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KitchenAid Induction Hob 400011286583 Manual

KitchenAid Induction Hob 400011286583 Manual Image

KitchenAid Induction Hob

Quick Guide
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  • Before using the appliance carefully read the Safety Instruction.

Product description

  1.  Hob
  2.  Control panel

Control Panel

  1.  On/ off button
  2.  Indicator light – hob switched on
  3.  “Gourmet Library” button (special functions)
  4.  Indicator light – key lock active
  5. Key lock
  6. Cooking zone selection display
  7. Cooking zone off button
  8.  Slide touchscreen
  9.  Quick heat button
  10. “Manage functions” display


POTS AND PANSOnly use pots and pans made from ferromagnetic material which are suitable for use with induction hobs. To determine whether a pot is suitable, check for the symbol (usually stamped on the bottom). A magnet may be used to check whether pots are magnetic. The quality and the structure of the pot base can alter cooking performance. Some indications for the diameter of the base do not correspond to the actual diameter of the ferromagnetic surface.

Do not use empty pots or pans when the hob is on. The hob is equipped with an internal safety system that constantly monitors the temperature, activating the “automatic off” function where high temperatures are detected. When used with empty pots or pots with thin bases, the temperature may rise very quickly, and the “automatic off” function may be triggered with a slight delay, damaging the pot or pan. If this occurs, do not touch anything, and wait for all components to cool down. If any error messages appear, call the service centre.
To ensure that the hob functions properly, the pot must cover one or more of the reference points indicated on the surface of the hob, and must be of a suitable minimum diameter.

Positioning of accessory Minimum diameter
centred on 1 point 10 cm
2 points covered 19 cm
3 points covers fish kettle/wire rack
4 points covered (horizontal) fish kettle/wire rack
4 points (2 + 2) covered (vertical) 24 cm

First time use

The hob settings can be changed at any time. To change the settings, click on the  symbol that   appears on the manage functions display.
From the settings menu, you can:

  •  select the language;
  •  adjust the brightness;
  •  adjust the volume of the sound alerts;
  •  adjust the button tones;
  •  adjust the power of the hob;
  •  restore the factory settings of the hob;
  • check the software version installed.

If a power failure occurs, the settings are maintained.

The maximum power level of the hob can be set from the settings menu, in accordance with requirements, or with the timer duration. The power levels available are: 2.5kW – 4.0kW – 6.0kW – 7.4kW.
Daily use

To switch the hob on, press the on button for approx. 1 second until the displays light up. The hob will be automatically deactivated after 30 seconds if you do not select a function within this time. The hob turns off if you press any button for more than 10 seconds. To switch off, press the same button until the displays switch off. All the cooking zones are deactivated. If the hob has been in use, when you switch it off, all cooking zones will be deactivated, and the residual heat indicator “H” will remain lit until the cooking zones have cooled down.

The desired cooking zone can be selected from the left-hand display, by pressing the corresponding pane. On all the not selecetd zones a lightly stripe will appear.SELECTING THE FLEXIBLE AREA
The flexible area is the area in which several of the cooking zones overlap, and can be used as a single cooking zone.

To create a flexible area:
Select multiple panes or slide your finger across, gradually joining the panes together. To divide a flexible area:
Press and hold the pane corresponding to the zone that you want to separate for 3 seconds. Alternatively, press the “divide zone” button that appears in the manage functions display. When the cooking zone is divided, the same level of power is set for each of the separate zones. If all the selected cooking zones are not covered by the pot in 30 seconds, a dense striped will appear on the left-hand display. It’s possible to reactivate that area with the “place a pot” command usign the right-hand display.ACTIVATING/DEACTIVATING COOKING ZONES AND ADJUSTING POWER
To activate the cooking zones:

  1. Switch on the hob. If a recipient is already in place, the hob automatically detects it. Select the suggested zone to choose the power.
  2.  Place the pot in the chosen cooking zone, ensuring that it is covering one or more of the reference points on the surface of the hob.
    • Using this position will allow you to benefit from maximum power output.
      Please note: Do not cover the display or the slide touchscreen with accessories. If a utensil is covering one of the displays, the hob may not function properly. On the right display, the message «CHECK TOUCH AREA, remove the object within one minute» will appear. Remove the object and wait until the message disappears. If the problem persists, disconnect and reconnect the power to the cooktop.
      In the cooking zones close to the control panel, it is advisable to keep pots and pans inside the markings (taking both the bottom of the pan and the upper edge into consideration, as this tends to be larger). This prevents excessive overheating of the touchpad. When grilling or frying, please use the rear cooking zones wherever possible.
  3. Select the cooking zone or flexible area from the left-hand display.
  4. Set the desired power level by pressing or moving your finger horizontally across the slide touchscreen.

