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WOODBRIDGE B0960S Electronic Bidet Toilet Manual

WOODBRIDGE B0960S Electronic Bidet Toilet Manual Image

WOODBRIDGE B0960S Electronic Bidet Toilet

Compliance with the following codes & standard:

  • 2015 Uniform Plumbing Code ( UPC )
  • 2018 International Plumbing Code ® ( IPC )
  • 2018 International Residential Code ( IPC )
  • CSA B45.5 / IAPMO Z124-2017- Plastic Plumbing Fixtures

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We reserves the right to change, update, modify, alter, redesign this manual/product or its policies without prior notice! We shall not be liable for any injuries or property damages in connection with this product during installation or use of this product!

This products must be installed by a fully insured and licensed plumber only. Installation of any our product by anyone other than fully insured and licensed plumber shall void limited warranty. We recommends that such licensed plumber have experience in the installation of products.
Limited warranty is void on any commercial installation
We are not responsible for local code compliance for this product. Building and plumbing codes may vary from state-to-state in accordance to your location. We are not responsible for providing any compliance certifications.
Under no circumstances we are shall not be liable for any and all incidental damages sustained in connection with this product Neither manufacture, nor distributor, nor retailer is responsible for water damage or flood caused due to use of this product. Under no circumstances We shall not be liable for any and all fees, cost of installation/reinstallation/removal, subsequent damage or transportation in case of the product defect


During unpacking the product and prior to installation inspect your new product for any damages or missing parts. Do not attempt to install or operate the product if the product is damaged.



When using electrical products, especially when children are present, basic safety precautions shouldalways be followed, including the following:

  1. The appliance is not to be used by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or
    mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision
    or instruction.
  2. Children being supervised not to play with the appliance.
  3. This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
  4. Children shall not play with the appliance.
  5. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.

DANGER –To reduce the risk of electrocution:

  1. Do not use while bathing.
  2. Do not place or store product where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink.
  3. Do not place in or drop into water or other liquid.
  4. Do not reach for a product that has fallen into water. Unplug immediately.
  5. Do not wash the main unit or electrical plug with water or detergent.
  6. Do not handle the electrical plug with wet hands.
  7. Do not put a hand or other staff over the outlet of air dryer or block the outlet of air dryer.
  8. Never disassemble,repair or modify this product.
  9. During installation, disassembly, repaire and maintenance of the product,the power plug must be switched off and water supply be shut off.

WARNING–To reduce the risk of burns, electrocution, fire, or injury to persons.

  1. Close supervision is necessary when this product is used by, on, or near children or invalids.
  2. Use this product only for its intended use as described in this manual. Do not use attachments not recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. Never operate this product if it has a damaged cord or plug, if it is not working properly, if it has been dropped or damaged, or dropped into water. Return the product to a service center for examination and repair.
  4. Keep the cord away from heated surfaces.
  5. Never use while sleeping or drowsy.
  6. Never drop or insert any object into any opening or hose.
  7. Do not use outdoors or operate where aerosol (spray) products are being used or where oxygen is being administered.
  8. Connect this product to a properly grounded outlet only. See Grounding Instructions.
  9. Do not throw cigarettes and other burning stuff into toilet, otherwise it might cause fire.
  10. This product is electric appliance, so it must be placed far away from water. Please don’t drench urine and other liquid to it.
  11. Do not lay on side or upside the product during the electrical circuit.
  12. It is prohibited to use other electric appliances in the same socket.
  13. It is forbidden to use the power extension or unstable loose outlet.
  14. The old aging water supply hose can not be used, otherwise it might cause leakage, fire or electrical shock.Installation of the bidet seat should include specified components and new water supply hose.

CAUTION– Indicates that failure to follow the instruction may cause body injury or property damage.

