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Xiaomi MAF01 Smart Air Fryer 3.5L Manual

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Mi Smart Air Fryer (3.5L)
User Manual

Read this manual carefully before use, and retain it for future reference. Thank you for choosing the Mi Smart Air Fryer (3.5L). This product is for household use only. Illustrations of product, accessories and user interface in the user manual are for reference purposes only. Actual products and functions may vary due to product enhancements.

Safety Instructions

  • This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
  • Children shall not play with the appliance.
  • Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children unless they are older than 8 and supervised.
  • Keep the appliance and its cord out of reach of children less than 8 years.
  • Household use only. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
  • The temperature of accessible surfaces may be high when the appliance is operating.
  • The surfaces are liable to get hot during use.
  • The appliances are not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or separate remote control system.
  • Do not block the air fryer’s air inlet and outlets, nor the heat dissipation vents during use to avoid affecting its normal heat dissipation.
  • Do not modify the internal wiring of the air fryer.
  • Do not use charcoal or other similar fuel sources to heat the basket, frying plate, or grill.
  • Do not place the basket on any other heat sources, such as an induction cooker or gas stove.
  • Do not plug or unplug the power cord with wet hands to avoid the risk of an electrical shock.
  • Do not use a power cord with a loose connection or poor contact.
  • Do not let the power cord cross through sharp objects to avoid damage to the power cord.
  • Do not use the air fryer to store any items, especially flammable, explosive, or corrosive items.
  • Do not excessively pinch, bend, twist, or place heavy objects on the power cord to prevent it from exposing or breaking its core.
  • Stop using the air fryer immediately and unplug it from the power source if it doesn’t function normally or malfunctions.
  • The air fryer cannot be started without the basket is in place.
  • Do not let children near the air fryer during or right after use to avoid them from getting scalded.
  • Do not allow children to play with plastic packaging bag to avoid suffocation accidents.
  • Do not use any plastic utensils or any wrapping materials which may melt or poison/affect the food to wrap food for cooking.
  • Do not drop this air fryer or bump it against hard objects to avoid damage or malfunction.
  • Do not insert pins, wires or other objects into any of the openings of the air fryer to avoid an electrical shock or injury.
  • Do not use any accessories that are not recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Keep a distance of 30 cm or more between the air outlets and other devices, during use.
  • Do not move or shake the air fryer during use.
  • Do not insert any foreign objects into the safety switch, to avoid any danger.
  • When placing the air fryer in a kitchen cabinet, etc., please ensure that it is well ventilated.
  • Ensure that the air fryer is unplugged before cleaning or repairing it.
  • This product must be used on a level, the heat-resistant surface to avoid damage to the product or accidents.
  • Ensure that the silicone parts of the air fryer do not come into contact with ethanol or solutions that contain more than 50% of alcohol.
  • Please ensure that the electrical outlet the air fryer is plugged into is well-grounded to avoid an electrical shock or other safety hazards.

Hereby, Ningbo Careline Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. declares that the radio equipment type Air Fryer MAF02 is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address: http://www.mi.com/global/service/support/declaration.html For detailed e-manual, please go to www.mi.com/global/service/userguide

Product Overview

Notes: 1. The silicone rubber used in the air fryer is made of high-temperature-resistant food-grade materials to prevent the edges of the frying plate from scratching the coating of the basket and to improve the stability of the frying plate. Do not remove the silicone rubber from the frying plate.
Ingredients that are too small are not suitable for use on the grill. Please make sure that ingredients don’t fall through the gaps in the grill.
Control KnobXiaomi MAF01 Smart Air Fryer - fig 6

Press to confirm the selection. Press to confirm the selection. Turn left/right to change functions. Press the power button to turn it on/off.

How to Use

Connect the power cord and press the power button to turn on the air fryer.
Note: Press the power button to turn on the air fryer for the first time, ,, Enable Wi-Fi” will be displayed, if you do not operate it for 30 seconds or select No, the Wi-Fi will remain disabled, and if you select Yes, the Wi-Fi indicator will blink and Wi-Fi will be enabled.

