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TaoTronics Wireless Headset TT-BH053 Manual

TaoTronics Wireless Headset TT-BH053 Manual Image

SoundLiberty 53 (TT-BH053) True Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Product Specification

Product number : TAOTRONICS SoundLiberty 53
Drive unit : 6mm large moving coil monomer
Bluetooth version : Realtek RTL8763BFR/5.0
Audio decoding : SBC、AAC
Charging performance of the charging compartment : 5V/400mA
Endurance : About 4-5 hours
The number of times the charging compartment recharges the headset : About 7th
Charging Time : Approximately 1.5 hours for earphones / Approximately 2 hours for charging compartment
Wight : A single headset is about 2.2g / the charging compartment is about 50g


Bluetooth pairing

  • Binaural paired mobile phone (the left ear is the main ear)
  1. Put both ears into the charging compartment, wait for the blue light to flash slowly, and then take out the left earphone; Wait for the left earphone to flash blue and white light to enter the pairing mode
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth pairing of the mobile phone “Taotronics SoundLiberty 53”
  3. Repeat the above actions to pair the right ear headset “Taotronics SoundLiberty 53 R”

Two, single ear use

  1. Just take out the left ear, search for “Taotronics SoundLiberty 53” and click connect to use it, then take out the right ear once and connect it back into binaural mode
  2. Take out only the right ear, search for “Taotronics SoundLiberty 53 R” and click on the connection.
    Use, but you need to put the right ear back and take out both ears to use the binaural mode

Reset method

  1. First delete all Taotronics SoundLiberty 53 links on the phone, and turn off the blue tooth.
  2. Take out both ears and put them back in the charging compartment, confirm that the blue lights flash slowly on both ears, and press the LOGO of both ears at the same time until both ears flash three times in white at the same time, which means the reset is complete.
  3. Take out both ears and wait for the blue and white light to flash on the left ear host, which means that the phone can be paired.
    Note: Single ear cannot be reset, and both sides need to be reset at the same time


  1. Switch on/off: take out/return to the charging compartment
  2. Adjust the volume level: click the left ear 1 time (down)/right ear 1 time (up) (one ear cannot fully adjust the volume)
  3. Switch the track: Tap the left ear 3 times (top)/right ear 3 times (bottom) (one ear cannot fully adjust the track)
  4. Play/pause, answer/hang up: Tap the left/right ear 2 times to play and pause;
    Tap the left/right ear 1 time to answer, 2 times to hang up (Long press the left/right ear for 2 seconds to reject it)
  5. Voice assistant, refused to answer the call: long press the left/right ear for 3 seconds

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