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iiglo IIERGOCHAV Office Chair Manual

iiglo IIERGOCHAV Office Chair Manual Image
iiglo IIERGOCHAV Office Chair User Guide

Thank you for purchasing a product from iiglo! Please read the manual before installing the product.

Instruction for Use


Item Name: Office Chair Dimension: 665W*580D*1200H
Material: High-quality Wood, Electroplated Chrome Alloy/Steel
Cube/Painted Wood, High-density Moulded Foam/Cutted Foam.

Imported by iiglo. Østre Kullerød 4,
N-3241 Sandefjord. Norway
www.iiglo.com I Made in China

Materials Analysis

iiglo IIERGOCHAV Office Chair - Materials Analysis

Instruction for Use

These are the instructions for product use. Please read and follow the guidance of the instructions for proper use and maintenance of your furniture so as to maintain their sound condition after many years of use. Dos and don’ts in furniture use:

Dos and Don’ts in Material Clean

Dos and Don’ts in Use

Safety Precautions

Assembly Instruction

  • Please decide the location of your furniture before installation to avoid moving them in a large scale after it is completely installed.
  • Do not place your furniture in dark and damp or hot and dry environment.
  • Please check the number of packaging bags, view the product installation manual and verify the product structure.
  • Please check the direction of each part when unpacking them before installation.
  • Please install the product patiently. Make sure that each part is in the right position. Furniture is easy to assemble, but it takes patience and carefulness to do a meticulous job.
  • Please check the stability of the furniture after installation. Shake your furniture gently to confirm whether it is level with the ground or whether the screw is tight.
  • Please keep the furniture unoccupied for a period of time. Open the cabinet and drawer to release residual painting odor.

List of Assembly Accessories

Functional Specification

  1. Adjustment of Headrest Height The height of the headrest could be adjusted by lightly pressing the headrest.
  2. Adjustment of Armrest The armrest can be adjusted to a comfortable position by tuning up or down, and the armrest surface can be adjusted to a comfortable position by swing left or right.
  3. Tilting Mechanism of BackrestThe backrest can move along with your spine and pelvis, and provide your back with best support. The backrest can be adjusted and locked to different positions.
  4. Adjustment of Seat HeightUpward: Get up and pull the controlling handle to lift the seat to the appropriate height.
    Downward: Press down and pull the controlling handle to lower the seat to the appropriate height.

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