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onn 22-Channel Walkie Talkie 100068732 Manual

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100068732 16 Mile 22 Channel Walkie Talkie User Guide


Walkie talkie button locations diagram


Display screen icon explanations


Installing the Three AA NiMH Rechargeable Battery pressing and holding or for 3 seconds. You may remove more than one channel in this way.

  1. Take the belt clip off.
  2. With the back of the radio facing you, lift the battery cover latch-up and remove the cover.
    Removing the battery cover
  3. Insert the three AA NiMH battery with + and – polarity as shown inside.
    Inserting batteries
  4. Close the battery cover firmly.
    Closing the battery cover

Radio Battery Meter

The number of bars (Battery indicator ) on the radio battery icon shown indicates the charge remaining in the battery. When the radio battery meter shows one segment,the radio chirps periodically (Low Battery Alert). In battery low status, the radio will sound the alert every 10 minutes or after releasing the PTT button. 3. Press the PTT button to set and exit the menu.

Note: Remove the battery from the radio for storage purposes.
Removing the Three AA NiMH Rechargeable Battery

  1. Turn the radio off.
  2. With the back of the radio facing you, lift the battery cover latch-up and remove the cover.
  3. Close the battery cover firmly.


  • Be careful when removing NiMH batteries. Do not use sharp or conductive tools to remove either of these batteries.
  • Remove the batteries before storing your radio for extended periods of time. Batteries corrode over time and may cause permanent damage to your radio.
  • Do not mix old and new batteries and Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (ni -cad, ni -mh, etc.) batteries.

Battery Capacity Maintenance

  1. Charge the NiMH batteries once every3 month when not in use.
  2. Before placing the radio in storage, remove the battery.
  3. Store the NiMH batteries in temperature between – 20 ℃ to 35 ℃ and in low humidity. Avoid damp conditions and corrosive materials.

Using the Micro-USB Charger

The micro – USB charger is a handy port that allows you to conveniently charge your NiMH battery. Use a certified adaptor (5V,≥1A). Do not attempt to charge alkaline batteries.

  1. Make sure your radio is turned OFF.
  2. Plug the micro – USB cable into the micro –USB charging port on your radio. Connect the other end of the micro –USB charger to a wall power outlet.
  3. The battery meter on LCD will move to indicate the battery is Charging.


  • It is recommended to power your radio while charging.
  • When moving between hot and cold temperatures, do not charge the NiMH batteries until the battery temperature acclimates (usually about 20 minutes).
  • For optimal battery life, remove the radio from the charger within 16 hours. Do not store the radio while connected to the charger.

Turning your Radio On and Off

  1. Press and hold on to the Power and call buttonbutton to turn your radio ON/OFF. In the ON position, the radio chirps and briefly shows all feature icons available on the radio.
  2. The display screen then shows the current channel, code, and all features that are enabled. The radio is in Two – Way mode.

Setting the Volume

Press and hold theScan button button for three seconds to listen to the volume level.

  1. First press eitherUp button orDown button to trigger volume change. You will see the current volume level on the screen.
  2. PressUp buttontoDown buttonincrease the volume. PressDown buttonto decreases the volume.
  3. When the volume reached level 0 the muteMute button icon appears permanently on the screen.

Do not hold the radio close to your ear. If the volume is set to an uncomfortable level, it could hurt your ear.


To communicate, all radios in your group must be set to the same channel and Interference Eliminator Code.

  1. To talk, press and hold the PTT button. When transmitting, the transmit up buttonicon is shown .
  2. When you are finished talking, release the PTT button.
  3. When receiving, theta. the transmit down buttonicon is shown.

For maximum clarity, h61d the radio 2 to 3 centimeters away from your mouth and speak directly into the microphone. Do not cover the microphone while talking.

Talk Range

Your radio is designed to maximize performance and improve transmission range. Do not use radios closer than five feet apart.


Press and hold Monitor buttonthe button for 3 seconds to enter monitor mode and listen for weak signals on the current channel .
You can also listen to the volume level of the radio when you are not receiving it. This allows you to adjust the volume, if necessary. You can also press aMonitor button button to check for activity on the current channel before you talk.

Push-to-Talk Timeout Timer

To prevent accidental transmissions and save battery life, the radio will stop transmitting if you press the PTT button for 60 seconds continuously.

Mode Button

Press and holdLamp button the button for 3 seconds, the user will be seamlessly switching between two-way and weather mode.

Selecting the Channel

The channel is the frequency of the radio uses to transmit.

  1. Pressmenu lock button the button until the channel number starts to flash.
  2. PressUp buttonorObutton to change the channel number.
  3. Press the PTT button to exit the menu ormenu lock button button to continue setup.

Selecting the Interference Eliminator Code

Sub-Codes help minimize interference by blocking transmission from unknown sources. Your radio has 121 Sub-Codes. To set the code for a channel:

  1. Press the menu lock buttonbutton until the code number starts to flash.
  2. PressUp buttonorDown button the button to select code number.
  3. Press the PTT button to exit the menu or menu lock buttonthe button to continue setup.

Setting and Transmitting Call Tones

Your radio can transmit different call tones to other radios in your group when you pressed a button. The radio has 10 call tones. To set a call tone:

  1. Pressmenu lock button the button until call tone ‘CA’ appears. The current call is tone-setting flash.
  2. PressUp button orDown buttonbutton to change and listen to the call tone.
  3. Press the PTT button to exit the menu or the button to continue setup.

Voice Operated Transmission (VOX)

Transmission is initiated by speaking into the microphone of the radio instead of pushing the PTT button.

  1. To activate VOX, press menu lock buttonthe button until ‘VOX’ appears on the display. The current setting (0,1-3) will flash.
  2. PressUp button or Down buttonbutton to select the sensitivity level.
  3. Press the PTT button to exit the menu.
L3=High Sensitivity for quiet environments
L2=Medium Sensitivity for most environments
L1=Low Sensitivity for noisy environments
L0=Turn Off VOX function

Dual-Channel Monitor

Enable you to scan the current channel and another channel alternately.

To set another channel and start Dual Watch.

  1. Pressmenu lock button the button until ‘2CH’ appears on the display. The current setting (OF,1-22) will flash.
  2. Press Up buttonor Down buttonselect channels.
  3. Press the PTT button to exit the menu ormenu lock button the button to continue the setup.
  4. Press the PTT button or wait until the time-out menu to activate Dual Watch. The screen will alternate between Home Channel and Dual Watch Channel.

To end Dual Watch mode, re-enter the Dual Watch menu to select the OFF setting.

Note: If you set the same channel and code as a current channel, Dual Watch does not work.

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