The power level set will appear in the pane of the cooking zone selected.

Each cooking zone offers a range of different heat settings, from “1” (minimum power) to “18” (maximum power). Using the slide touchscreen, you can also select the quick heat function, which will appear on the display with the letter “P”.
Please note: If the pot is not suitable for induction cooking, is not positioned correctly or is not of an appropriate size, the cooking zone pane will flash. If no pot is detected within 30 seconds of making the selection, the cooking zone switches off.

To deactivate the cooking zones:
Select the cooking zone in the left-hand display and press the “OFF” button at the top of the slide touchscreen. If the cooking zone is still hot, the residual heat indicator “H” will appear in the corresponding pane.PLACE A POT
When using a cooking area composed of several zones, the pot can be placed anywhere on the active area. The hob will automatically recognize the actual positioning of the pot. If you wish to add an additional pot to the active cooking area, use the “Place a pot” command to allow the hob to detect the new pot.

To prevent accidental activation of the hob during cleaning, or to prevent the controls from being changed accidentally whilst cooking, press the “Key lock” button for 3 seconds: a beep and a warning light indicate that this function has been activated. The control panel will be locked, with the exception of the off button.
To reactivate the controls, press the “Key Lock” button again for 3 seconds. The warning light  switches off and the hob is active again.

When the hob is off, you can use the right-hand display as a timer.

To activate the timer:

  1.  Switch on the hob.
  2.  Press the hourglass icon that appears on the manage functions display.
  3.  Use the ”+”/”–” buttons to set the time.
  4. When the set time has elapsed, an acoustic signal sounds.

To change or deactivate the timer:

  1. Press the hourglass icon that appears on the manage functions display.
  2. Use the ”+” and ”–” buttons to reset the desired time, or press the “STOP” button to turn off the timer.


The cooking zones can be programmed to switch off automatically.

To set the cooking time:

  1. Select the cooking zone and set the required power level.
  2. Press the stopwatch icon that appears on the manage functions display.
  3. Use the ”+”/”–” buttons to set the time.
  4. Once the set time has elapsed, an acoustic signal sounds and the cooking zone switches off automatically.

To change or deactivate the cooking timer

  1.  Select the active cooking zone.
  2. Press the stopwatch icon that appears on the manage functions display.
  3. Use the ”+” and ”–” buttons to reset the desired time, or press the “STOP” button to cancel the set cooking time.

A cooking time can be set for each zone or flexible area by following the same steps.

When the letter “H” appears in one of the cooking zone selection display panes, this means that the corresponding cooking zone is still hot. When the cooking zone has cooled, the “H” disappears.

Special functions

The “Gourmet Library” button allows users to access a number of special features:

  • Sous Chef
  •  French Plaque
  •  Dynamic Surface

In the right-hand manage functions display, you can navigate between the special functions and select the option you want. With the arrows, you can scroll through the available options. Use the button OK to confirm your choice, and the double arrow to return to the previous menu.

This function allows you to select one of the pre-set functions which help you to cook a range of different types of food in the best possible manner. The hob assists the user by providing ideal conditions for heating and seasoning the pot. It also provides instructions to be followed during the different stages of cooking, in order to achieve optimum results.

To activate the Sous Chef function:

  1. Press the “Gourmet Library” button.
  2. Select “Sous Chef” from the manage functions display and confirm.
  3. Select the category of food that you plan to cook and confirm.
  4. Select the cooking method and confirm.
  5. Select the cooking conditions and confirm.
  6. Four cooking zones will now be available. Place the pot in position, ensuring that it is covering at least two of the reference points on the surface of the hob.
    The “Moka” cooking mode is the only one which allows just one reference point to be covered. Below is an example of positioning for a number of accessories.
  7. Select the desired cooking zone from the left-hand display. An “A” will appear in the selected zone.
  8. In the right-hand display, the instructions to follow will appear (e.g.”Add Oil” or “Add food”). At the end of each stage, the user must confirm in order to proceed with cooking.
  9.  If necessary, the pre-set power level can be changed at any time, using the ”+” and ”–” buttons.
  10.  When cooking is complete, press the “STOP” button to turn off the cooking zone. If multiple zones have been used during cooking, you must first select the cooking zone you want to switch off.

Please note: The “Sous Chef” function can be activated even when one or more cooking zones are already active.

To activate the Sous Chef function for more than one cooking zone:
After activating the “Sous Chef” function for the first cooking zone, press the “Gourmet Library” button again, and repeat the activation process for a new cooking zone. Zones that are already active cannot be selected.
Please note: You can use up to 4 zones with the “Sous Chef” function, provided that the power level setting selected allows for this.
The zones cannot be combined to form a larger area.

