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Dell Alienware Aurora R11 Manual

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Manufactured by Dell

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Alienware Aurora R11

Dell Alienware Aurora R11 photo

Regulatory Model: D23M

Regulatory Type: D23M003

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Set up your computer

Connect the keyboard and mouse.

Connecting the keyboard and mouse through USB

Connect to your network using a cable, or connect to a wireless network.

Connecting a network cable

Connect the display.

Connecting a monitor and powering it up


  • The DisplayPort on the back panel of your computer is covered. Connect the display to the discrete graphics card of your computer.
  • If you have two graphics cards, the card installed in PCI-Express X16 (graphics slot 1) is the primary graphics card.

Connect the power cable.

Connecting the power cable to the Alienware Aurora R11

Press the power button.

Location of the power button

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