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anko Bluetooth Speaker 4282938 Manual

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anko Bluetooth Speaker User Manual
Keycode: 4282938

Before You Begin….


Do not expose the unit to extreme temperatures (heat or cold), open flames, humid conditions, or wet conditions. Keep a. way from water and extreme temperatures. Low power may cause poor Bluetooth connection or sound distortion. Make sure the adaptor voltage is 9V, using higher voltage may cause the unit to malfunction.

In the Box

Speaker (x1)
AUX In Cable (x1)
AC/DC adaptor (x1)
User’s Manual (x1)

Product Specification

  • Bluetooth version:V 0
  • Charging time:4-5 hours
  • Music playtime: up to 12 hours (volume @5096)
  • Input: DC 9V 2A
  • Only use with provided AC adapter Model: CW0902000AU
    Output: 5V 500mAh

Product View

  1. Power / Mode
  2. Volume Down / Previous Track
  3. Volume Down / Previous Track
  4. Play/ Pause / Bluetooth
  5. LED Indicator- Green for AUX/TF/USB mode- Blue for Bluetooth mode
  6. LED Indicator- Red for Charging
  7. 7.3.5 mm Auxiliary Input
  8. Micro SD Card Slot
  9. USB Input Port/Charging Out Port
  10. Charging Port

Getting Started

Important Note Outdoor Use on
This speaker is IP65 rated dust and splash proof. This IP rating is
only applicable when the silicone port cover is closed. Please make sure the cover is closed and secure before using in wet environments. Important: DO NOT submerge the speaker in water. If the speaker gets wet, dry it thoroughly before using it again.

Charging the Speaker

Fully insert the DC connector to the charge port of speaker and then plug the AC power adaptor to the wall socket.
The Charging indicator will turn red while charging and off when
fully charged. On low power, a tone will be heard indicating that the speaker should be recharged

Powering on/off

Press and hold the [ NJ button to turn on/off the speaker.

Changing Modes

Press EU button to switch input modes. Insert a USB flash drive, Micro SD card, or an aux cable, to have the corresponding modes available, otherwise, these modes will be skipped while changing modes

  1. Turn on the speaker and select Bluetooth A tone will be heard and the LED indicator will flash Blue quickly.
  2. Enable the Bluetooth function and scan on your Bluetooth device, select THUNDER on the avaiable
  3. After a successful paring, a tone will be heard and the LED indicator will stop flashing
  4. You can press and hold the [ @ ] button to unpair your current device and search for new

TIP: You can skip to Bluetooth mode by pressing and holding    button.

Adjusting Volume

Volume can be adjusted by pressing the [@ ] and [m ] buttons or the controls on your connected media-playing device

Adjusting Playback

Press the [ @ ] button to pause or resume playback. Press and hold the [@ ] and [- ] buttons to skip to next and previous track.

Using Handsfree

When the unit is connected and paired to a Bluetooth-enabled device like a smartphone, the unit allows you to make or receive phone calls with its built-in microphone.
Press to accept a call.
To end a call press .
To reject a call, press and hold for 2 seconds.

Using with a Wired Device

Plug one end ofa 3.5mm auxiliary cable into the 3.5 mm AUX input under the rubber cover on the back of the speaker. Plug the other end into the headphone jack on your media-playing device.This will switch your bluetooth speaker to Aux in mode. The LED indicator will light green.
If the speaker does not switch to USB mode automatically, press the [  ] button repeatedly to select it.

Using a Micro SD Card

Insert a micro SD (TF) card into the card slot under the rubber cover on the back of the speaker, with its label side facing up and this will switch your speaker to Card Player mode.The LED indicator will light preen.
If the speaker does not switch to Card Player mode automatically, press the [  ] button repeatedly to select it.

NOTE: Micro SD cards can only be insereted in one direction. If the card does NOT easily slide and “clip” into place, remove, turn it around, and re-insert into the slot.

Using the USB Input
Insert your USB flash drive into the USB port under the rubber cover on the back of the speaker, and this will switch your speaker to USB mode.The LED indicator will light green.

If the speaker does not automatically switch to USB Input Mode, press the button repeatedly to select it.

Charging External Mobile Devices

The built-in battery can charge mobile devices as a power bank. Turn on the speaker, connect the large end of the USB cable (supplied) to the USB port under the rubber cover on the back of the speaker, and connect the small end to your external device, this speaker will charge your device.

NOTE: The supplied USB cable is not available for all external devices, depending on their connector types.

Pair a Secondary Speaker via TWS

You can pair with a secondary speaker (not supplied) via MS pairing technology to enjoy true wireless stereo sound. Before pairing, make sure the secondary speaker is of the same specifications and Bluetooth pairing ID.

  1. Turn on both
  2. Press twice the I & Jbutton on the top of either of the speakers. The pressed speaker will search for the other one to
  3. tone will sound after the two speakers are paired The LED indicators will light solid blue. The paired two speakers will then work as one stereo speaker system, with the pressed one as host speaker for left channel, the other for right channel.
  4. Connect the host speaker to a Bluetooth device by following the instructions on Bluetooth Pairing, to enjoy true wireless stereo
  5. Press twice the [ Q] button on the top of either of the speakers to unpair Both the speakers will go back to Bluetooth mode with LED indicators flashing blue.
  • MS pairing function is available only in Bluetooth
  • TWS pairing needs both speakers powered
  • Make sure neither of the speakers is connected to a Bluetooth device before
  • The paired speakers will pair automatically next time when both of them are turned (This resume pairing function may not be available in case they have previously connected to an iPhone with iOS system version exceeding 12.2, connecting to a Bluetooth device with other operation system will resolve).


Unable to power on:

  • Check that battery is not too low or discharged

Unable to pair with a Bluetooth device:

  • Check that you are in Bluetooth
  • Ensure that you are within range of the Bluetooth speaker for Bluetooth functionality, 10 metres or less (33 feet or less).
  • Move the Bluetooth speaker and Bluetooth device away from other Bluetooth devices/electrical
  • If possible, turn off other nearby Bluetooth devices or disable their Bluetooth functionality..

No sound / Sound distortion:

  • Adjust the
  • If you are using a Bluetooth connected device, check the volume on the secondary device and on your Bluetooth
  • Your Bluetooth speaker may need to be

Unable to play TF card/USB flash drive:

  • Check that card/USB is formatted in FAT32, not
  • Check that your card/USB capacity does not exceed 32
  • Check that your audio files are in MP3/WMA (Not all formats are supported by the speaker).

12 Month Warranty

Thank you for your purchase from Kmart.

Kmart Australia Ltd warrants your new product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period stated above, from the date of purchase, provided that the product is used in accordance with accompanying recommendations or instructions where provided. This warranty is in addition to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

Kmart will provide you with your choice of a refund, repair or exchange (where possible) for this product if it becomes defective within the warranty period. Kmart will bear the reasonable expense of claiming the warranty. This warranty
will no longer apply where the defect is a result of alteration, accident, misuse, abuse or neglect.

Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase and contact our Customer Service Centre on 1800 124 125 (Australia) or 0800 945 995 (New Zealand) or alternatively, via Customer Help at Kmart. com.au for any difficulties with your product. Warranty claims and claims for expense incurred in returning this product can be addressed to our Customer Service Centre at 690 Springvale Rd, Mulgrave Vic 3170.
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are
also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
For New Zealand customers, this warranty is in addition to statutory rights observed under New Zealand legislation.

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