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ADVANTECH Fanless Panel PC with Intel Pentium Processor PPC-3150SW-PN4A Manual

ADVANTECH Fanless Panel PC with Intel Pentium Processor PPC-3150SW-PN4A Manual Image

PPC-3150SW-PN4A/PPC-3180SW-PN4A Apollo Lake 15.6”/18.5”Fanless Panel PC with Intel® Pentium® Processor Startup Manual

Packing List

Before you begin installing your card, please make sure that the following items have been shipped:
1. PPC bare-bone system x 1
2. Startup manual ENCNTC for PPC-3150SW-PN4A/PPC-3180SW-PN4A 1st Ed x 1
3. Phoenix connector x 1
4. Mounting bracket and screw x 10/12
If any of these items are missing or damaged, please contact your distributor or sales representative immediately.

Software Installation

Before installing software on the panel PC, install the corresponding drivers to ensure full functionality.
All drivers can be downloaded from the Advantech website at http://www.advantech.com.

For more information on this product, please visit our website at:


For technical support and service, please visit our support website at:


This manual is for the PPC-3150SW-PN4A/3180SWPN4A Series, Rev. A0.
Part No. 2043318000
Printed in China
Edition 1
January 2019


Front View

Rear View

Fixed VESA screw specification: M4; screw depth: 12mm (Max); screws x4pcs

System IO View

PPC-3150SW_3180SW Startup Manual 1


LCD Panel 15.6″ 18.5′
Display Type TFT LCD TFT LCD
Resolution Max. 1366 x 768 1366 x 768
Brightness 400 450
Color 16,7M 16,7M
Pixel Pitch 252 x 252 300 x 300
Viewing Angle 170. 165 170. 160
Contrast 500 1000
Backlight Lifetime 50.000 (Min.) 50.030 (Min.)
Touchscreen Type multi-touch projected capacitive
Light Transmission 90±2%
Controller USB interface
CPU Intel® Pentium 0 N4200 quad core
Memory 1 x SODIMM DDR3L 1866 MHz (max. 8 GB)
Storage 1 x 2.5′ SATA bay
1 x mSATA bay
Network (LAN) 2 x 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet(Intel 1211-AT)
I/O Ports 2 x Serial ports:1 x RS-232.1 x RS-232/422/485.
2 x USB 2.0. 2 x USB 3.0.
1 x line out.
1 x HDMI
Expansion 1 x Mini PCIe
Speaker 2 x 1W
OS Support Microsoft® Windows 10 64bits. Linux. Android
Power Supply 12 – 24 VCC
Power Consumption 33W 135W
Operating Temperature 0 – 50 °C (32 – 122 °F) with 2.5′ SATA SSD 0 – 40 °C (32 – 104 °F) with 2.5′ SATA HDD
Storage Temperature -20- 60 ‘C (-4- 140°F) I -20– 60 °C (-4- 140°F)
Relative Humidity 10 – 95% ®40 GC (non-condensing)
Shock Operating 103 peak acceleration (11ms duration). following IEC 60068-2-27
Vibration Operating random vibration test. 5 – 500Hz. 1Grms with HDD: 2Grms with SSD. following IEC 60068-2-64
Safety and EMC Safety: CE. UL. CCC. BSMI EMC: CE. FCC Class B. BSMI
Dimensions 419.7 x 269 x 58.6 mm  (16.52′ x 10.59′ x 2,3″) 488 x 309 x 58.45 mm (19.21″ x 12.16″ x 2.3″)
Weight 4.7 kg (10.36 Ib) 5.4 kg (11.90 Ib)

Panel Mounting the System

To mount the flat bezel panel PC into a panel, follow the steps below.

  1. Cut out a panel corresponding to the size,
    PPC-3150SW-PN4A panel cutout dimension 413 x 262 mm (16.25 x 10.31 in),
    PPC-3180SW-PN4A panel cutout dimensions 479.3 x 300.3 mm (18.87 x 11.82 in).
  2. Install the panel PC in the cabinet, retrieve 10pcs(PPC3150SW-PN4A)/12pcs(PPC-3180SW-PN4A) hook brackets and
    10pcs(PPC-3150SW-PN4A)/12pcs(PPC3180SW-PN4A) M6 x 21 mm screws from the accessory box.
  3. Insert the hook brackets into the holes following the direction of the arrows shown in the figure and hang the panel PC.
    Tighten the screws to affix the panel PC in place.”

Safety Instructions

  1.  Read these safety instructions carefully.
  2. Retain this Startup Manual for later reference.
  3. Disconnect the equipment from any AC outlet before cleaning. Use a damp cloth. Do not use liquid or spray detergents for cleaning.
  4. For plug-in equipment, the power outlet socket must be located near the equipment and must be easily accessible.
  5. Keep this equipment away from humidity.
  6. Put this equipment on a reliable surface during installation. Dropping it or letting it fall may cause damage.
  7. The openings on the enclosure are for air convection. Protect the equipment from overheating.
  8. Make sure the voltage of the power source is correct before connecting the equipment to the power outlet.
  9. Position the power cord so that people cannot step on it. Do not place anything over the power cord.
  10. All cautions and warnings on the equipment should be noted.
  11. If the equipment is not used for a long time, disconnect it from the power source to avoid damage by transient overvoltage.
  12. Never pour any liquid into an opening. This may cause fire or electrical shock.
  13. Never open the equipment. For safety reasons, the equipment should be opened only by qualified service personnel.
  14. If one of the following situations arises, get the equipment checked by service personnel:
    • The power cord or plug is damaged.
    • Liquid has penetrated into the equipment.
    • The equipment has been exposed to moisture.
    • The equipment does not work well, or you cannot get it to work according to the user’s manual.
    • The equipment has been dropped and damaged.
    • The equipment has obvious signs of breakage.
  15. Do not leave this equipment in an environment unconditioned where the storage temperature may go below -40° C (-40° F) OR ABOVE 85° C (185° F). This could damage the equipment. The equipment should be in a controlled environment.
  16. CAUTION: DANGER OF EXPLOSION IF BATTERY IS INCORRECTLY REPLACED. REPLACE ONLY WITH THE SAME OR EQUIVALENT TYPE RECOMMENDED BY THE MANUFACTURER, DISCARD USED BATTERIES ACCORDING TO THE MANUFACTURER’S INSTRUCTIONS. ATTENTION: Il y a danger d’explosion s’il y a rem- placement incorrect de la pile. Remplacer uniquement avec une pile du même type ou d’un type équivalent recommandé par le constructeur.
  17. The sound pressure level at the operator’s position according to IEC 704-1:1982 is no more than 70 dB (A).
  18. DISCLAIMER: This set of instructions is given according to IEC 704-1. Advantech disclaims all responsibility for the accuracy of any statements contained herein.
  19. This product is intended to be supplied by a UL certified power supply or DC power source suitable for use at Tma:50 degree C minimum.(using SSD), and Tma:40 degree C minimum.(using HDD) whose output meets ES1 and is rated 12- 24Vdc,minimum 5-2.5A(minimum 60W),if need further assistance, please contact Advantech for further information.
  20. CAUTION: This product is not intended for use by children (this product is not a toy). (1) This equipment is not suitable for use in locations where children are likely to be present.

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