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kogan G50 SmarterHome Smart Robot Vacuum KAVACRBG50A Manual

kogan G50 SmarterHome Smart Robot Vacuum KAVACRBG50A Manual Image

kogan G50 SmarterHome Smart Robot Vacuum

Safety and Warnings

  • Before using this product, please read the following safety instructions and follow all the safety precautions.
  • Any operation inconsistent with this instruction manual may cause damage to this product.


  1. Only authorised technicians can disassemble this product. Users are not recommended to disassemble this product by themselves.
  2. Please use the original power adapter only. Other adapters may cause damage to this product.
  3. Do not touch wires, sockets or power adapters when your hands are wet.
  4. Do not place this product near cigarette butts, lighters and other smouldering fires.
  5. Please clean the product after charging.
  6. Do not bend wires excessively or place heavy objects or sharp objects on the machine.
  7. This product is an indoor household product. Do not use it outdoors.
  8. Do not sit on the product.
  9. Do not use this product in wet environment. (e.g. bathroom)
  10. Before using this product, please remove all vulnerable or fragile items (e.g. glasses, lamps, etc.) from the floor, as well as the items that may entangle and block the side brushes and air suction passages (e.g. wires, paper sheets, curtains).
  11. Do not put this product in a place from where it can fall easily. (e.g. on desks and chairs)
  12. Please check carefully whether the power adapter is connected to the socket before use, otherwise the battery may get damaged.
  13. To prevent tripping, please inform other members of the house when this product is in use.
  14. Please empty the dust box before using this product, if the dust box is full.
  15. The ambient operating temperature for this product is 0°C to 40°C.
  16. Do not use this product in an environment higher or lower than the above temperature.
  17. Please remove the battery from the machine before the product is scrapped.
  18. Please make sure that this product is not powered on when removing the battery.
  19. Please recycle the discarded batteries safely.


  1. Use only the original rechargeable battery and charging station specially equipped by the manufacturer. Non-rechargeable batteries are strictly prohibited; please refer to “product parameters” for battery specification information.
  2. Do not use the vacuum in environments with open flames or fragile objects.
  3. Do not use the vacuum in extremely hot (above 40 °C) or cold (below 0 °C) weather.
  4. Do not allow human hair, clothes, fingers and other parts to approach the opening and operating parts of the product.
  5. Do not use the vacuum on wet or stagnant ground.
  6. Do not allow the vacuum to suction any particles such as stones and wastepaper that may clog the product.
  7. Do not allow the vacuum to suction any inflammable substances, such as petrol, toner for printers or photocopiers. It is also prohibited to use the product in clean areas with flammable items.
  8. Do not allow the vacuum to suction any burning particles, such as cigarettes, matches, ashes and other particles that may cause fire.
  9. Do not block the suction port. Do not use the product when the suction port is 3
    blocked. Clean the dust, cotton wool, hair etc. from the suction port to ensure smooth air circulation at the suction port.
  10. Use the power cord carefully to avoid damage. Do not use the power cord to drag or pull the vacuum and the charging station. Do not use the power cord as a handle. Be careful not to clamp the power cord in the crack of a door. Do not pull the power cord against sharp wall or table corners as it bends and damages the cord. Do not allow the power cord to be near heat sources.
  11. Do not use damaged charging station.
  12. Even if the vacuum has been severely damaged, burning of the vacuum is prohibited, which may lead to explosion of the battery of the product.



image 1


Dust Box 

Charging Station

Water Tank and Mop Assembly

Remote Control

Install the Application

Download the “Kogan SmarterHome” app from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

If you do not have a Kogan SmarterHome account, register or sign in with a verification code sent by SMS.
To register:

  1. Tap to enter registration page.
  2. The system automatically recognises your country/area. You can also select your country code manually. Enter your mobile phone number/ email address and tap “Next”.
  3. If you choose the mobile phone number option, then enter the verification code in the message sent to you by SMS. Set a password as prompted and press “Confirm” to finish your registration.

Add Device Through Network

  1. Power the SmarterHome device on and follow the product-specific instructions to enter the Wi-Fi-connect mode.
  2. Open Kogan SmarterHome app and tap “+” in the upper right to add a new device through the network.
  3. Ensure the device’s indicator light rapidly flashes and tap “Confirm light is rapidly flashing”.
  4. Select Wi-Fi network (note: network must be 2.4GHz band) and enter the password.
    The device will commence the pairing process and connect to the app.
  5. After successfully configuring the devices, the device will be shown on the home page. Tap to enter its control page.

• When device is online, it can be controlled.
• When device is offline, it displays “Offline” and cannot be remotely powered on.

