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Avantree Wireless Personal Speaker BTSP-NB05 Manual

Avantree Wireless Personal Speaker BTSP-NB05 Manual Image

User Manual
Wireless Personal Speaker
Model No.: BTSP-NB05

Product Overview

1. Volume up
2. Multi-function button
3. Volume down
4. LED indicator
5. Microphone
6. Retractable earbud control (L)
7. Retractable earbud control (R)
8. Charging port
9. Power/off
10. Speaker/earphone mode switch

Basic operation

Function Operation
General function
Power on/off Slide power switch to (lb position for 1 second
Pair Press and hold NI for 5 seconds
Switch between speaker and earphone Slide Speaker/earphone mode switch to
Retract the earphone Click » to retract the earphone
Music control
Play/pause Click NI once
Volume up/down Click +/- once
Next/previous track Press and hold +/-
Call control
Answer/enda call Click once
Reject a call Press and hold
Activate Siri Double click
End the 1st call to answer the 2nd call Click once

LED indicators

Status LED indicator
Pairing LED flashes RED and BLUE alternately
Connected via aptX-HD Codec Flash 4-times every 5 seconds
Connected via aptX-LL or FastStream Codec Solid light
Connected via aptX Codec Triple-Flash every 5 seconds
Connected via AAC Codec Double-Flash every 5 seconds
Connected via SBC Single-Flash every 5 seconds
Factory Reset / Clear pairing history LED lights up RED and BLUE together (looks PINK) for 5 seconds
Low battery LED flashes RED 4timesevery 5 minutes

Voice prompts

Status LED indicator
Power on/off “Power on””Power off”
Battery level After power on: “Battery full” “Battery level high”
“Battery level medium”
30 minutes before running out of power:
“Battery level low”
Connected “Connected”
Factory Reset / Clear Pairing History Two “beeps”
Disconnected manually “Disconnected”
Beyond the range of connections “Beyond the range of connections”
Highest volume One “beep”
Lowest volume “du”

Connect to a Bluetooth device

  1. Enter the NB05 into PAIRING MODE–For 1st use, once turned on, NB05 will enter pairing mode automatically, LED flashes RED & BLUE with a“pairing” voice prompt.For non-1st use, press & hold for 5 secondsto manually enter pairing mode.
  2. On your device –Activate Bluetooth and select “AvantreeNB05” to connect.If you are using a Bluetooth transmitter, enter your transmitter into PAIRING MODE (Please refer to your transmitter’s user manual).
  3. Once connected, you’ll hear a“connected” voice prompt from NB05.

The NB05 will automatically turn off if 1) it fails to pair with another device within 2 minutes.
2) it’s kept out of the connection range for over 10 minutes.

Connect with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously

  1. Connect the NB05 to the FIRST device as shown above.
  2. Enter the NB05 into PAIRING MODE again, your 1st device will disconnect from NB05. Then Activate Bluetooth and select “Avantree NB05” on your 2nd device to connect.
  3. Now select “Avantree NB05” on your 1st device to connect to NB05.

NB05 is now connected with both of your devices.
Note: This feature only works for two mobile devices, such as cellphones and tablets. It doesn’t work for PCs or Bluetooth transmitters.

Reconnect to Bluetooth device

Once powered on, the NB05 should automatically reconnect to the most recently connected device within 5 seconds. If it can’t reconnect within 5 seconds, please select “Avantree  NB05” on your device to connect manually. (If you’re using a Bluetooth transmitter, please refer to its user manual.)

Factory Reset / Clear pairing history

You may need to factory reset the NB05 when you experience short range, audio cuts, or cannot reconnect/pair.
Turn on the NB05. Press and holdthe“+” and the“-“buttons together for 5seconds, the LED indicator will light up RED and BLUE together(looks PINK) for 5seconds, and you’ll hear two “beeps”. Now the NB05 has been successfully reset and will enter pairing mode automatically with the LED indicatorflashing RED and BLUE alternately.


When you hear “battery level low”, you should recharge the NB05. Please plug it into a USB wall charger (DC 5V / 0.5-2A) or a powered USB port via the micro USB cable that we provided.

Normally it takes 3 hours to fully recharge. LED indicator will show RED while charging and automatically turn off when the charging is complete.

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