To cook traditionally when the Sous Chef function is active:
When the “Sous Chef” function is active, you can select the cooking zone that you wish to activate from the left-hand display, and set the power level for this zone, before proceeding with using this in the normal way.
Selectable options

Meat Grilling, Pan frying, Boiling
Fish Grilling, Pan frying, Boiling
Vegetables Grilling, Pan frying, Boiling
Sauces and soups Sauces (Tomato, Béchamel)
Soups (Searing, Simmering, Creamy soups)
Desserts Custard, Panna cotta, Melted chocolate, Pancake, Rice pudding
Eggs Fried eggs, Omelette, Boiling (Boiled eggs, Soft-boiled), Frittata, Scrambled
Cheese Grilling, Pan frying, Fondue
Pasta Boiling, Pan frying, Risotto, Rice pudding
Beverages Milk, Water, Moka
Custom Boiling, Grilling, Pan frying, Simmering, Melting


(Each method may include additional options)

To bring food to the ideal temperature for melting and to maintain the condition of the food without risk of burning. This method does not damage delicate foods such as chocolate, and prevents them from sticking to the pot. The rate of cooking can be adjusted at any time using the ”+” and ”–” buttons on the right-hand display.

For slow-cook dishes and for slowly evaporating liquid, maintaining the condition of the food without risk of burning. This method does not damage food, and prevents it from sticking to the pot. The quality and type of pot can affect performance or cooking times. The rate of cooking can be adjusted at any time using the ”+” and ”–” buttons on the right-hand display.

To efficiently heat water and alert the user when it begins to boil, via an audible and visual signal. While awaiting confirmation from the user, the system keeps the water at a controlled simmer, preventing spills and wasted energy. Whilst this function is active, an audible alarm warns the user if the pot is empty (no water) or if it has boiled dry.
Only add salt after the boiling alert has sounded.

To preheat or season an empty pot or pan. An audible and visual signal indicates that the ideal temperature has been reached for food to be added to the pot or pan. While awaiting confirmation from the user, the system keeps the accessory at a controlled heat, preventing the pan from reaching damaging temperatures and avoiding energy wastage.
For optimum conditions, use this function with pots and seasoning at room temperature. Dedicated accessories must be used for this function. Do not use the lid – to protect against splashes, a splash guard is recommended. It is advisable to use oils that are suitable for frying when cooking with this function, such as seed oils of various types. When using different oils, always take extra care to supervise cooking during first use.
This function allows for optimum grilling of a range of foods, according to their thickness. When the ideal temperature has been reached for food to be added, the hob beeps. The hob then stabilizes the temperature throughout cooking, keeping it constant. Once the user has confirmed that food has been added, cooking begins. It is advisable to prepare the food during the heating stage, adding it as soon as you hear the beep. For optimum conditions, use this function with pots and seasoning at room temperature. If you are not using the wire rack designed for this purpose, take extra care when first using the grill function, as the quality of the base may affect heating times. Accessories with very thin bases can reach very high temperatures in a short time.

This function allows “moka” stove-top coffee makers to be heated automatically. The heating cycle can be activated by selecting the function in the menu, and a beep will sound when the coffee is ready. The function is programmed to switch off automatically, preventing spills. When using for the first time, always check that the conditions described are met. For optimum conditions, use this function with the coffee maker and water at room temperature.

  • For these functions, the use of dedicated accessories is recommended:
  •  for boiling: WMF SKU: 07.7524.6380
  •  for pan frying: WMF SKU: 05.7528.4021
  •  for grilling: WMF SKU: 05.7650.4291
  •  for Moka, Bialetti: MOKA INDUZIONE 3TZ ANTRACITE

Please note: Try not to move the pot or pan during the first minute of heating, in order to allow the hob to function optimally.

This function divides the hob into four cooking zones, activating these simultaneously at a pre-set power level. It allows you to move pots from one area to another, to allow you to continue cooking at different temperatures.

To activate the French Plaque function:

  1. Place the pot in position.
  2.  Press the “Gourmet Library” button.
  3. Select “French Plaque” from the manage functions display and confirm.
  4. The four cooking zone panes appear on the left-hand display, with the corresponding power level (low, medium, high).
  5.  If you wish to add more pots, use the “Add pot” command
  6. To exit this function, press “STOP”.

To change the power of a cooking zone:

  1.  Select cooking zone.
  2. Select the desired power level by dragging your finger across the slide touch screen, which will remain visible for 1 second.
  3.  The word corresponding to the power level selected (low, medium, high) reappears.

Please note: The changed settings are saved until you change them again or reset them.

This function allows you to use the entire hob as a single cooking area.

