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LG Exalt II Setup Guide

The LG Exalt II is a phone that was designed to provide consumers with the best of both worlds. That means it has all the features of a top-of-the-line smartphone, but also offers an extensive feature set for those who need more than just "texting and talking." The following manual will teach you how to setup your new phone so you can start using it right away.

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Manufactured by LG

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About Your Phone

LG Exalt II numbered diagram

  1. Left Soft Key
  2. Speakerphone Key
  3. SEND Key
  4. Earpiece
  5. OK Key /Navigation Key
  6. Right Soft Key
  7. Alarm Clock Key
  8. CLEAR / Voice Commands Key
  9. POWER /END Key
  10. Vibrate Mode Key

LG Exalt II front diagram with numbers

  1. Headset Jack
  2. Volume Keys
  3. USB / Charger Port
  4. External LED screen

Case removed with numbers diagram

  1. Camera
  2. microSD™ Card Slot
  3. Camera Key
  4. Battery
  5. Back Cover

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