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logitech Crayon Faqs Troubleshooting manual

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logitech Crayon Faqs Troubleshooting Instructions

  Make sure iPad iOS is updated to version 11.4 or above


How do I turn Logitech Crayon on/off?

  • Press the power button for 1s until the LED light turns on / fades away.

How does Crayon connect to the iPad? Do I need to pair it with the iPad?

Simply power Crayon on and you are ready to go, no pairing with iPad required.

I tried to turn on Crayon but it doesn’t work when I use it on the iPad.

  • If you have been using Apple Pencil with the iPad, you will have to disconnect the pencil prior to using Logitech Crayon. To disconnect Apple Pencil go to Settings -> Bluetooth. Find Apple Pencil in the device menu and select “Forget This Device”
  • Press the power button for 1 sec to ensure that Crayon is on and has sufficient battery level:
    • Green light means the battery is sufficient and above 10%.
    • Red light means the battery is less than 10%.
    • Blinking red light means the battery life is critically low, charge Crayon immediately.
  • Check that the Crayon tip is screwed tightly on.
  • Crayon only works with iPad 6th generation (model numbers on the back of iPad A1893 or A1954). Crayon does not work with any other tablets or iPad models.
  • Make sure iPad is on and is updated with the newest iOS.


How do I know how much battery is left?

  • Short press the power button to check the battery level.
    • Green means the battery is sufficient and above 10%.
    • Red means the battery is less than 10%.
  • Blinking red without a battery check means the battery life is critical, it needs charging immediately.

How do I charge Crayon?

  • Use a standard Lightning cable that you would use to charge iPad to charge Crayon.

How often should I charge Crayon?

  • We recommend Crayon to be charged daily at the end of the school day. A full charge can support 7 hours of non-stop writing.

Can I use crayon while charging?

  • No, Crayon will not function while charging with a Lightning cable.

How long does it take to charge?

  • It takes 50 mins to fully charge Crayon from 0 to 100%.


My students dropped Crayon, will it still work?

  • Crayon has gone through rigorous testing and passes drop testing from up to 4 ft. If the tip of Crayon becomes damaged, new tips can be purchased as a spare part.

The tip became damaged, how do I replace or repair it?

  • You can purchase spare tips from Logitech.
  • When you receive the replacement tips, the package will contain 10 tips, a removal tool and instructions on how to replace the tip.

Is Crayon waterproof?

  • No, it’s not waterproof.

Will Crayon scratch or damage the iPad screen?

  • No, it will not damage the iPad screen.


Can Crayon be used on other tablets (non-iPad)? What about other iPads (besides 6th Gen)?

  • Logitech Crayon only works with iPad 6th gen (model numbers on the back of iPad A1893 or A1954). Logitech Crayon will not work with non-iPad tablets, other iPad models or phones.

Are there certain apps or programs that Crayon works with?

  • Logitech Crayon works with apps that support Apple Pencil.
  • Logitech Crayon doesn’t require installation of any additional apps to work with iPad.

Can I use multiple Crayons with one iPad?

  • Yes, you can use multiple Crayons on one iPad, but not simultaneously.

Can I use one Crayon with multiple iPads?

  • Yes, you can move Crayon from one iPad (6th gen) to another. There is no need to pair with individual iPads, just make sure both Crayon and iPads are on.

Can I use Crayon and Apple Pencil with the same iPad?

  • Yes, but turn off the Bluetooth to disable Apple Pencil if you want to use Crayon.


How do I update firmware on Logitech Crayon?

  • To update firmware, follow instructions here

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