  1. Do not install or use the product in wet places as steam room etc.This product must be connected to properly grounded power outlet socket.
  2. It is recommended to use water-proof electrical outlet which should be lnstalled in the place where is not easily got wet.
  3. This product should be used with AC 110V-120V,50/60Hz electrical current only,load current is at least 15A. P ower plug must be equipped with ground fault circuit interrupter or ground fault electrical leakage protector or similar high sensitive, rapid type leakage switch (Rated sensitive current under 6mA).
  4. When it thunders,it is strongly recommended to pull out the power plug.
  5. Do not stand on ceramic toilet.
  6. Ceramic toilet must install floor fixing bolt.
  7. Do not stand on product unit,seat and cover.
  8. Do not lean against the seat cover when using the product,to avoid damage.
  9. This product is equipped with soft-closing seat cover.Heavy pressing or pushing may damage the soft-closing damper.
  10. Do not use lacquer thinner,petrol,liquid medicine,detergent,insecticide,toilet cleanser and scrubbing brush to clean the product.
  11. Exposure to direct sunlight is prohibited.
  12. Only use tap water or bottle water;otherwise it may cause chafing.
  13. Do not connect water supply to heater outlet.Make sure inlet water temperature at 3~35℃.
  14. When the room temperature is under zero degree,please dry up the water tank,to avoid freezing.
  15. Raise rest room temperature to prevent the toilet from damage due to freezing.
  16. When move the product from cold or wet environment into normal room temperature,wait for 2 hours until the condensation water is fully volatilized.Doing so can prevent the product from electric short circuit.
  17. When not using the product over three(3) days,drain the water out of the container and pull the elelctrical plug from the wall outlet.
  18. Stop using the product and shut off the power when product malfunctions,please contact the service people for professional service.


This product should be grounded. In the event of an electrical short circuit, grounding reduces the risk of electric shock by providing an escape wire for the electric current. This product is equipped with a cord having a grounding wire with a grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an outlet that is properly installed and grounded.
DANGER– Improper use of the grounding plug can result in a risk of electric shock.
If repair or replacement of the cord or plug is necessary, do not connect the grounding wire to either flat blade terminal. The wire with insulation having an outer surface that is green with or without yellow stripes is the grounding wire.
This product is factory equipped with a specific electric cord and plug to permit connection to a proper electric circuit. Make sure that the product is connected to an outlet having the same configuration as the plug. No adapter should be used with this product. Do not modify the plug provided — if it will not fit the outlet, have the proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician. If the product must be reconnected for use on a different type of electric circuit, the reconnection should be made by qualified service personnel.

Main Unit Rating pressure AC 110V-120V,50/60Hz
Rating power 1200W-1400W
Water pressure range Minimum water pressure 0.07MPa (20L/min. flow). Maximum water pressure 0.8MPa (Hydrostatic pressure)
Electrical wire length is about 1.8m
Toilet Flush volume 1.6/1.1GPF(6.0/4.1 L)
Flushing mode Siphonic jet
Rough in 12″
Outlet outside


Drainage method Down-drain
Cleaning device Heating power 1200W
Water temperature 6 different level adjustment
Water volume 5 different level adjustment
Cleansing mode Rear cleaning/Rear massage,Front cleansing for ladies
Spray cleansing location 5 different level adjustment
Water pressure protector Pressure stabilizer,Automatic pressure discharging
Anti-fouling device Speedy water discharge device, Automatic cleansing nozzle, Anti

-syphon device, Anti-backflow device, Filter device

Safety device Temperature sensor, fail safe device, Bimetallic thermostat, Temperature fuse, Grounding protection, Leakage protector
Drying device Warm wind speed Over 4 M/S
Warm wind


6 different level adjustment
Heating power 250W
Safety device Temperature sensor, Bimetallic thermostat, temperature fuse
Deodorization Deodorization Method Activated carbon or photocatalyst absorption
Heated seat Surface temperature 6 different level adjustment
Heating power 50W
Open and close


Quiet soft-closing device,Auto open and close
Heated burning


The seat temperature will automatically lower to level 1 in 10 minutes after using
Safety device Seat sensor,Temperature sensor, Bimetallic thermostat,Temperature fuse
Caring device Night light


intelligent,often in the off state
User ID setting To avoid disturbance from remote controls by multi-user
Automatic flushing Toilet will automatically flush as user walks away from bowl
Auto lid open/ close(optional) Intelligent lid open/close or by remote controller



  • Measurements are +3/8″ and subject to change without notice
  • Specifications & Configurations are subject to change without notice
  • Pls measure toilet on-site before installation
  • Please note that installer(s) must be certify or warranty will be voided.
  • Measurements herein supersede all others published prior to purblication date shown below
  1. The product drawing is for reference only, and we reserve the right to modify the appearance of the product.
  2. If the appearance of the product is changed, the actual product shall prevail.

