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Fitbit Versa 4 Fitness Smartwatch User Guide

Fitbit Versa 4 Fitness Smartwatch User Guide Image


  • BRAND: Fitbit
  • COLOR: Black/Graphite
  • SPECIAL FEATURE: Sleep Monitor
  • SPORT: Fitness
  • Included Components: Watch, Band
  • PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: 6.46 x 3.62 x 2.44 inches; 7.09 Ounces


Versa 4 + Premium can help you get better outcomes from your exercise regimen. Using your unique Daily Readiness Score, you may determine when you’re up for a challenge or in need of a recuperation day. With 40+ workout options, you can track more activities than ever from your wrist, and you’ll never miss a beat with calls, texts, and notifications that appear right there. A member of the Google family is Fitbit. It needs a Fitbit Premium subscription. Recommendations for premium material may only be available in English and may not be available in all regions. Not accessible in every market. The SpO2 function is not meant to be used for any kind of medical treatment or diagnosis. It’s designed to make it easier for you to keep track of your information and manage your health.

Not all nations have access to the Health Metrics dashboard or the metrics it displays. Any medical use of this function should not be relied upon. It is meant to give you knowledge that will enable you to manage your well-being. The SpO2 feature needs to be charged more frequently. Visit fitbit.com/fitbit-pay/banking to view the availability of banks and transportation. Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates are the trademark owners of Amazon, Alexa, and all associated marks. Not all languages and nations support Alexa. Location-specific Alexa features and capabilities may exist. It varies based on usage and other elements. 12 minutes of charging results in a 24 hour charge. For new Premium customers only, get 6 months of Premium. It must be activated by a device.


SLEEP: How well you slept the night before has a big impact on how you’ll feel and function the next day. Your Readiness Score will increase if your Sleep Score is higher than 85.

Your sleep debt is measured by the contributor called “Sleep Balance.”


Your body becomes weary when you are active due to your raised heart rate. To quantify this ongoing effect on your body, Fitbit continuously monitors your heart rate. Running a 5K or chasing after the kids both count as exertion.


The best way to charge the watch is to wear it to bed and get a good night’s rest. Avoiding substances that prevent peaceful sleep, such as caffeine, alcohol, and exercising too soon before bed, will help you recover faster.


  • Have a hot bath. A soothing bath can be enjoyed.
  • Use a scrub that exfoliates. Scrubbing products that exfoliate the skin can revitalize your body by enhancing blood flow.
  • Alter your eating habits.
  • Stretching, working out, using aromatherapy, etc.
  • Increase your sleep.
  • Take regular naps.


How is Fitbit’s daily readiness determined?

Your Daily Readiness Score calculates your level of energy based on your most recent sleeping habits. The variation in the interval between your heartbeats as you sleep is known as heart rate variability (HRV). A high variability is an indication of readiness and will help you score well.

What does Fitbit’s Readiness feature mean?

Based on your sleep, exercise level, and HRV, you may calculate your Daily Readiness Score. Your Fitbit app provides you with a score each morning along with information on what factors affected it and suggested workouts for the day.

Why does my Fitbit say that I’m not ready?

Make sure your skin can touch the back of your device. The band should fit snugly without being restrictive. Sleep for at least three hours should be of high quality. You could not acquire a reading if you move about a lot when you sleep or if the sleep period is too brief.

How is the preparedness score determined?

Your lowest nightly resting heart rate, body temperature, any physical activity from the prior day, and a few “balancing” related indicators including HRV, sleep, and activity balance are used to compute your readiness score.

What accomplishes an EDA sensor?

The Electrodermal Activity sensor (EDA), which is a fancier name for Galvanic Skin Response, is intended to monitor your hands’ perspiration, which can be a symptom of stress.

Has Fitbit got a built-in battery?

On the Fitbit Charge 5, Fitbit also unveiled a comparable function called Daily Readiness Score. Additionally, Body Battery mandates that the user continually wear the device, including during night, with only brief breaks to recharge.

Fitbit is worth it even without a premium?

You probably don’t need Premium if you only want the most basic statistics on your workouts, steps, heart rate, and sleep. Your device and the free app continue to automatically monitor your heart rate, including resting heart rate, steps, activity zone minutes, sleep, and heart rate variability.

Does Fitbit track recovery of heart rate?

Yes, the heart rate during recuperation.

Where is my premium Fitbit?

Open the Premium tab in the Fitbit app or go to the Premium page in your web browser: You’ll notice a Premium tab in the Fitbit app if Fitbit Premium is offered in your area. Toggle to the Premium tab. After reading the overview, click the button to begin.

What should my stress level on my Fitbit be?

Your mental and physical health might be harmed over time by persistent stress. Anticipated range a daily Stress Management Score, which ranges from 1 to 100 for Fitbit Sense users, is displayed in the Fitbit app. A higher score indicates that you are displaying fewer physical indicators of stress.

What does AutoSleep’s readiness mean?

The waking pulse and waking heart rate variability are taken into account by AutoSleep’s readiness assessment to provide information about your mental and physical health.

Fitbit does not record blood pressure.

Your blood pressure cannot be tracked by a Fitbit. Only a small number of (very expensive) smartwatches have this technology, which is extremely difficult to perfect. Even though having one is useful, it won’t likely be as accurate as the one in your doctor’s office or even your at-home device.

Can Fitbit recognize stress?

By modifying your activity, getting more sleep, or engaging in mindfulness exercises, you may use Fitbit to understand your stress and lessen its negative effects on your health. Observe how your body reacts to stress using a cutting-edge multi-path sensor. It measures electrodermal activity (EDA) responses, which are minute electrical alterations on your skin.

What is a typical EDA response rate?

Human EDA typically ranges from 1 to 20 microsiemens, as previously mentioned, and skin conductance is measured in microsiemens. EDA is one of the primary parameters used in contemporary polygraph testing and biofeedback studies, along with heart rate and respiration.

How durable are fitness watches?

Fitness trackers of good quality ought to last for up to five years. This may change depending on the cost of the fitness tracker, how frequently you use it, and the product’s quality.

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