Google Home Control

Note: You will need to have set up a Google Home account prior to linking your Kogan SmarterHome device.

  1. Select “Menu” and then “Home Control”.
  2. In the “Home Control” screen, select the + icon in the bottom right.
  3. A list will appear showing actions and a search function to access more apps: from here, install the SmarterHome app.
  4. Log into your SmarterHome account with your email address or mobile number.
  5. Once linked, it will show the devices linked to your account: you can assign them to rooms. You will be prompted to authorise apps to sync.
  6. Click “Done” and then it will give you a list of commands available.
  7. When successfully linked, you will see it on your “Home Control” screen at the bottom of the app screen. You can now control your Kogan SmarterHome devices through Google Home.


Note: You will need to have set up an Alexa account prior to linking your Kogan SmarterHome device.

  1. Select “Menu” and then “Skills”.
  2. Search for the app and enable it.
  3. Log into your SmarterHome account with your email address or mobile number.
  4. Select “Discover Devices” and the app will begin searching.
  5. When successfully linked, you will see a list of connected Kogan SmarterHome devices. You can now control your Kogan SmarterHome devices through Alexa with your voice.


Remove Protection

Before using the vacuum, remove the protective strip on the unit and the protective film on the charging station.

  1. Placing and charging: Fix the charging station against the wall while placed on a flat floor. Do not place objects within the range of 0.5m on either side and 1.5m in front of the unit.
  2. Connect the power supply.
  3. Installing side brush: Install the side brush to the left and right accordingly (L/R).



  1. Charging: Place the vacuum on the charging station for charging. During charging, the indicator light blinks; if charging is over, the light is always on. The charging time is approximately 5 hours.Attention: When manual charging, please keep the front bumper of the robot 2cm away from the charging station to ensure the metal contacts connect well for successful charging.
  2. The charging station cannot be used in environments with strong reflections such as direct sunlight or nearby mirrors. If there are any objects with strong reflections, please cover it as it affects the sensors in the unit.
  3. In order to ensure normal working hours of the vacuum, please fully charge it before use. The charging time is approximately 5 hours.
  4. When charging, do not assemble the water tank to the robot vacuum to avoid electrocution and fire risk, and to avoid spills.
  5. During the cleaning process, the vacuum can sense that its power is insufficient and automatically starts recharging mode to return to the charging station to recharge. You can also command the host to start recharging mode by pressing the recharge button on the remote controller.

Start Cleaning

According to different cleaning needs, the product has a variety of cleaning modes to choose from. You can start various cleaning modes via the vacuum, remote control or app.

Automatic Cleaning:
While shutdown, press the button for a few seconds. When the indicator lightof the vacuum is on, it indicates that the vacuum is powered on.
When the buttonon the host is pressed for a short time or the automatic cleaning button on the remote controller is pressed, the host starts automatic cleaning.
If the dustbin instead of the water tank is installed in the host in standby mode or other working modes, press the buttonon the remote controller and the host starts automatic cleaning.
While cleaning, press the button again to switch to powerful suction mode.
Press the button once more and the vacuum will switch to quiet cleaning mode.
Pressing the button after this will switch the unit between powerful and quiet modes.

If the water tank is installed in the vacuum in standby or other working modes, pressing the button will always make the vacuum enter mopping mode.

Mopping mode:

Applicable scenario: Used to do wet & dry mopping.
Install the water tank in the vacuum and press the start button on the vacuum or the or () buttons on the remote controller to start mopping mode.
Note: If the water tank is not installed and the button () is selected on the remote controller, the vacuum will prompt that the water tank is not installed, and the host will not work.
Press the button () and the vacuum will switch to single room cleaning mode.
Press the button () and the vacuum will switch to border cleaning mode.

Single room cleaning:

Applicable scenario: Used to clean a single room.
Click the mode switch button () on the remote control to select the single room cleaning mode and to start single room cleaning.
Note: When it is necessary to clean a single room, please close the door and the vacuum will do centralised cleaning in the room.
If this room does not have a charging station, the vacuum will return to the original point after finishing the cleaning.

Border cleaning:

Applicable scenario: For indoor border cleaning, the vacuum cleans along the perimeter of fixed objects (such as walls) and returns to the charging station after the border cleaning is finished.
Setting method: Click the mode switch button () on the remote control to select the border cleaning mode and to start the border cleaning.

Manual control:

Applicable scenario: Suitable for manual control cleaning.
Setting method: Click on the buttonson the remote controller to move forward or backward and to turn right or left.

