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Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Self-Cleaning Bidet Manual

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Self-Cleaning Bidet Manual Image

Model: Neo 120

Thank you for choosing Luxe Bidet. This manual contains important® information regarding your unit. Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly, and retain it for future reference.



Single Nozzle Design
The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 features a regular wash nozzle that is hygienic and reduces the use of toilet paper.

Nozzle Guard Gate
The bidet features a convenient, hygienic nozzle guard gate for added protection and easy maintenance. The hygienic nozzle guard gate ensures that the bidet is always ready for clean operation and can open for easy access to the nozzle.

Retractable Nozzle Always Stays Clean
When not in use, the nozzle retracts for hygienic storage allowing for double protection behind the nozzle guard gate.

Convenient Nozzle Cleaning Feature
While the bidet is designed to keep the retractable nozzle clean, this model also features an innovative self-cleaning sanitary nozzle that streams fresh water directly over the nozzle for rinsing before or after use.

Activate and Adjust Water Pressure Easily
The unobtrusive control panel features a chrome-plated water pressure control knob that allows the user to activate and adjust settings, the bidet can easily be operated by children and the elderly.


Once you bidet, you never go back!


UPC: 895063002784 (blue), 850625005108 (white)
Retail Box Size: 17.6 x 7.1 x 4”
Retail Package Weight: 1.78 lbs
Connection Type: Coldwater
Water Control: Chrome-plated dial
Mode Selection Control: Chrome-plated dial
Nozzles: Single-nozzle
Bidet Body Material: ABS resin, plastic bidet inlet
Parts Material: 7/8” x 1/2” metal t-adapter, 1/2” x 1/4” metal braided hose
Valve Construction: Metal-ceramic
Working Pressure: 50 ± 20 psi
Features: Nozzle guard gate
Certifications: ASME A11218.1-2012/CSA, ASME A112.4.2-2009
Manufactured In: China

Bidet Dimensions:




Locate your Bidet ID and write it down below.
Bidet ID: __________________________________________

The Bidet ID is required for registering your bidet for a 2-year extended warranty.

The Bidet ID can be located on the sticker attached to the arm of the bidet AND on the bottom of the bidet’s control panel.

Check that you have access to the fill valve under the toilet tank.
The provided cold water t-adapter should be installed at the fill valve under the toilet tank (as pictured below), NOT at the cold water supply valve coming from the wall.

If you do not access the fill valve under the toilet tank, contact Luxe Bidet Customer Support at 858-360-7780 and we may be able to provide alternative
installation options.

Check that your toilet tank water supply line is flexible.
Check the toilet tank water supply line that connects the toilet tank fill valve to the water supply valve on the wall. If it is a rigid pipe, you will need to replace this pipe with a flexible water supply hose before installing the bidet.

The length of the hose you purchase may vary, but the top connection size should be 7/8” Ballcock (to connect to the provided t-adapter) and the bottom connection size should be 3/8” or 1/2” (to connect to your water supply valve).


Step 1 -Turn Off the Toilet Tank Water Supply
Turn off the toilet tank water supply at the wall to stop the flow of water (most valves will need to be turned clockwise). Flush the toilet and hold down the handle to completely empty the toilet tank.

Step 2 – Remove the Toilet Seat
To remove the toilet seat, lift the hinge tabs and use a flathead screwdriver to unscrew the toilet seat bolts white holding the nuts on the underside of the bolts in place. Remove the toilet seat and toilet seat bolts and nuts and set them aside.

Step 3 – Mount Your Luxe Bidet on the Toilet
Place the bidet attachment on the toilet. The adjustment plates will need to line up with the holes on the toilet bowl. You may need to rotate the adjustment plates accordingly to line up properly with the holes.

Step 4 – Reattach Your Toilet Seat
Reattach the toilet seat on top of the bidet attachment and secure it using the original toilet seat hardware. Make sure to tighten the bolts to ensure that the bidet attachment and toilet seat do not move.

Step 5 – Disconnect the Water Supply Hose
Make sure you have turned off the toilet tank water supply and flushed the toilet to empty the toilet tank if you have not done so already. Place a towel or bucket underneath the toilet tank connection to catch any residual water, then disconnect the water supply hose from the toilet tank.

Step 6 – Check the T-adapter
Make sure that there is a black rubber washer inserted at the top of the t-adapter. If it is not already there, insert the black rubber washer so it is securely in place, as shown in the picture.

Step 7 – Install the T-adapter to the Toilet Tank
Connect the top of the t-adapter to the toilet tank and the bottom of the t-adapter to the water supply hose.

Step 8 – Connect the Bidet Hose to the T-adapter and inlet
Connect the 1/2″ end of the cold water metal-braided bidet hose to the t-adapter. Connect the 1/4″ end of the hose to the bidet inlet.

Step 9 – Turn on the Toilet Tank Water Supply
Turn on the toilet tank water supply.

Congratulations! You are ready to use the Luxe Bidet for the first time. Gently turn the water pressure control knob to reach your desired spray pressure.