  1. Turning on
    Connect the power cord and press the power button to turn on the air fryer.
  2. Turning off
    Press the power button to turn off the air fryer, regardless of the state it is in.
  3. Configuring the Wi-Fi

1. Resetting the Wi-Fi
Press the control knob to enter “Reset Wi-Fi” while in the “Wi-Fi” screen, then press the control knob to select Yes to reset the Wi-Fi, or turn the control knob to select No to abandon resetting the Wi-Fi.
2. Enabling/Disabling the Wi-Fi
Press the control knob to enter “Enable/Disable Wi-Fi” while in the “Wi-Fi” screen, then press the control knob to select Yes to enable or disable the Wi-Fi, or turn the control knob to select No to abandon the change.
Wi-Fi Status

Awaiting connection … Reconnecting after a disconnection… Connected successfully Updating…
Wi-Fi indicator blinks slowly Wi-Fi indicator blinks quickly Wi-Fi indicator is on continuously Wi-Fi indicator blinks twice

Note: If it does not connect to the Wi-Fi for 30 minutes, the Wi-Fi indicator will turn off.
4. Connecting with Mi Home/Xiaomi Home App
This product works with the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app*
Use the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app to control your device, and to interact with other smart home devices.
Scan the QR code to download and install the app. You will be directed to the connection setup page if the app is installed already. Or search “Mi Home/Xiaomi Home” in the app store to download and install it.
Open the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app, tap “+” on the upper right, and then follow prompts to add your device.
Note: In order to improve the user’s experience, the device’s firmware and the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app interface will be updated from time to time, so if you encounter any interface experience that is not consistent with this manual, please refer to the actual product.
How to Use
The ingredients can be marinated to taste before cooking.
Starting a cooking program
1. Place the air fryer on a stable, level surface and ensure that there is air circulation around the air fryer.
2. Place the frying plate into the basket and add the ingredients one by one. If there are more ingredients, use the grill to place them in two layers.
Note: Stacking ingredients without using the grill will affect the cooking.

3. Once the basket is completely inserted into the air fryer, press the power button to turn it on, and turn the control knob to select the menu for the corresponding cooking program and press the control knob to confirm. Then press the control knob to select the amount Quantity Half Full of ingredients (single layer/half/full/double layer), and finally press the control knob to confirm and start cooking.


  1.  The cooking time and temperature can be adjusted by turning the control knob during cooking.
  2. Once you turn the control knob to adjust the cooking time or temperature, you need to press the control knob to confirm, otherwise, it will continue to cook at the original time and temperature after five seconds.
  3. Some ingredients need to be turned over during cooking, please follow the air fryer’s instructions and pull out the basket to turn over the ingredients, then place the basket completely back into the air fryer and press the control knob to continue cooking.
  4. The air fryer will beep and “Program completed” will appear on the display to indicate that the cooking program has been completed. Carefully take out the basket and use clamps to remove the food. Caution: When cooking is completed, the basket is very hot, so do not touch it to avoid getting scalded.

Other Operations

  1.  Language settings
    Turn the air fryer, go to settings, and press the control knob to enter the language selection screen.
    Turn the control knob to the desired language and press it to confirm.
  2. Manual mode
    While standby, turn the control knob and select the manual mode, press it to set the temperature and turn it to adjust to the desired cooking temperature, then press it to set the time and turn it to adjust to the desired cooking time and press it to start the above set program.
  3. Turning over the food
    If the cooking time is more than 8 minutes (except for cake and dried fruits), the air fryer will remind you to turn over or shake the food. “Please shake the food” will blink on the display screen, and it will beep three times. Please pull out the basket, turn over or shake the food, and then completely insert the basket back into the air fryer.
  4. Scheduled cooking
    While standby, turn the control knob and select the schedule function, set the completion time, cooking program, cooking temperature, and time, and press the control knob to confirm and start the scheduled cooking program. Once the scheduled time is over, the air fryer has completed the scheduled cooking program.
    Note: The scheduled time here is the scheduled completion time, for example, six hours, which means cooking will be completed in six hours, and the scheduled time cannot be shorter than the cooking time
  5. PausingPress the control knob to pause the cooking program while cooking.
    Paused Press the control knob to continue the cooking program while it is paused.
  6. Stopping the program
    Press and hold the control knob for 0.5 seconds, the display screen indicates to confirm the cancellation of the current cooking program, turn the control knob and select yes or no. Once canceled, it will enter standby mode.

Maintenance Tips

  • Only professionally trained and qualified technicians should repair the air fryer.
  • Others should not repair the air fryer without permission to avoid serious consequences.
  • When the air fryer is acting abnormally, please refer to Troubleshooting before contacting customer service.
  • If the issue cannot be resolved, please unplug the power cord disconnect it, and contact after-sales service.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Unplug the power cord before cleaning and maintaining the air fryer, and wait for it to cool down to room temperature or a safe temperature before operating it. Please remove the basket when cleaning the inside of the air fryer.

