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Skar Audio VX35-ST with High Compression Titanium Bullet Tweeters Manual

Skar Audio VX35-ST with High Compression Titanium Bullet Tweeters Manual Image

Skar Audio VX35-ST with High Compression Titanium Bullet Tweeters


  • BRAND: Skar Audio,
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 7.75 x 4.25 x 3 inches,
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 2.66 pounds,
  • COLOR: Black,
  • SPEAKER TYPE: Tweeter,
  • SPECIAL FEATURE: Subwoofer,


They are a high-performance set of 3.5-inch high compression titanium bullet tweeters that are conventionally rated at 500 watts max power. It has RMS power of 300 watts. It has an impedance of 1 Ohm and a Frequency Response of 2.2K-20KHz. The bullet design of the tweeters combined with its powerful ferrite magnets enables them to deliver sound clarity and unparalleled loudness. It is sold as a pair.
These bullet-style super tweeters are so powerful that you might consider that you are in a concert by hearing them for the first time. Moreover, the positive connection terminal of each tweeter features an inline noise capacitor that eliminates all low-end frequencies that might otherwise harm the tweeters.


  • User Manual
  • A pair of tweeters


First, you have to locate all the screws and all the bolts under the door of your car. Remove them all with the help of a screwdriver and get all the plastic parts out. Unplug all the wires. Once all the pins are removed, grab the door and pull it out carefully. Put aside the door panel. Remove all the screws from the speaker and pull out the speaker. Now grab the speaker wire as much as you want. Grab your speaker and hook it up with some speaker wire. Strip the wire at the end and connect it to the positive and negative sides. Connect the tweeters and the speaker through the speaker wires.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do tweeters improve sound?
    Tweeters produce detailed and crisp sounds that add dynamic range to complete sound systems. Your car speakers would only be able to produce undetailed or bland music without many of the auditory aspects that make it worthy of listening to in the first place.
  • What size tweeters are best?
    Neither bigger tweeters nor small ones are better. The tweeter size depends upon one area: if they will fit in to the car or not. Larger tweeter can be a bit louder so the smaller tweeters might be slightly better because they produce high frequencies with more accuracy.
  • How do I choose a good tweeter?
    If you are searching for a tweeter to use in your car then it is best to search for the one that has an impedance matching the speakers and can handle high power levels. Tweeters with low impedance ratings may be distorted or dimmed if connected into low-impedance speaker systems.
  • What kind of tweeters should I get?
    If you like your highs bright, loud and crisp, metal tweeters may be an option for you. Aluminum is the most frequent. It is strong, light and produces a bright sound at high frequencies. It is a good choice when you want to make sure that the highs cut through road noise and big bass.
  • Are tweeters worth installing?
    Tweeters allow you to get the highs that get highly distorted/drowned out by all that bass. If you have none, and a system this much powerful, it would be a great idea to get a pair.
  • Where is the best place to put tweeters in a car?
    The best place to put the tweeters is at the dashboard of your car, facing towards the center of the driver seat and the passenger seat. It aids to make the sound of both tweeters reach the ears of the user at the mean time providing a blissful experience.
  • What should tweeters sound like?
    A tweeter should not sound still. It should sound rather crisp, clean no chopping, no overhang, raspy tst tst.  It should sound as if you are afraid in the dark and you stopped to hear if someone is going to get you. It seems that is when you pay attention to your hearing the most.

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