Installation Option


Installation of ceramic toilet

  1. Water supply angle valve installation
    Draw drain outlet centerline on the floor, install angle valve at proper position on wall according to dimension of toilet. 10″ off center is preferred.
  2. Cardboard installation
    • Align cardboard with the centerline of drain outlet.
    • Outline with pencil or tape according to cardboard.
    • Please mark the position of flange bolts.
  3. Mounting bracket installation
    Assemble the mounting L-Bracket with bolts and then install them to the pre-install flange plate on the ground and tighten with nuts.
  4. Ceramic toilet installation
    • Install wax ring onto drain outlet of toilet.
    • Carefully lower toilet into place directly according to the outline position. Attention: This toilet is team-lift recommend, also seat should be in open position to aid in installation.
    • Install Screw through Plastic Insert and into the opening on the side of the toilet. Tighten Screw into L-Bracket being careful not to over tighten.
  5. Silicone caulking application
    • Apply Silicone caulking to the edge of toilet base, wipe away any excess.
      Please clean the drain outlet;
      Please make sure ceramic toilet outlet sits perfectly on drain outlet.
  6. Installation of hose
    Connect water inlet and angle valve with new hose.

Before Installation

  1. Turn on the angle valve
    Check thread connection,make sure no leakage is found.
  2. Power Connection
    Insert power line leakage protection plug into the power socket, press the reset switch, plug indicator lights on indicating that the power is on.


  • Press electric leakage test button prior to usage, the reset switch pops up indicating that the leakage protection function is normal.
  • Press the TEST button (then RESET button) every month to assure proper operation.
    Suitable for the product with leakage protection plug.
    Please refer to the actual product.


  1. The main unit buzzer rings first “click”, power indicator (POWER) and Energy-conservation indicator (ENERGY SAVER) flash. Power indicator lights on and Energy-conservation indicator
  2. gets off to start self-inspection.
    The main unit buzzer rings second “click” to indicate finish of self-inspection, power indictator lights on, and Energy-conservation indicator keeps off.
  3. Start function mode for normal usage.

Daily maintenance

Main unit care and maintenace

  1. Shut off power supply at maintenance.
  2. 2.Turn the seat upward open,  press down the button located on the right side of main unit and pull out the seat.Wipe the stain with a soft damp cloth.
  3. Safety self- inspection
    After cleaning, re-connect the toilet with the power supply.

Spray nozzle maintenance and care

  1. Nozzle self-cleaning
    Press “nozzle cleaning” button and nozzle will move forward and self-clean.
  2. Spray nozzle disassemble
    When the wand moves forward,the nozzle can be disassembled to clean.
  3. Use soft cloth or soft brush to clean
    Do not pull or push the wand,to avoid damage.
  4. Nozzle assembly
    Re-install the nozzle to the wand and press “nozzle cleaning” button, then the nozzle will move back to the original position.

Emergency Troubleshooting

Electricity and water supply cut-off 

  1. Power failure
    Manually press button of full/half flush to perform the toilet flushing.
  2. Water failure
    Put around 8L water into a barrel and flush the bowl of ceramic.
    Note: Avoid water spilling from bowl.

Failure of remote control

  1. Operate the panels on bidet seat to perform.1.Operate the panels on bidet seat to perform.
  2. Battery replacement
    • Press the “power” button on panel and electricity indicator will turn off.
    • Take remote control from hanger.
    • Open battery cover to replace battery and put back to hanger.
    • Press the “power” button again and electricity indicator will turn on.
      Remarks: When replacing the battery, the automatic function and timing function will be cancelled and need to be reset.

When the product is left unused for long time

  • Especially in winter season,the water inside the tank should be discharged to avoid freezing.

To discharge water 

  1. Turn off the water supply angle valve
  2. Cut off the electricity
  3. Discharge water
  4. Handle the remaining water in bowl
    It is suggested to put some antifreeze into water inside the bowl.
    Note: Before water discharging, the power must be cut off!

