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kogan Waffle Maker KAWFFLMKRXA Manual

kogan Waffle Maker KAWFFLMKRXA Manual Image

Waffle Maker
Quick Start Guide


Please handle this product with care and inspect it regularly to ensure it is in good working order.
If the product, power supply cord or plug shows any signs of damage: stop use, unplug and contact Kogan.com/support.

Safety Warnings

  • Read all instructions carefully.
  • Do not touch hot surfaces. Only use the handles to lift the lid.
  • To protect against the risk of shock, do not immerse appliance, cord, or plug in water or any other liquid.
  • Close supervision is necessary when the appliance is used near children.
  • Unplug from outlet when not in use or when cleaning. Allow unit to cool before putting on or taking off any parts, and before cleaning the appliance.
  • Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord, or plugin any appliance after it malfunctions or is dropped or damaged in any manner.
  • Do not use outdoors.
  • Do not let cord hang over the edge of the table or counter, or touch hot surfaces, including a stove.
  • Extreme caution must be used when moving an appliance containing hot ingredients.
  • Do not use this appliance for anything other than its intended purpose.
  • Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner, or in a heated oven.

Product Layout

kogan Waffle Maker power

A. Power ON light
B. Ready light
C. Locking latch
D. Handle
E. Waffle molds
F. Base
G. Housing

Before First Use

Carefully unpack the waffle maker and remove all packaging materials. See the ‘Care & Cleaning’ section of this manual for proper cleaning. We recommend a trial run to eliminate any protective substances that may have been used in shipping. To do this, plug the unit in and run it for 5-10 minutes while empty. You may notice smoke coming from the unit during this initial phase. This is completely normal.
Season the cooking plates with vegetable oil, then rub off excess with a paper towel. There will not be any need to season the plates again.
WARNING: Do not immerse the waffle maker, cord or plug into water. To remove any dust that may have accumulated during packaging and shipping, wipe the exterior clean with a damp cloth. Do not use any harsh or abrasive chemicals on any part of the waffle maker.

Using the Waffle Maker

Place the waffle maker on a stable, level surface. Close the cover and plug the unit into a power socket. The red light will turn on, indicating that the appliance is powered and preheating. After approximately 5-10 minutes the green light will illuminate, signaling that the unit is heated and ready for use. The green light will turn on and off during the cooking process, which indicates that the correct temperature is being maintained. Always keep the cover closed when preheating or in-between uses.

Cooking Waffles

  1.  Preheat the waffle maker as described above.
  2. Open the waffle maker by lifting the cool-touch handle, then pour about % cup (177m1) of the mixture into the center of the lower waffle mold.
    Note: to avoid batter overflow, do not overfill.
  3. Close the waffle maker by using the cool-touch handle. Important: the waffle maker gets hot during use. When in use, or until it has cooled completely, do not touch any part of the metal surfaces.
  4. Wait for 10 seconds, then flip the waffle maker upside down for the batter to spread evenly. This will make the waffle crispy on the outside and tender inside.
    Note: there may be some condensation on the outside of the waffle maker. This is completely normal.
  5. Allow the waffle to cook until the steaming subsides and the green light illuminates (about 3 to 4 minutes). For a crisper waffle, cook the waffle for a little longer.
    Note: avoid opening the waffle maker while it is cooking. This may cause the waffle to stick or cook poorly.
  6. When cooking is finished, open the waffle maker and remove the waffle using a nylon or wooden spatula.
    Note: do not use metal utensils to remove waffles. They may damage the non-stick surface.
    Important: do not open the waffle maker before the waffle-ready indicator light is illuminated. If the waffle is not fully cooked, it may split and be difficult to remove.
  7. Close the waffle maker and allow it to reheat before cooking another waffle. The green ready indicator light will illuminate when the waffle maker is ready for use.
    Note: if you have conditioned the waffle maker, you may wish to discard the first waffle made as it may be too oily.
  8. When finished, unplug the waffle maker and allow it to cool completely. Important: the waffle maker gets hot. When in use or until it has cooled completely, do not touch any of the metal surfaces. Use the cool-touch handle to open and close the waffle maker.
  9. Use a soft brush to remove any crumbs from the waffle maker.

Useful Tips

  • Fully cooked waffles freeze well. When cooled to room temperature, simply wrap individually in plastic wrap or place in a freezer bag and close so it is airtight. They can be kept frozen for several months.
  • Packaged pancake mix, including the whole wheat variety, make delicious waffles. Follow the packaging directions for waffles.
  • Don’t use water to clean the nonstick waffle plates. Simply allow it to cool, then brush off any crumbs that may be left in the grids. Cotton swabs are handy for cleaning between the ridges.
  • For lighter waffles, separate the eggs, then beat the egg whites to soft peaks and fold in just before cooking the waffles. For extra crispy waffles, add 2 to 3 tablespoons of melted butter or oil to the batter.
  • Waffles can be kept warm by placing them on a rack or a cookie sheet in a preheated oven set to 150°C. Never stack cooked waffles, as this will make them soggy.
  • To reheat waffles, cook in a preheated toaster oven at 180°C for about 5 minutes.
  • If using a waffle mix, add some excitement by stirring in mashed bananas, or chopped walnuts, macadamia nuts, toasted almonds, or pecans. You could also add sliced fruit such as apples, peaches, plums or berries.

Care and Cleaning

Other than the cleaning methods mentioned in this guide, no other servicing or maintenance of this appliance is required. All repairs must be carried out via the Kogan customer support team.
Unplug the unit and allow to cool thoroughly before any cleaning. Wipe the inside and walls of the waffle maker with a clean, soapy sponge or cloth. Remove soapy residue with a cloth and dry thoroughly. Do not use steel wool or scouring pads on stubborn stains.

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