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kogan 600W Corded 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum KA600CDSTVA Manual

kogan 600W Corded 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum KA600CDSTVA Manual Image

600W Corded 2-in-1
Stick Vacuum
User Manual


Please handle this product with care and inspect it regularly to ensure it is in good working order. If the product, power supply cord or plug shows any signs of damage: stop use, unplug and contact Kogan.com support.

Safety and Warnings

  • Read all instructions before using the appliance
  • Before the first operation, make sure the dust cup or the dust bag is properly installed.
  • Only use the vacuum cleaner indoors on dry surfaces and keep the area your cleaning well lit.
  • Don’t use this vacuum cleaner if it has been dropped, damaged, or left outdoors.
  • Don’t handle the plug or use the vacuum cleaner with wet hands.
  • Don’t pull or carry this vacuum cleaner by the power cord. Don’t use the power cord as a handle, pull the power cord around corners, sharp edges or close a door over the Power cord. Don’t unplug the vacuum cleaner by pulling on the power cord.
  • Don’t vacuum up any flammable or combustible materials (lighter fluid, petrol, kerosene, etc.) or use the vacuum cleaner in an area with explosive vapors or liquid.
  • Don’t vacuum up hot coals, cigarette butts, matches, or smoking hot burning items or use in an area where there may be harmful fluids (chlorine, bleach, and ammonia drain cleaner).
  • Don’t attempt to remove blockages with sharp objects as this may cause damage to your vacuum cleaner.
  • Don’t attempt to remove blockages with sharp objects as this may cause damage to your vacuum cleaner.
  • If abnormal noise, smell, smoke, or any other failure or breakage, including any issue with the power cord is found during the operation, cease use immediately and contact Kogan Support.
  • This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

Product Overview

kogan 600W Corded 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum - Product Overview -1

1. Handle 9. On/Off switch
2. Top electric cord storage holder 10. Rod handle connector
3. Detachable rod handle 11. Bottom electric cord storage holder
4. Power cord 12. Crevice accessory
5. Air outlet openings 13. Floor nozzle attachment
6. Dust compartment 14. Suction opening
7. Dust filter (inside dust compartment) 15. Handheld vacuum unit
8. Unlocking button for dust compartment


Main unit
Conversion from handheld to floor vacuum cleaner

Remove all parts from the packaging and place them carefully on a flat area. If necessary, put protective sheeting underneath to avoid harm to easily damaged surfaces. Carefully remove all packing materials and ensure there are no missing parts.

Using as a handheld vacuum cleaner
The appliance is ready for use as a handheld appliance as soon as it has been unpacked.

Using as a floor vacuum cleaner
• Open the small flap on the handle of the handheld vacuum unit.
• Insert the rod handle connector in the opening in the handheld vacuum unit and push in as far as it will go.
• Press the flap against the connector so that it snaps into place.

Removing rod handle
• Open the flap.
• Pull out the rod handle.
• Close the flap on the handle again.
Fitting and removing nozzles
CAUTION: Always switch off the vacuum cleaner before changing nozzles.
• To fit nozzles, insert in the suction opening.
• To remove nozzles, pull out of the suction opening.
Floor Nozzle Attachment
The floor nozzle attachment is suitable for both carpets and smooth floors.

Crevice Accessory
The crevice accessory is designed for upholstery, cleaning the interior of cars, and for getting into all corners and cracks that are inaccessible with the floor nozzle attachment or without a nozzle.

CAUTION: Never hold the crevice nozzle close to the body or it may stick to the skin, and cause injury.
If the nozzle does get stuck, set the switch off immediately.


• Ensure all parts are fully assembled and filters correctly inserted before use.
• Do not use the appliance on the following:
– liquids or wet materials (e. g. carpet shampoo when wet)
– ash, cigarette ends, matches, etc.
– combustible or inflammable substances
– very fine dust (e. g. concrete dust) or toner
– hard, pointed objects such as large splinters of glass
1. Fit or remove the rod handle according to the desired use.
2. To quickly unwind the cable from the floor vacuum cleaner, twist down the cord holder on the top handle.
3. Insert the power plug in a wall outlet and turn it on.
4. Begin cleaning
5. After use, switch off and unplug.
6. After use, always empty the dust compartment and clean the dust filter.

Cleaning and Care

• Remove the power plug before cleaning and/or putting away.
• Do not use caustic or abrasive products or you may damage the surface.
• Never immerse the appliance in water.

Emptying and cleaning the dust container

  1. Hold down the unlock button for the dust compartment and carefully remove it.
  2.  Holdover a bin, carefully remove the dust filter, and empty.
  3. Tap the dust filter gently.
  4. Occasionally wash the dust filter under cold running water.
    CAUTION: Do not wash the dust filter in the washing machine.
  5. Leave the dust filter to air dry for 24 hours until completely dry before reinserting.
    CAUTION: Do not use a hairdryer.
  6. Press firmly back in so it fits tightly in the dust compartment housing.
    CAUTION: Never use the vacuum cleaner without the dust filter inserted.
  7. Press the unlocking button to engage. The dust cup must be securely engaged at the top and bottom of the appliance for it to work properly.

Cleaning and replacing motor protection filter
Once you have removed the dust cup, you will find a piece of nonwoven material on the open side of the appliance. This is the motor protection filter. It needs to be cleaned from time to time.

  1. Remove from the appliance, shake and tap off the dust.
  2. Rinse with lukewarm water.
  3. Shake again and leave to dry off completely.

Cleaning housing
Clean the housing with a slightly damp, soft cloth if necessary.

• The power cord can be wrapped around the rod handle is fitted.
• To unwind next use, twist the cord holder down on the top handle.
• The vacuum cleaner should be stored indoors in a cool, dry place.


IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing any issue with the appliance whatsoever, first inspect the filters and all parts of the brush head carefully and ensure there is no buildup of dust or dirt.
This is the most common cause of vacuum cleaner faults and problems, including powering on and suction strength.
If you experience any issues, contact Kogan Support.

The user manual is subject to change without notice. For the latest version of your user manual, please visit https://www.kogan.com/usermanuals/

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