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RYOBI RY802925 PSI Gas Pressure Washer Manual

RYOBI RY802925 PSI Gas Pressure Washer Manual Image

RYOBI RY802925 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

WARNING: This Quick Reference Guide is not a substitute for reading the operator’s manual. To reduce the risk of injury or death, user must read and understand operator’s manual before using this product. All page references refer to the operator’s manual.


  1. Install the wheels
  2. Install the handle
  3. Install the storage panel
  4. Connect the spray wand to the trigger handle
  5. Connect the high pressure hose to the trigger handle
  6. Connect the high pressure hose to the pump Completely uncoil and straighten high pressure hose to prevent kinks
  7. Connect your garden hose to the pressure washer
    • Completely uncoil garden hose or remove completely from reel to prevent kinks.
    • Turn water faucet on fully.
    • Make sure there are no leaks.
    • With no nozzle installed, squeeze the trigger to relieve air pressure. Hold the trigger until a steady stream of water appears.
  8. Pour all but 2 oz. of the provided lubricant into the engine through the oil fill hole. Check and add additional lubricant as needed until the level reaches the upper portion of the hatched area on the dipstick. Do not overfill.
  • Turn the fuel valve to OFF before adding lubricant.
  • Set unit on flat surface so engine is level. Remove dipstick, wipe clean, put back in hole (but don’t screw in) and check lubricant level.


NOTICE: Do not use E15 or E85 fuel in this product. It is a violation of federal law and will damage the unit and void your warranty. Only use unleaded gasoline containing up to 10% ethanol.

  1. Add fuel
    • This is a 4-cycle engine. Do not mix fuel and lubricant together.
    • Mix fuel stabilizer with gasoline according to manufacturer’s directions prior to filling the tank.
  2. Move the fuel valve to OPEN
  3. Put on/off switch in ON position
  4. Move choke lever to START position.
  5. Pull starter grip and rope to start
  6. Allow engine to run for several seconds, then move choke lever to RUN position


  1. Pull starter grip and rope to start
    If the engine does not start:
    • check for enough fuel;
    • may need to adjust choke position;
    • try starting again.

There may be residual water in the pump and/or lubricant in the engine due to performance testing.


  1. Pour pressure washer detergent in soap tank.
  2. Install blue or black soap nozzle
  3. Squeeze trigger and wait approx. 5 seconds for detergent

Use of soap nozzle will activate soap injector at a 20:1 dilution ratio.
WARNING! Never use bleach or solvent-based detergent.

  • Will damage your pump
  • Will void your warranty
  • Will damage plants/shrubs


Use the chart below to determine the correct nozzle for your job

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