To activate the Dynamic Surface function:

  1. Place the pot in position.
  2.  Press the “Gourmet Library” button.
  3. Select “Dynamic Surface” from the manage functions display and confirm.
  4. Set the desired power level from the slide touchscreen. The power level set appears on the left- hand display.
  5. If you wish to add more pots, use the “Place a pot” command
  6. To exit this function, press “STOP”.

Cooking table

Indicating cooking experience and habits
Max. heat setting P Fast heating Ideal for rapidly increasing the temperature of food to a fast boil (for water) or for rapidly heating cooking liquids.
14 – 18 Frying, boiling Ideal for browning, starting to cook, frying deep-frozen products, bringing liquids to the boil quickly.
Browning, sautéing, boiling, grilling Ideal for sautéing, maintaining a lively boil, cooking and grilling.
10 – 14 Browning, cooking, stewing, sautéing, grilling Ideal for sautéing, maintaining a gentle boil, cooking and grilling, and preheating accessories.
Cooking, stewing, sautéing, grilling, cooking until creamy Ideal for stewing, maintaining a gentle boil, cooking and grilling (for longer periods).
5 – 9 Cooking, simmering, thickening, creaming Ideal for slower-cook recipes (rice, sauces, roast, fish) with liquids (e.g. water, wine, broth, milk), and for creaming pasta.
Ideal for slow-cook recipes (quantities under 1 litre: rice, sauces, roasts, fish) with liquids (e.g. water, wine, broth, milk).
1 – 4 Melting, thawing Ideal for softening butter, gently melting chocolate, thawing small items.
Keeping food warm, creaming risotto Ideal for keeping small portions of just-cooked food or serving dishes warm and for creaming risotto.
Zero power Off Hob in stand-by or off mode (possible end-of-cooking residual heat, indicated by an “H”).

Maintenance and cleaning


  •  Do not use steam cleaning equipment.
  •  Before cleaning, make sure the cooking zones are switched off and that the residual heat indicator (“H”) is not displayed.


  •  Do not use abrasive sponges or scouring pads as they may damage the glass.
  •  After each use, clean the hob (when it is cool) to remove any deposits and stains from food residue.
  • Sugar or foods with a high sugar content can damage the hob and must be immediately removed.
  •  Salt, sugar and sand could scratch the glass surface.
  •  Use a soft cloth, absorbent kitchen paper or a special hob cleaner (follow the Manufacturer’s instructions).
  •  Spills of liquid in the cooking zones can cause the pots to move or vibrate.
  •  After cleaning the hob, dry thoroughly.

The hob has been treated with a finish that makes it easy to clean and keeps the surface shiny for a long time.

To clean Kitchenaid hobs, follow these recommendations:

  •  Use a soft cloth (microfibre is best) dampened with water or with everyday glass cleaning detergent.
  •  For best results, leave a wet cloth on the glass hob surface for a few minutes.


  •  Check that the electricity supply has not been shut off.
  •  If you are unable to turn the hob off after using it, disconnect it from the power supply.
  •  If alphanumeric codes appear on the display when the hob is switched on, consult the following table for instructions.

Please note: The presence of water, liquid spilled from pots or any objects resting on any of the hob buttons can accidentally activate or deactivate the control panel lock function.

C81, C82 The control panel switches off because of excessively high temperatures. The internal temperature of electronic parts is too high. Wait for the hob to cool down before using it again.
F02, F04 The connection voltage is wrong. The sensor detects a discrepancy between the appliance voltage and that of the mains supply. Disconnect the hob from the mains and check the electrical connection.
F01, F06, F12, F13, F25, F34, F35, F36, F37, F41, F47, F58, F61, F76 Disconnect the hob from the power supply. Wait a few seconds then reconnect the hob to the power supply. If the problem persists, call the service centre and specify the error code that appears on the display.

Sounds produced during operation

Hobs may produce noises during normal operation. During the pot recognition phase, the hob produces a click sound, while during cooking, hissing or crackling sounds may be heard. Hisses and crackles actually come from the pots, and are produced by specific features of the base of the pot being used (for example, when a base is made from several layers of material, or is irregular). These noises may vary depending on the accessories used and the amount of food that these contain, and do not indicate any type of defect.

Verified cooking
A table below has been created specially to make it possible for inspection bodies to use our products.

Verified cooking Verified cooking positions
Heat distribution, “Pancakes” test acc. to EN 60350-2 §7.3
Heat performance, “French fries” test acc. to EN 60350-2 §7.4
Melting and keep warm, “chocolate”
Simmering, “rice pudding”

ECO-DESIGN: The test was carried out in accordance with regulations, by selecting all of the cooking zones on the hob to form a single area, or by using the Dynamic Surface function.
Please refer to our website www.kitchenaid.eu for complete instructions for use. In addition, you will find a lot more useful information about your products, such as inspiring recipes created and tested by our brand ambassadors or the nearest KitchenAid cookery school.

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