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BLAUPUNKT 12V 24V Digital Video Recorder BP 7.1 Manual

BLAUPUNKT 12V 24V Digital Video Recorder BP 7.1 Manual Image


Operating and Installation Instructions


  • Please insert the micro SD card in the right direction to avoid damage to the card or the device. If the device shows an error message, please format the micro SD card from the device menu. Please reset the device or change the micro SD card if a similar error continues.
    Note: All files will be deleted when formatting micro SD card or firmware update, please backup the important files prior to that. When the reset function is selected, the device will return to the default setting.
  • Blaupunkt does not warrant the performance of the device if used with other Micro SD cards other than the Blaupunkt Micro SD card
  • New Micro SD card must be formatted for first use. Micro SD must be formatted once every 6-month.
  • Ensure the bracket is installed correctly & firmly on the windscreen to avoid damage to the device and for a better recording angle.
  • Please do not use the product in a wet environment as the device is not waterproofed/ water-resistant.
  • Please do not record or take pictures facing sunlight.
  • To obtain a clear image, please clean the windscreen and device lens regularly. Avoid using devices in dusty environments.
  • Handle the device with care and avoid a direct impact on the device. Avoid using devices in high electromagnetic environments.
  • Please operate the product within the temperature of -20°C ~ 80°C. Continuous exposure to sunlight, especially when locked in the cabin where the temperature exceeds 80°C may result to devise malfunction, color change, housing, and image distortion.

Disclaimer :

  • Blaupunkt is not liable for any loss or damage caused or resulting from unauthorized disassembly or modification of the product.
  • In no event shall Blaupunkt be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, improper storage, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of our products.
  • USA & CANADA: Products not intended for sales in the United States and Canada. If purchased in the U.S. or Canada, this product is purchased as-is.
    No warranty, expressed or implied is provided in the U.S. and Canada.
  • This device is NOT intended to be used for illegal purposes, surveillance and shall not be used in any form as evidence for claim purposes.
  • Some countries prohibit drivers from mounting anything on the windshield or restrict mounting to specific areas of the windshield. It is the owner’s responsibility to mount the device in compliance with local laws.
  • The error may occur depending on the surrounding environment and the voltage of the car.
  • Blaupunkt is not liable/responsible for the non-recorded events, missing files, etc.
  • If the car battery voltage is lesser than the setting value of cut-off voltage, the device will stop recording even at park recording mode.


1. Bracket slot
2. Operation indicator light
– Flashes during normal / park mode
– Off during shock / SOS mode
– Blink during motion/shock detection in park mode
3. Speaker
4. Lens
5. Rear DVR cable input
6. Rear DVR lens
7. GPS indicator light
– Lights up in blue when GPS is connected
– Light o in parking mode
8. PWR (Power) indicator light
– Lights up in green during normal recording mode
– Light off during park mode
9. Event indicator light
– Lights up in red during shock / SOS mode
– Flashes when SD card reading fail
– Light off during park mode
10. Front DVR 3.5” LCD touch screen
11. 12-24V D power supply
12. SOS: Record shock video manually
13. Power On/Off
14. Microphone
15. Micro SD card slot


  • Resolution : Front 5MP FHD 1920 x 1080 30 fps, Rear 5MP HD 1280 x 720 (15fps)
  • Wide viewing angle: Front – 120°, Rear – 110°
  • Screen display: Front, Rear, PIP (picture in picture)
  • 3.5” touch screen LCD display
  • Automatic park recording with smart motion / time-lapse (24-hour park monitoring)
  • Format-free, G-sensor, loop recording
  • Built-in microphone & speaker
  • Language: English, Chinese Simplifed, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean
  • High temperature & low car battery voltage cut-off
  • Support up to 64GB Micro SD, class 10 & above
  • Offline ADAS


• Format-free
Engineered with TAT technology, the device is capable to arrange or overwrite saved data according to folders.

• Low Voltage Cut-off
Function only after vehicle ignition is turned off. This function prevents vehicle battery drainage. Adjust at Environment Settings > Recording Settings > Voltage. •

• Automatic High-Temperature Cut-off
Function only after vehicle ignition is turned off. The device will automatically turn off when a high temperature is detected.

• Offline ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance system)
It supports LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) and FVSA (Front Vehicle Start Alert). Optional GPS is available to improve accuracy and driving speed for PC viewer. Adjust at Environment Settings > ADAS Settings.

• Super Capacitor
This technology ensures video files are saved even if sudden power cut-off

• Park Mode (Park Monitoring)
Switch between Motion or Time-lapse at Environment Setting > Recording Settings > Parking Mode.

• Smart Motion (12fps)
This mode will begin operating 30-sec after the vehicle ignition is turned off. Recording begins when impact or motion is detected. Adjust sensitivity at Environment Settings > Recording Settings > Motion Intensity.

• Time-lapse (2fps)
This mode selects 2 frames per second (fps) instead of recording 12fps (Front & Rear DVR). Adjust sensitivity at Environment Settings > Recording Settings > Motion Intensity.

• Event Mode
The device begins saving recording when the assigned sensitivity intensity is detected. Video file of 10-sec before and after detection will be saved under the Event file. Adjust  sensitivity in Environment Settings > Recording Settings > Event Intensity.

•SOS (Manual Mode)
When SOS button is pressed, a video file of 10-sec before and after the press will be saved under the Event file.

• PC Viewer
View video playback using BP7.1 PC Viewer. Download PC viewer (Windows only) from www.blaupunkt.com/ase

Mode Category Function
Live View Real-time Image
Video recording View Continuous Recording 1-min / 62MB
Event Recording 20-sec / 20MB
Park Recording 1-min / 62MB or time-lapse
Manual Recording (SOS) 20-sec / 20MB
Environment Settings Recording Settings Event Intensity
Motion Intensity
Parking Mode
ADAS Settings FVS Notice
LDWS Notice
Bonnet Line Settings
Audio Settings System Vol.
Voice Rec.
ADAS Alarm
System Settings Language English
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Time Settings YYYY/MM/DD
Clock Screen ON
Touch Calibration
Memory Card Format All data will be deleted.
(Ensure important files are saved before formatting)
Information BP7.1 Version
Initialize Settings Reset device to default setting.

Blaupunkt DVR BP 7.1 PC Viewer

PC Viewer will automatically detect micro SD card when it’s inserted into the computer.
Note: Older files will be overwritten when the memory card is full and requires new storage space. Files will be overwritten according to file arrangement Continuous / Event / Park / Manual (SOS). Backup recordings regularly to prevent important files from being overwritten.



  • Assign mounting location that will not obstruct driver in any circumstances. Or cause injuries to drivers and passengers in case of emergency brake or accident.
  • Ensure all wires are connected properly, and that the device is functioning well before installing on the windscreen.
  • Any unauthorized installation and modification may cause malfunction to the device and void the warranty of the product. Always use the parts included with the device only.
  • Contact Blaupunkt dealer or vehicle’s manufacturer if the information provided here does not fit your specific requirement.


1. Use the hardwire power cable
2. BATT (+)
• Connect the wire cable to the permanent power fuse box. (Eg : Hazard light, dome light, tail light etc)
3. Acc (+)
• Connect the wire cable to the fuse that receives power through ignition (Eg : Cig lighter, audio system etc)
4. GND
• Connect the cable to the vehicle chassis or vehicle bolts.



Designed and engineered by Blaupunkt

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