Do the nozzle(s) always stay out when not in use?
The nozzle is retractable and only comes out when the water is turned on.

What kind of material is the bidet body made from?
Luxe Bidets are made from very strong (yet Light and flexible) plastic. The smooth, high quality plastic is easy to clean and Looks great on any toilet.

How do I clean or maintain the bidet?
You may wipe the bidet with a disinfectant wipe, or a soft rag or toilet paper soaked with a mild household cleaning solution.

What are the metal valves in the picture on the front of the bidet box?
These metal valves are pre-installed inside the control panel of your bidet. They are not separate parts that you need to install.

How often should I use the nozzle cleaning feature?
You may use the nozzle cleaning feature as often as you’d Like. This could be after every use of the bidet or just periodically during routine bathroom cleaning.

Does the bidet come with a warranty?
Yes, all Luxe Bidets come with an 18-month warranty which starts from the day of purchase. You can extend this warranty to 24 months (2 years) by registering your bidet on luxebidet.com. Please contact us via luxebidet.com if you would like to make a warranty claim.

How do I install the bidet if my toilet seat comes with twist-hinges?
First, unlock the hinge caps by turning them to the left and lift the toilet seat off the bowl. Remove the screws/bolts that the hinges attach to on the toilet bowl, by unscrewing the nuts on the underside of the bowl. Place the bidet on top of the toilet bowl, position the adjustment Oates to fit the screw holes, place the screws/bolts on top of the bidet and reattach the nuts under the bowl to secure the screws. Once the bolts are secured to the bidet and toilet bowl, simply snap the seat on top of the bolts by rotating the hinge caps to the right.

Do you carry any toilet seat attachment bidets with left-sided controls?
We currently do not carry any models that have Left-sided or left-handed controls.

How can I install the bidet if my toilet has a rigid or inflexible pipe, or if I have no access to my toilet tank connection?
You will need to replace the inflexible pipe with a flexible hose. If you are unable to remove the hard water pipe or have no access to your toilet tank connection, we have an alternative installation method that may work better for you. Please contact us on luxebidet.com for more information.

What is the purpose of the guard gate? Is it supposed to open automatically?
The guard gate shields the nozzle(s) from debris and should remain closed at all times. During use, the nozzle(s) will drop down below the gate and spray water. When you turn off the bidet, the nozzle(s) will automatically retract behind the gate. You may open it manually to access the nozzle(s) for cleaning.

Some bidets come with two nozzles. What is the difference between the two nozzles?
Our dual nozzle bidets (Neo 180,185, 320) feature a regular wash nozzle and a feminine wash nozzle. The wash nozzle is the standard nozzle that comes with all Luxe Bidets in the Neo Series and cleanses the back. The feminine nozzle has a slightly lower angle and softer spray and cleanses the front. The nozzles can be operated separately or at the same time. To activate the nozzles at the same time, you can point the nozzle mode knob between ‘Women’ and ‘Wash.

For additional troubleshooting tips or FAQs, please visit our FAQ page on luxebidet.com.



18 Month Limited Warranty
Luxe Bidet® by 2Go Products, LLC was carefully tested before shipment from the Manufacturer, who warrants this product to be free from defects, materials and workmanship for a period of one (18) month from the Date of Purchase, from the distributor.


(1) Replacement of discolored or damaged parts as a result of use of strong cleaning or disinfecting chemicals.
(2) Damage to or malfunction of the unit resulting from improper installation, negli-gence, misuse, abuse or tampering by unauthorized repair personnel.
(3) Under no circumstance will 2Go Products, LLC be held Liable for any Loss or damage direct, consequential or incidental arising out of the use of or inability to use this product (some states do not allow this exclusion).
(4) Owner of the bidet should immediately stop using and uninstall the bidet if there is even a small Leaking or dripping detected anywhere due to the bidet. Leakage can result because of incompatibility of the toilet fittings, improper installation, and due to old or damaged parts.
(5) Exposure to extreme temperatures, strong chemicals such as bleach, hydrochloric acid etc. or high water pressure can cause damage to various parts of the bidet and can result in Leaking or flooding. Therefore, the owner hereby releases the manufacturer and sellers of Luxe Bidet from any and all claims for bodily and property damage resulting from such conditions.
(6) The owner hereby releases the 2Go Products, LLC from any and all claims against damages to the property or the bidet resulting from the misuse, improper installation, inadequate maintenance or exposure to extreme temperature, water pressure or strong chemicals.

Attention: Register your bidet at www.LuxeBidet.com for more efficient support concern-ing warranty claims, returns, and technical assistance.



If you have any questions or comments, please contact our customer care at any time and we will be able to assist you further. Thank you for choosing Luxe Bidet®

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Website: www.LuxeBidet.com
Phone: 858-360-7780
Fax: 858-876-1559
Luxe Bidet HQ
7770 Regents Rd. 113-632
San Diego, CA 92122
United States