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BLAUPUNKT Ture Wireless BTW-01 earbuds Manual

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Instruction Manual


Welcome to use this True Wireless Bluetooth headset, BTW-01. Please read this user’s manual carefully before use.

Brief introduction

BTW-01 is a True Wireless Bluetooth Headset, each earpiece comes with a Microphone that can be used individually or used together for stereo sound. The headset supports music and calling functions, as well as touch-sensitive playback and pause control.

Before Use


1 Charging indicator light 5 MFB touch-button
2 Charging metal contact 6 LED indicator (blue)
3 Charging jack 7 Microphone
4 LED indicator (red) 8 Big/medium/small Ear tips

Charging for headset

When the headset is low on power, the headset emits”Battery low”once every 2 minutes and the red Led flashes slowly four times every 1 minute. Please recharge the battery of the headset.
The way of charging for the earbuds as following: Using USB cable

  1. Put the earbuds into the charging case to ensure that the charging device connect well, and start charging when you see the red indicator light of the earbuds on. Red light on: Charging Red light off: Finish charging
  2. Charging should be completed in roughly 1.5 hours.

    • The left and right earbuds on charging case of an arbitrary charge can be charged. • Please cover the charging case cover, so that the earbuds and the charging case connect well when it is charging.
  3. Charging for charging case
    When any of the following situations occurs during the use, it indicates that the charging case has gone into sleep mode with low power. You need to charge the charging case:
    1) After putting the earphone into the charging case, the earphone will not automatically shut down or turn on the red light.
    2) During charging, the headset suddenly turn on automatically.
    3) Removing the earbuds from the charging case will not automatically turn on.
    The way of charging for the charging case as following:

Using USB cable
1) Plug the micro USB charging cable into the case’s charging jack.
2) Plug the USB cable into a USB port of PC or a 5Volt USB charge. Red light on: Charging Red light off: Finish charging
3) Charging should be completed in roughly 1.5 hours.
4) If the earbuds are in the charging case, it can charge the earbuds while charging the charging case.

1) The battery is recyclable.
2) Batteries (battery pack or batteries installed) shall not be exposed to excessive heat place, such as sunshine, fire or the like.
3) Please make sure the charging jack is dry before charge.

Getting Started

Wearing headset

a. Choose the suitable size ear tips
b. Ensure each earbud is worn on the correct ear. “L” should be worn on the left ear and “R” worn on the right ear.

One earbud connecting with cellphone

Each earbuds can be worn singly as Bluetooth headset.

  1. Power on
    1) When charging, the earbuds will turn on automatically when they are taken out of the charging case.
    2) Press touch button for about 3s until blue LED flashes as the same time the headset emits”Power on”.Then release. This is now in the “Power on”state.
  2. Pairing
    1) Press the touch-button for about 5s and release it when the red LED and blue LED flash quickly and alternately. The earbuds are in”Pairing” mode
    2) When the earbuds and the cellphone fails to connect back, the earbuds will automatically enter the matching state.


To connecting your headphone to a Bluetooth device, first, ensure the device has Bluetooth enable and it is in pairing mode (See your device manual for setting pairing mode). Then put your headphones into pairing mode by pressing the power button until the LED light flashes red and blue alternatively.
Once your headphones are in pairing mode, you should be able to see it in the list of Bluetooth devices.
You should see BLAUPUNKT-BTWO1-L for left earbuds and BLAUPUNKT-BTWO1-R for the right earbuds appear in your contactable devices list.
You need to connect both to use them as a stereo headset. However, if you want to use them singly, only connect the desired ear L or R.

Power off

1) Auto power off once put into charging case
2) Press touch-button about 3s and release it till red LED is on, and earbuds prompt “Power off”.
• The earbuds will automatically connect with the latest Bluetooth device when power on again. If the earbuds are not connected, they will enter into pairing mode automatically.
• Each earbuds will automatically switch to standby mode if disconnected from device (blue LED flash once every 2 seconds), and will power off automatically after 2 minutes to save power.
• The operation of single earbud is the same as that of double earbuds.

