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kogan Electric Food Dehydrator KAFDDHYDRTA Manual

kogan Electric Food Dehydrator KAFDDHYDRTA Manual Image

Electric Food Dehydrator

Quick Start Guide

Product Features

• Transparent layers and lid for easy viewing and monitoring of progress.
• Built-in timer.
• Over-heat protection.
• Wide temperature range (40-70°C), suitable for a wide variety of food.
• Five layers allowing for preparation of different foods concurrently.

Button Functions

/Time Button: Set time. SET/°C Button: Set temperature.


  1. Plug in the power cord. The LCD will display 00 signifying that it is on.
  2.  Press /Time to set the time. The LCD will show a flashing 00hr. Press C, /Time again to set the working hours, with each press adding one number. You can set the timer from 0 to 36 hours. Once the time is adjusted to your liking, the unit will start working after 3 seconds.
  3. Once the timer is set, the unit will start working. The default working temperature is 55°C. For example, the LCD screen may show 13nr and 55°C alternatively, with the 13hr representing the remaining time, and the 55°C representing the working temperature.
  4. You can adjust the working temperature as required by pressing the SET/°C button to enter the temperature settings. The LCD will display the current temperature, and you can press SET/°C to raise the temperature in 5°C increments. Once the temperature has been set, the unit will start to work at the new temperature after 3 seconds, while displaying the new set temperature.
  5. When the timer is over, the product will go into standby mode and stop heating. The LCD will display 00. While working, pressing the., /Time button for 2 seconds to enter standby mode. This will stop the unit heating and the LCD will display 00.


  • Do not use this product near a heater.
  • Do not block the vents in the lid.
  • Do not pour liquids into the product.


Please handle this product with care and inspect it regularly to ensure it is in good working order.
If the product, power supply cord or plug shows any signs of damage: stop use, unplug and contact Kogan.com/support.

Parts and Features

Loading Trays and Screens

Dehydrator Preparation

  • The top tray must always be in the top position for proper drying.
  • All five trays should be used during each drying, even if some are drying.
  • It is best to dry one type of similar food at a time; for example, all fruits or all vegetables.
  • Always leave trays in place until drying is You may remove food from trays when acceptably dried.

Always place food in a single layer on each tray for even drying. Do not overlap fruits, vegetables, or meats or crowd trays.
Use the mesh screen for drying herbs and small pieces of fruits or vegetables.

If using a mesh screen, place the screen in the tray before adding food. For best results, only use mesh screens in the top two trays.

Food Drying Temperature Reference

Food Green Leafed
Bread Vegetables Fruit Flowers
Temperature (°C)
45 – 50 55 – 70 50 – 60 55 – 65 40

Fruit Drying Time Reference

Fruit Requirements Drying Time (hr) Result
Apple Peel the apple, remove the core/pips and slice into 6mm slices 5 – 15 Soft and curly
Banana Peel banana and slice into 3mm slices 10 – 36 Brittle
Plum Soak in hot water for 90s then cut in half 5 – 25 Soft and curly
Grape Soak in hot water for 1-2 minutes 10 – 36 Soft
Lemon Slice into 6mm slices 5 – 25 Brittle
Mango Peel mango and slice into 6mm slices 15 – 24 Soft and curly
Orange Slice into 6mm slices 5 – 15 Soft and curly
Kiwi Fruit Peel kiwi fruit and slice into 6mm slices 10 – 25 Soft and curly
Pear Peel pear, remove core and slice into 6mm slices 8 – 24 Soft and curly
Pineapple Remove core and slice 10 – 21 Soft

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this product, please contact the Kogan.com customer support team.

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