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Honeywell T1 Non-Programmable Thermostat Manual

Honeywell T1 Non-Programmable Thermostat Manual Image



Installation Instructions [pdf]: T1 Pro Non-Programmable Thermostat

User Guide [pdf]: T1 Pro Non-Programmable Thermostat User Guide

Installation Guide [pdf]: T Series Thermostat Gaurd Installation Guide

How do I lock/unlock the screen TH1110D2009. TH1010D2000 thermostat?

The TH1110D2009 and TH1010D2000 do not support a screen lock feature.

How do I adjust the screen brightness on my TH1110D2009. TH1010D2000 thermostat?

Pressing any button will cause the screen to light up for a period of time and will dim over time if no additional buttons are pressed. For Continuous backlight operation set ISU 1400 to 1.

How do I access the installer setup (ISU) on my TH1110D2009. TH1010D2000 thermostat?

1 Press and hold Menu and + buttons for approximately 5 seconds to enter advanced menu.

2 Press Select to enter System Setup (ISU) menu.

3 Press Select to cycle through System Setup numbers.

4 Press + or – to change values or select from available options.

5 Press Select to save changes and advance to the next System Setup number.

6 Once you have cycled through all of the System Setup numbers, “Done” is displayed. Press Select to save and exit. To save and exit early, press Home to return to the Home screen.

How do I switch my TH1110D2009, TH1010D2000 between heating and cooling?

Pressing the Menu button will cause the Mode and Fan menus to appear.

Press Mode (-) to cycle through the available modes.

Please note the TH1010D2000 will only have the options of heating or cooling and off.

Is the TH1110D2009, TH1010D2000 heat pump compatible?

The TH1110D2009 will work with a heat pump with no backup.

The TH1010D2000 is 1 heat or 1 cool conventional only.

T1 Non-programmable Thermostat

Thermostat Type Non programmable
Color White
Includes Thermostat, UWP mounting system, Installation (J-box) adaptor
Program Modes Manual / Not Programmed
Display Type LCD Screen
Product Height 4.06 in
Product Length 4.06 in
Product Width 1.09 in
Warranty 5 Years
Control Functions Heating, Cooling
Alerts and Reminders Battery Replacement, Memory Error, Internal Sensor Failure

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