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kogan 21L Wet and Dry Vacuum KAWDVAC21LA Manual

kogan 21L Wet and Dry Vacuum KAWDVAC21LA Manual Image

Kogan 21L Wet & Dry Vacuum


Please handle this product with care and inspect it regularly to ensure it is in good working order.
If the product, power supply cord or plug shows any signs of damage: stop use, unplug, and contact Kogan.com/support

Safety and Warnings

  • Read all instructions before using the appliance and retain for reference.
  • Ensure the dust compartment is properly installed.
  •  Change the HEPA/dust filter assembly immediately if it becomes damaged.
  • Only use the vacuum cleaner indoors on dry surfaces and keep the area your cleaning well lit.
  •  Don’t use this vacuum cleaner if it has been dropped, damaged or left outdoors.
  • Don’t handle the plug or use the vacuum cleaner with wet hands.
  •  Don’t pull or carry this vacuum cleaner by the power cord. Don’t use the power cord as a handle, pull the power cord around corners, sharp edges or close a door over the power cord. Don’t unplug the vacuum cleaner by pulling on the power cord.
  • Don’t vacuum up any flammable or combustible materials (lighter fluid, petrol, kerosene, etc.) or use the vacuum cleaner in an area with explosive vapors or liquid.
  • Don’t vacuum up hot coals, cigarette butts, matches or smoking hot burning items or use in an area where there may be harmful fluids (chlorine, bleach, and ammonia drain cleaner).
  •  Don’t attempt to remove blockages with sharp objects as this may cause damage to your vacuum cleaner.
  • If abnormal noise, smell, smoke or any other failure or breakage, including any issue with the power cord is found during the operation, cease use immediately and contact Kogan Support.
  • This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.


kogan 21L Wet and Dry Vacuum Overview

  • Always use with HEPA filter during wet and dry vacuuming.
  • If suction power or product function is in any way lower than expected, or the vacuum cleaner produces foam or liquid, cease usage immediately and examine as per Cleaning and Care.

Cleaning and Care

NOTE: Turn off and unplug the appliance and before any cleaning.
CAUTION: Do not use abrasives, glass or universal cleaners. Never immerse the appliance in water, especially the motor and power cord.

  •  Dry filters completely in the air.
  •  Clean the appliance and accessory parts made of plastic with clean water and squeeze the water out. Do not  clean in the washing machine
  • If required, rinse the container and accessories with water properly and dry them before reuse.
  • Only clean the HEPA filter under running water; do not wipe or brush. Let it dry completely before installation.

To empty the dirt tank:


IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing any issue with the appliance whatsoever, first inspect the filters and all parts of the brush head carefully and ensure there is no buildup of dust or dirt.
The filter bag may be full, or the HEPA filter may be blocked or damaged. This is the most common cause of vacuum cleaner faults and problems, including powering on and suction strength.
If you experience any issues, contact Kogan Support.
User manual is subject to change without notice. For the latest version of your user manual, please visit https://www.kogan.com/usermanuals/

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