Pause, Wake Up and Shut Down:

Pause: During operation, press the vacuum button or the pause buttonon the remote controller or app to pause the vacuum.
Wake up: If the vacuum is idle for more than ten minutes, it will automatically enter sleep mode (all the lights will turn off). You can wake up the vacuum by pressing the vacuum button, any button on the remote controller or the button on the app.
Shut down: After the vacuum finishes cleaning, press the button for a few seconds and all the vacuum lights will turn off to indicate that the vacuum has been shut down.

Schedule Settings:

Press the schedule setting button on remote control to set the vacuum scheduled cleaning time. First press the button, then press the buttonsto set the hour and minute. Press the button again to save the settings.
The vacuum will automatically start to clean at the scheduled time every day.
Note: Before the schedule setting, you need to press the buttonto set the current time first. Press the button and then press the buttonsto set the hour and minute. Press the buttonagain to save the settings.

Water tank use:

Do not use the floor mopping function on carpets.
After mopping the floor, please empty the water tank and remove the mop.

Cleaning and Care

Dust Box

  1. Press the dust box button to take out the dust box.
  2. Open the dust box side cover.
  3. Dump the rubbish.
  4. Open the HEPA Filter cover.
  5. Take out the HEPA filter and the primary filter. It is not recommended to wash the HEPA filter with water. Tap gently to remove the dust.
  6. Rinse the primary filter.
  7. The dust box should be scrubbed or wiped.
  8. Dry the dust box and filter assembly and keep it dry to ensure its service life.Replace the primary filter and the HEPA filter into the dust box.
    1. Before installing the filters, please ensure that the HEPA filter and the primary filter are dry.
    2. Do not expose the HEPA filter and primary filter to the sun. Air dry in a shaded place.
  9. Close the dust box cover and install the dust box into the vacuum.

Water Tank and Mop

  1. Take out the water tank assembly.
  2. Remove the mop.
  3. Empty the water tank.
  4. Empty the water tank.
  5. Air dry the mop.
  6. Dry the water tank.

Water Tank Dustbin

  1. Put the water tank horizontally with the dustbin port upside.
  2. Clean the rubbish in the dustbin of the water tank with running water.
  3. Ensure the contacts are dry.

Roller Brush and Side Brush

  1. Open the roller brush cover assembly.
  2. Take out the roller brush shaft.
  3. Use the cleaning brush to cut off any hair or fibers tangled on the roller brush.
  4. Clean the side brush.

Charging Station, Ground Sensors, Drive Wheels and Universal Wheel

Note: The interior of the charging station, the ground sensors and the front bumper all contain sensitive electronic components. Please use a cloth to clean the above parts and do not use moisture or water to prevent damage caused by water inflow.

  1. Clean the charging station docking pieces
  2. Clean the ground sensors
  3. Clean the drive wheels and the universal wheel

If you do not use the product for a long time, please fully charge it before storing. Turn off the vacuum and keep charging every 3 months to prevent the battery from over discharge.
If the battery is over discharged or not used for a long time, the product may lose ability to charge entirely. Please contact Kogan.com for any support. Do not disassemble it by yourself.


Classification Item Parameter
Structural class Diameter 330mm
Height 74mm
Net weight 2.7kg
Battery Voltage 14.4 volts
Battery 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery pack
Sweeping parameter Bin capacity 600 ml
Charging type Automatic charging / manual charging
Cleaning mode Auto/ Schedule/ Single room/ Fixed point/ Border/ Mop floor
Charging Time About 300 minutes
Cleaning Time About 100 minutes
Vacuum Rated power(W) 28
Operating voltage (V) 14.4


Investigation of Common Problems

No Prompt tone Cause of failure Solution
1 Wheels off the ground Vacuum suspended Please put the vacuum back to the ground and press the cleaning button again.
2 Dust box not installed Dust box removed and not installed Replace the dustbin to the vacuum and press the cleaning button again.
3 Battery failure Abnormal battery charging Contact Kogan.com to test the battery.
4 Please check if the wheel is stuck Wheel jammed Check whether the wheel is entangled with foreign objects and clean the entangled objects.
5 Please check if the front bumper is stuck Front bumper bracket stuck Check whether the front bumper can be bounced normally.
6 Robot connection failed Machine failed to connect to server Check whether the wireless network connected can connect to the internet.
7 The battery is low, please charge the machine. Battery power is less than 20% The vacuum automatically switches to recharging mode.
8 Please check whether the side brush is tangled or jammed Abnormal side brush. Check whether the side brush is entangled with foreign objects and clean the entangled objects.
9 Please move the machine to open The machine failed to get out of trouble Please move the vacuum to an open place and press the

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