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Tozo Bluetooth Headset T6 Manual

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Charging the Earbuds

  1. Put the earbuds into the charging case, they will power off & be charged automatically. When the red LED lights up, it means that the earbuds are being charged from the charging case.
  2. The red light will turn off when the earbuds are fully charged

Charging the Charging Case

Please use the 5V/1A adapter to charge the charging case, which can be charged with a computer USB or other USB interface charger.

Box wireless charging

Designed for modern life, never be strangled by headphone cables. Enjoy the convenience of wireless charging and free charging devices provided by airports, hotels, and cafe shops around the world.

Ear bud wireless charging

Note: The battery indicator–white indicator light is above the wireless charger.

Charging Warning

Don’t tap the earbuds Touch Control while on the charge, otherwise, it will fail to pair. Then you should follow the reset to factory settings.

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