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TAOTRONICS TT-SK028 PC Soundbar Manual

TAOTRONICS TT-SK028 PC Soundbar Manual Image



Thanks for choosing TaoTronics PC Sound Bar. Please read this User Guide thoroughly before use and retain it for future reference.

  • To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture.
  • Keep the soundbar away from extreme heat and humidity, and do not expose to direct sunlight.
  • Do not place near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, etc.
  • Only use this Sound Bar indoors.
  • Never place this Sound Bar on other electrical equipment.
  • Keep the Sound Bar clean and dry. Do not clean the product with detergent containing alcohol, ammonia, benzene or abrasives.


  • Do not scrape the surface with sharp objects.
  • Do not block any ventilation openings.
  • Unplug this device during lightning storms or when not used for long periods of time.
  • Do not drop or knock your soundbar on hard surfaces as it may damage the interior circuits.
  • Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point where they exit from the device.
  • Close attention is needed when using near children.
  • Unauthorized disassembly of any parts of this appliance is forbidden.
  • Always ask a professional technician or authorized personnel for repair.
  • Do not use chemicals or detergents to clean the appliance. Clean only with a dry cloth.

Package Contents

  • 1 x Tao Tronics PC Sound Bar (TT-SK028)
  • 1 x3.5mmAudio Cable
  • 1 x User Guide
  • 1 x Thank You Card

Product Diagram

  1. Volume Knob
  2. Volume Knob Indicator
  3. Bluetooth® Indicator
  4. AUX OUT Port
  5. AUXIN port
  6. USB Power Cord

Button Control

Use Your Sound Bar

Place the Sound Bar

  1.  Place this unit on a level table near the place where the USB power plug can be easily reached.
  2.  Never place this unit in an enclosed cabinet when the soundbar is playing.

AUX Cable Connection

  1.  Connect the soundbar with any USB power adapter or active computer USB port to turn on the unit.
  2.  Plugin the 3.5mm audio cable into the AUX IN port at the back of the soundbar.
  3.  Connect to your AUX device via the cable.

Bluetooth” Connection

  1.  Connect the soundbar with any USB charging adapter or active computer USB port to turn on the unit.
  2.  Pness the Volume Knob twice to turn on Bluetooth® mode. The Bluetooth”‘ indicator will flash blue and white alternately indicating the soundbar is in pairing mode now.
  3.  Turn on the Bluetooth® function on your device and search for nearby devices. Find “TaoTronics TT-SK028” in the search results and tap to connect.
  4.  Once connected, a beep will be heard and the Bluetooth® indicator will flash blue every 5 seconds.

Note· When the Bluetooth., the mode is turned on, the soundbar will automatically enter pairing and re-pairing mode. If the soundbar has been connected before, it will attempt to pair with the last connected device. If not, the soundbar will enter pairing mode for pairing with other Bluetooth(!i devise. make sure no other active  Bluetooth devices are within range, and that the sound bar·,. within 3ft/ 1 m away from your device

Clear Pairing List
If you failed to pair your device with the soundbar, press and hold the Volume Knob for 10 seconds under Pairing mode.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Clean the Sound Bar on a regular basis.
  • Use dry and soft cotton cloth to wipe the unit.
  • Keep away from sharp objects to avoid scratches.
  • Put the unit in a dry and shady place if it is to be idle for a long time.
  • Do not clean the product with detergent or chemicals.
  • Do not insert anything into the product.

Warranty and Service

This product is covered with TaoTronics product and labor warranty for 12 months from the date of its original purchase. If any problems occur, please contact the TaoTronics Customer Care Centre via the contact information listed in this User Guide. We can only provide after sales service for products that are sold byTaoTronics orTaoTronics authorized retailers and distributors. If you have purchased your unit from a different place, please contact your seller for return and warranty issues.

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