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Kmart 43057337 Soft Archery Set Manual

Kmart 43057337 Soft Archery Set Manual Image

Kmart 43057337 Soft Archery Set Instruction Manual

  • Adult use only. This is not a toy.
  • Adult Assembly Required.
  •  Warning: Do not aim at people or pets.|
  • Warning: Arrows are not a toy for children. Arrows can cause serious or fatal injuries. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use when any person or animal is in the vicinity of the intended flight path of the arrows or target area.
  • Warning: This soft archery training set is for ages 14 years and over under adult supervision, it is not a toy. This training set is intended to be an introduction to archery.

Part List

  • Target & storage box A x 1pc
  • Metal connecting rod B x 2pcs
  • Upper bow arm C x 1pc
  • Lower bow arm D x 1pc
  • Bowstring E x 1pc
  • Arrow F x 2pcs

Assembly Instruction

  1. Open the lock of the target & storage box (Part A) which is located at the handle, take out all the parts, then set up the box by installing the metal connecting rods (Part B) at the two ends to the box firmly.
  2. Insert the upper bow arm (Part C) into the lower bow arm (Part D). Ensure the two bended ends are in same direction.
  3. Assemble the loop of bowstring (Part E) to one end of the bow around the groove, then make the bow stand vertically (reference image). Press the upper side of the bow to ensure the other. loop of bowstring is assembled into the bow.

Use Instruction

  1. Keep standing facing the target board at a 90 degree angle and the distance within 5-10m while shooting.
  2. Take the arrow to thread through the hole of bow, let the bowstring be nested into the groove of the arrow at the end. The angle should be at 90 degree between bowstring and arrow before stretching.
  3. Hold the end of arrow firmly with finger before stretching backwards and shooting. Please reference below images.


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