The illustration of main unit keys




1.  Long press “power” button to enter standby mode; and then quick press “power” button to restore functional mode.

2.  When people sit, press “power” button to stop the function of rear, front cleaning or drying. When no one sits, press “power” button to switch between function mode and power save mode.

Flush Press “flush” button to activate full flushing.
Dry Press “dry” button, warm wind will come out. After a circle or user leaves the seat, it will automatically stop.
Front Press “front cleaning” button, the water will come out to clean the front portion of body. It will automatically stop after a circle of cleaning. If press “stop” or “power” button when using, the function will stop immediately.
Rear 1. Press ” rear cleaning” button, the water will come out to clean the rear portion of body. It will automatically stop after a circle of cleaning. If press “stop” or “power” button when using, the function will stop immediately.

2. When no one uses, press “rear cleaning” button, then the wand

will stretch out to clean the nozzle and spray lance.


  1. When main unit is in functional mode, the light of Power goes on; When in energy save function, the light of Power goes off, and energy saver lights on; When in standby mode, both lights are off.
  2. The default setting of all function is on middle level, after using controller, shift to the level setted last time.

Troubleshooting Guide

Problem Cause Solution
No flushing water supply hose buckling causes block solve the buckling
fill valve is off turn on the fill valve
Water supply is cut off Connect water supply and

wait for the water

Poor flushing Water supply hose buckling

causes partial block

Solve the buckling
Fill valve is not fully

turned on

Fully turn on the fill valve
Filter is dirty and causes block Clean the filter
The water is not hot The water temperature is setted

on normal temperature level

Reset the water temperature
Seat temperature is not hot The seat temperature is setted

on normal temperature level

Reset the seat temperature
In standby mode Shift to function mode for

3 minutes

Wind temperature is not hot The wind temperature is setted

on normal temperature level

Reset the wind temperature
No wind out In standby mode or power save mode Shift to function mode to use dry function
spray wand cannot retracted Power off Push back the wand lightly and

wait for the power

Get stuck by impurities Clear away the impurities
Spray wand cannot stretch out Power off Push back the wand lightly and

wait for the power

Do not sit in sensing area Sit right in the sensing area
Controller cannot


Reverse the polarity of


Reload the battery
Malfunction of deodorization User doesn’t reach the

sensing area in seat

Adjust to reach the sensing area
Deodorization function keeps working after user leaves It’s a normal phenomenon if

deodorization function keeps working after user leaves to ensure eliminating smell entirely

Caution If the problems cannot be solved as per above methods, please

shut-off the power, and contact service providers for maintenance.

If the leakage circuit breacker often trips off, it means the

products has electricity leakage, so please shut-off the power, and contact service provider for maintenance.

Produdct Limited Warranty

Thank you for choosing out product. This product is warranted for one(1)years since the purchasing date for free repair of problems arising out of defects in workmanship while using in accordance with installation manual and usage cations for intended purposes.
lf the product does not work properly with warranty period, please contact your nearest service center. This certificate must be presented to obtain free service under this warranty.
Our company reserves the rights to replace the product by other similar models. We can serve to fix or repair the product at a reasonable service charge, after expiration of warranty period.
Service charges shall be paid even during the warranty period, if breakage or damage is caused by any of the following events(including but without limitation)

  1. The user’s negligence or mistake in operation, unreasonable repair or alteration.
  2. Product are damaged by negligence or mistake during installation
  3. The movement of installation location of the product.
  4. Using the product outside of intended use in residential housing or commerical hotels
  5. The use of non specified powersupply(voltage, rating pressure)
  6. The dirt, sand and impurities that causing invalid operation.
  7. Damages due to force majeure(including but not limitation to natural disaster) or other incidents.
  8. The user fails to use in compliance with the warning or caution described in the installation manual

Please fill in date, seller correctly. lf there are some mistakes, the warranty will get invalid. This one year warranty for free of charge of repair service is only for the items listed in the warranty.
The purchasing dte is subject to the purchasing invoice or receipt.
Please keep this warranty and invoice/receipt available for repair or maintenance.

Thank you for using WoodBridge products!
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