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AKASO H Band 2 Fitness Tracker Manual

AKASO H Band 2 Fitness Tracker Manual Image

H Band 2 Fitness Tracker


1. When you use it for the first time, please fully charge it.
2. The metal part of the plug needs to be aligned with the two metal plates on the fitness tracker.
3. Remember to follow the correct charging method, if the charging method is incorrect, the battery will be short-circuited.


Download APP by scanning the below QR code or searching for “H Band” in APP Store /Google Play, etc., the APP will lead you to register an account. (The language of ‘H  Band’ APP will automatically switch depending on your smartphone’s language.)

AKASO H Band 2 Fitness Tracker DOWNLOAD APPhttp://

After full charge, turn on the fitness tracker by pressing the touch area for 3 seconds, activate the Bluetooth of your mobile phone. When you first open the “H Band” APP, the  APP will lead you to bind the fitness tracker, or “Click to connect device” on the main interface of the APP.

If you cannot connect your device, please refer to “NORMAL PROBLEMS”.


1. Click on the top-right icon to view your History Data.
2. Click “Sport”, “Sleep”, “Heart rate” and “Female”(if you are female) respectively to see the detailed data of each section.

3. Click “Running” and enter into running mode.

Press the start key to start recording the track diagram. When you move around, it will automatically record your track. If you need to pause, please pull down the Pause key.

4. Click “Setting” and enter the settings interface, then Click “H Band 2” ton enter the Function Settings Interface.


Press the touch area, or activate the “Turn the wrist” Function in the APP Function Settings, then turn over the wrist and the fitness tracker brightens automatically. (The  sensitivity of “Turn the wrist” is adjustable: APP Setting > My device (H-Band 2) >Turn the wrist)

Note: If you adjust the sensitivity to the highest level, it will consume a lot of power.


1. Introduction of equipment functional interfaces
Press the touch area and you can change between multiple functional interfaces.

Tips: “Find Phone”, the “Countdown” and the “Stopwatch” interfaces are closed by default. You need to restart those functions through APP Setting > My device (H-Band 2)  > Switch settings / Countdown.

2. Running Mode

On the Running Interface, press the touch area for 3 seconds to enter the Running Mode. While in running mode, you can press the touch area to change between “Running  Data”, “Pause” and “Exit” Interfaces. “Running Data” Interface display running time, heart rate, running distance, calories, and steps in real-time. While in the pause or exit  Interfaces, press the touch area for 3 seconds to pause or exit Running Mode.

3. Heart Rate Mode
To measure your heart rate, you need to wait for approximately 10 seconds, then the data will appear. In order to ensure the accuracy of the Heart Rate test, you can wait for  about 30 seconds.

4. Call and message reminder
Enter the Function Settings Interface, then click “Message notification”, you can activate the Phone call / SMS / Facebook / Twitter / Line, etc. reminders.

When you have a Phone call or other information (SMS / Facebook / Twitter / Line, etc.), the fitness tracker will vibrate to remind you. When you receive the message, press the touch area to switch pages and view the complete information.

5. Alarm Clock and Events Reminder
Multiple events reminders can be set through APP Setting > My device (H-Band 2) > Alarm setting. This function can also add alarm clock label for important thing, such as “Sleep”, “Go to work”, “Coffee”, “Meeting”, etc.

When the set time arrives, the device will vibrate and display the alarm clock label.

6. Sedentary Reminder
This function can be turned on through APP Setting > My device (H-Band 2)> Sedentary setting. You can set a time value for the warning. When the device detects that the  user has sat or kept still for the set time limit, the device will vibrate to remind you to move around.

7. Remote Photograph

To use the device to take a remote photograph, you can turn on the Camera Mode through APP Setting > My device (H-Band 2) > Take Photo, then quickly shaking the fitness tracker.

8. Turn off the fitness tracker

Switch to Device Shutdown Interface and shutdown the device by ressing the touch area for 3 seconds.


Application H Band
Waterproof IP67
Screen Size 0.96 Inch OLED
G-Sensor 3-Axis Sensor
Weight 19.8g
Main Part Material PC+ ABS
Strap Material TPU
Battery Capacity 90mAh
Charging Time 1-2hour
Usage Time 5-7 days
Standby Time 7-10 days
Fitness Tracker Size 9.96*0.75*0.49 Inches / 250*19*12.5mm
Device System Android 4.4, IOS 8.0 and Above
APP Support Language Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean,

German, Russian, Spanish, Italian,

French, Vietnamese, Portuguese

Fitness Tracker

Support Language

Chinese, English
Mileage Unit Metric / Imperial


1. Unable to connect the fitness tracker?
① Please confirm that the Bluetooth of your mobile phone is activated, the mobile phone support Bluetooth 4.0 and your device system is Android 4.4, IOS 8 or above.
② Please confirm that the fitness tracker and mobile is within the Bluetooth connection distance (10 meters).
③ Please check whether the fitness tracker is out of charge. If this problem still appears after charging, please contact us.
2. Why sometimes the Bluetooth cannot be connected?
① Some mobile phones’ Bluetooth will appear abnormal occurrence when it is restarted, which leads this kind situation.
② Usually, you can delete your previous paired Bluetooth record, restart Bluetooth or your mobile phone to solve this problem.
3. Why the fitness tracker cannot receive the notifications?
① Activate the right of fitness tracker reading notifications in the setting of your Mobile phone.
② Re-connect the Bluetooth, Turn on the APP to synchronize data, and ensure the notification pushing function activated.
4. Why the fitness watch don’t track my sleep?
① Activate the Wear Detection on the APP. [APP Setting-My device(H Band 2)-Switch setting-Wear Detection]
② Please wear this fitness tracker when you sleep.
③ You should turn on the bluetooth on the next morning,then the sleep record will come up on the app after about 10-20 minutes.

① Don’t tear down the fitness tracker case.
② Don’t put the fitness tracker into the dish-washing machine, washing machine or drying machine.
③ Don’t expose the fitness tracker under extremely high or low temperatures.
④ Don’t wear the fitness tracker in sauna bathroom or steam bathroom, don’t soak the fitness tracker in hot spring, the sea or other chemical liquid for a long time.
⑤ Don’t put the fitness tracker into fire or the battery may explode.
⑥ Don’t use detergent to clean the fitness tracker.
⑦ Please charge the fitness tracker with computer or standard USB power adapter.
⑧ Don’t charge the fitness tracker before it totally dry.
⑨ During charging, if the fitness tracker’s temperature is too high, please stop charging.
⑩ Don’t check the information on the fitness tracker screen during driving or risk situation, otherwise it may cause distractions.

① Clean and dry the fitness tracker regularly, especially the place contacts with the skin.
② Wear the fitness tracker correctly and make the fitness tracker close to your skin to realize the heart rate monitoring.
③ Take down the fitness tracker occasionally to clean the fitness tracker.

The heart rate monitoring data is just for reference. This fitness tracker does not apply to diagnose, treatment, recovery, prevent, and reduce the disease or other situations. It also
does not apply to clinical medical usage.
For any inquiries, issues or comments concerning our products, please send an E-mail to the address below or call us. We will respond as soon as possible.
Email: [email protected]

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