls when im usi g one earplug (the right one) and I’m double tapping it it still dont hang up the call?

To hang up you need to press and hold for two seconds. Double-tapping is for skipping songs when playing music.

How do you charge the case? Does it come with a charging cor?

There is a little black box, easy to overlook but it comes with a small USB- C charging cable. The same cable my phone uses. It also comes with extra rubber ear buds. It’s easy to overlook so check your box carefully. It’s in a little black box.

Does this model read text to you?

Sound level is relatively low, much quieter than other earbuds

Does the case continually charge when disconnected from power or does it only charge when the buds need power?

It charges the buds to full power then stops. This can be done multiple times until the case no longer holds a charge as indicated on the case itself.

What is the Bluetooth version?


What is the battery capacity?


How long does the earbuds play?

About 3 hours (varies with different volume levels and audio content)

How many times can it be charged?

About 100 times (varies with different volume levels and audio content)

Does it support voice calling?

Yes, it support hands-free calls, but you need to connect it with your phone first.

Can I use it as a wired headphone?

Yes, you can use it as a wired headphone by connecting the earbuds to each other.


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