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PRESTO Canning Heat Source Manual

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PRESTO Canning Heat Source User Guide

Acceptable Heat Sources

All stovetop Presto® Pressure Canners will work on electric coil and regular gas ranges. Current models of Presto® Pressure Canners will also work on glass/smooth-top ranges. Although Presto believes that current  pressure canners are acceptable for use on glass-top ranges, we recommend that you check with the owner’s manual for your range or the manufacturer before using. Presto® Induction Compatible Pressure Canner with stainless steel clad base, Stock No. 01784, will work on induction ranges as well as electric coil and glass/ smooth-top and regular gas ranges.

Please be mindful of the following tips for successful use of the canner on your glass-top or induction range:

  • Use the element that most closely matches the 8-inch diameter of the
    canner bottom.
  •  Do not place the canner on two heated elements at the same time.
  •  Do not allow the canner to boil dry.
  •  Do not use the canner on an element for several hours at a time.
  • To prevent scratches to the glass top, make sure that the bottom of the canner does not have scratches or areas that are rough, and do not slide or rotate the canner on the smooth-top range.
  •  Clean the cooking surface with a ceramic cooktop cleaner prior to and after using the canner.
  •  A portable induction cooktop can be used if it is not less than 1800 watts with an 8- to 10-inch diameter heating zone and a load capacity of 50 pounds.

Not Acceptable Heat Sources

Presto® Pressure Canners, with the exception of the Induction Compatible Pressure Canner, will not work on induction ranges because the canners are made of aluminum. Electric hot plates do not provide sufficient energy to heat a canner for the boiling water method or for pressure canning. Presto strongly discourages using outdoor LP gas burners in excess of 12,000 BTUs. These types of burners cannot be adjusted to a low enough setting to maintain the recommended amount of pressure, which can result in damage to the bottom of the canner.

Alternative Heat Source

Presto Precise® Digital Pressure Canner, Stock No. 02144, is an electric pressure canner and therefore requires no external heat source.

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