  1. Air fryer surface
    The surface of the air fryer can be wiped with a dry, soft cloth or a sponge moistened with a neutral cleaning detergent.
  2. Cavity
    To remove stains from the inside of the air fryer, apply a suitable amount of detergent diluted in hot water to its surface and let it sit for about 10 minutes, then use a soft sponge moistened with water to wipe away the detergent residue.
  3. Basket
    Clean the air fryer after each use. The basket of the air fryer is coated, so do not use any steel wool or other abrasive cleaning materials to clean it as they may damage the coating.
  4. Frying plate/Grill
    You can use a soft, cotton cloth or sponge moistened with neutral detergent to wipe it clean, then moisten it with water to wipe away the detergent residue.

Note: The basket, frying plate, and grill can be separated and placed in the dishwasher for cleaning, but the air fryer cannot be washed in water or cleaned in the dishwasher.

Cleaning Precautions

  1. After using the air fryer, please unplug the power plug-in time and do not place the air fryer near a source of fire nor immerse it in water. Do not place the power plug directly on the air fryer to prevent the plug from scratching its surface.
  2. Cleaning and maintenance should only be done after the air fryer has cooled down.
  3. Do not use any corrosive or abrasive cleaning materials or detergents.

Note: Regular cleaning and maintenance of the air fryer will help to extend its service life.


Issue Possible Causes Solutions
The air fryer doesn’t function. The air fryer is not connected to a power supply. Plug the power cord into a grounded electrical outlet.
The basket is not pushed Pull out the basket and push it back into place.
The OLED display shows E1. The sensor has a broken circuit. Contact after-sales service.
The OLED display shows E2 The sensor has a short circuit. Contact after-sales service.
The fan doesn’t rotate. The fan blade is stuck. Contact after-sales service.
The motor is damaged or other components have a broken circuit Contact after-sales service.
White smoke is coming out. Cooking oily ingredients. When you fry ingredients containing more fat, there will be a lot of smoke, which is normal.
The air fryer still contains grease residue from the
previous cooking program.
Ensure that you clean the air fryer after each cooking
Can’t insert the basket into the air fryer
Too many ingredients in the basket. The ingredients in the basket can’t exceed the maximum mark.
The basket is not properly inserted. Properly insert the basket.
The schedule function doesn’t function as
The scheduled time is too short. The scheduled time is shorter than the cooking time.
The scheduled time is not saved. The scheduled time is saved and carried out by pressing the control knob.
Unable to connect the air fryer. Check whether the Wi-Fi functions normally. Check whether the Wi-Fi is connected normally or reset the Wi-Fi to reconnect.
Wi-Fi can’t be connected. Check whether the Mi Home /Xiaomi Home app is up to date. Update the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app to the latest version.
Check whether the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough. Move to a location where the signal is strong enough.

Electrical DiagramXiaomi MAF01 Smart Air Fryer - Electrical Diagram

  1. OLED Display
  2. Safety Switch
  3. Control Panel
  4. High-speed Motor
  5. Fuse
  6. Low-speed Motor
  7. Heating Element
  8. Power Board
  9. Fuse


Name: Air Fryer Rated Capacity: 3.5 L Color: White
Model: MAF02 Rated Frequency: 50­60 Hz Net Weight: 3.9 kg
Rated Power: 1500 W Rated Voltage: 220­240 V~ Gross Weight: 5.2 kg
Maximum Output Power: 20 dBm Package Dimensions: 370 × 295 × 345 mm
Operating Temperature: -10°C to 40°C Operation Frequency: 2412­2472 MHz
Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz

Under normal use of conditions, this equipment should be kept a separation distance of at least 20 cm between the antenna and the body of the user
All products bearing this symbol are waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE as in directive 2012/19/EU) which should not be mixed with unsorted household waste. Instead, you should protect human health and the environment by handing over your waste equipment to a designated collection point for the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment, appointed by the government or local authorities. Correct disposal and recycling will help prevent potential negative consequences to the environment and human health. Please contact the installer or local authorities for more information about the location as well as terms and conditions of such collection points.

Manufactured for: Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd.
Manufactured by: Ningbo Careline Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
Address: 558#, Wei’er Road, Andong Industrial Zone, Andong Town,
Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
For further information, please go to www.mi.com
Importer: Beryko s.r.o.
Na Roudné 1162/76, 301 00
Plz www.beryko.cz
User Manual
Version: V1.0

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