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iiglo Office Chair Manual

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Q/SAYF-BD051 V1.0

Thank you for purchasing a product from iiglo! Please read the manual before installing the product.


Item Name: Office Chair
Dimension: 630W*595D*1240H
Material: High-quality Wood, Electroplated Chrome Alloy/Steel Cube/Painted Wood, High-density Moulded Foam/Cutted Foam.

Imported by iiglo. Østre Kullerød 4, N-3241 Sandefjord. Norway
www.iiglo.com I Made in China


Leather High-quality leather with good performance of glossiness, permeability, and toughness.
PU/Artificial Leather High-quality material with various colors available for choice.
Fabric Fire-proofing and antifouling fabric of high quality.
Stuffing High-density foam Comfortable and elastic.
Accessories Plywood Board High-quality poplar wood.
Mechanism Have passed the American ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2017 test
Gas Lift Have passed the American ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2017 test
Five-star Base

Instruction for Use

These are the instructions for product use. Please read and follow the guidance of the instructions for proper use and maintenance of your furniture so as to maintain their sound condition after many years of use. Dos and don’ts in furniture use:

Dos and Don’ts in Material Clean

  • Do not use pesticide or other chemicals to clean the chair, or it may result in the discoloration and metamorphism.
  • Do not use corrosive chemicals to clean the chair, or it may result in discoloration and metamorphism.

  • Please pat or use vacuums to clean the dust.

Dos and Don’ts in Use


  • For safety sake, non-professionals shall not disassemble the parts by themselves.

  • In order to avoid polluting the fabric, non-professionals shall not add lubricant to movable parts by themselves.

  • In order to avoid deformation, the chair is not allowed to be placed directly under sunlight for a long time.

  • The chair should be placed shady and cool place indoor toensure its long service life.

Safety Precautions


  • The seat could be slippery, please do not make big moves on the seat, or you may drop down and get injured.


  • If it breaks down, please contact after-sales service, and do not tear it without permission.


  • Please do not put the chair anywhere near the heat source to prevent unnecessary damage.


  • For safety sake, please do not play on the chair.


  • Please do not stand on the chairs.


  • Please do not put your fingers into the moving parts.


  • If it breaks down, please contact company after-sales service.


  • Please do not use the chair as transport tool, or it may lead to seat damage and related property damage.

iiglo Office Chair - chair as transport

Assembly Instruction

  • Please decide the location of your furniture before installation to avoid moving them on a large scale after it is completely
  • Do not place your furniture in a dark and damp or hot and dry environment.
  • Please check the number of packaging bags, view the product installation manual, and verify the product structure.
  •  Please check the direction of each part when unpacking them before installation.
  • Please install the product patiently. Make sure that each part is in the right position. Furniture is easy to assemble, but it takes patience and carefulness to do a meticulous job.
  • Please check the stability of the furniture after installation. Shake your furniture gently to confirm whether it is level with the ground or whether the screw is tight.
  • Please keep the furniture unoccupied for a period of time. Open the cabinet and drawer to release residual painting odor.

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