3. Two earbuds connecting with cellphone
In this mode use two earbuds at the same time to enjoy stereo sound.
Turn on the main earbud (BTWO1-L) and connect it with you Bluetooth device,then power on the other earbud and it will connect with each other automatically.
• Pairing mode lasts for 2 minutes, the headsets will switch to power off mode if no device connected within that time.
• The headset will connected with the latest device and successfully paired automatically when powered on.
• If the headset is disconnected from the device beyond the distance, it will automatically power off after 5 minutes, and it will automatically connect when it returns to the effective distance within the first 3 minutes.

Earbuds pairing/connecting

Please use this step if two headset can not be connect with each other.
1.Turn off two earbuds respectively(don’t put them into the charging case).
2. Clear the pairing list: Choose one of the earbuds. Firstly, enter the pairing mode. Then hit the touch button 5 times, while the red light turns on for 1 second. The pairing list will be cleared when emits “Power off” after a “clang” prompt. The other headset cleans the pairing list by doing the same.
3. The earbuds will enter TWS pairing mode automatically when they are turned on (indicator light status: red and blue lights flash slowly). After successful connection, the master earbud(L) will emits connected and ‘Pairing’, which indicator light status will be: red LED and blue LED flash alternately(it keeps waiting to be paired with your phone), while the secondary earbud(R) will emits connected and indicator status will be: blue LED flash twice time every 10 seconds.
• In normally the two earbuds will connect automatically once you have taken out of the charging case,which set in factory.
• You can connect the two earbuds according above operation if they failed connecting.
• TWS mode : Only left earbuds can be the master one, which can connect the right earbuds and the phone’s Bluetooth at the same time. When the right earbuds connect with left earbuds in the TWS mode, it cannot connect with the phone’s Bluetooth.

Function operation-use one earbud

a. Answering /rejecting phone calls
When calling (blue LED quick flash), clicking the touch button once will answer the call. Clicking the touch button a second time will hang up the call.

Tap touch button to answer/reject a call

b. Reject calling
When your paired phone rings (blue LED quick flash), long press the touch button and release to reject the call. You will hear an audio confirmation tone.
Long press touch button about 2s to reject a call
c. Voice assistant
After connecting your headphone with a Bluetooth compatible music player (blue LED flash twice every 10s), triple clicking the touch button (prompt’Voice dial’) will actively voice assistants like Siri

Triple-click the touch button to active voice assistant

d. Transfer conversation between earbuds and mobile phone
Transfer conversation to mobile phone : During a call , long-press the touch button about 2 second while you will hear a ‘dang’ tone. Long press the touch button again to Transfer conversation to earbuds.

Long press touch button about 2s
e. Playing/Pause
After connecting your headphone with a Bluetooth-compatible music player, double clicking the touch button will play music, double clicking again will pause playback.

Double click

f. last song
Pressing the left earbud’s touch button for about 2s while playing music. (There is only the operation of previous song but no the operation of next song when you use the left earbud only)

Long press left touch button about 2s
g. Next song
Pressing the right earbud’s touch button for about 2s while playing music. (There is only the operation of next song but no the operation of previous song when you use the right earbud only)

Long press right touch button about 2s

Function operation- use two earbuds connecting with cellphone

Music and voice of operation are same for one earbud or two earbuds.
a. If two earbuds connect with a cellphone,one of earbuds power off, the other one will power off also.
b. If two earbuds connect with a cellphone,operate any one earbud can control playing/pause/next song/answering /rejecting phone calls and voice assistant.
•If headset in calling mode, both earbuds have voice and can operate function, but only the earbud which connecting with cellphone can pick up sound.

Battery display

When the earbuds are connected to an 105 device, it will display the battery of earbuds on the device. When the earbuds is low on power, the battery indicator will turn red and show a depleted battery icon. The headphone will also give an audio prompt to charge your headset.

Prompt tone

Status of headset Prompt tone
Connect with phone ‘Phone connected’
TWS connection ‘Connected ‘
Low battery Emits “Battery Low” every 2 minutes
Headset out of range Emits “Out of rang ” only once
Other earphone is out of range Emits “Out of rang ” only once

Factory Reset

When the earbuds are in the pairing mode, five times click the touch button, and the factory reset when the red light turns on for 1 second. At the same time, you will hear “Power off” prompt after a “clang” tone and turn off.

Five times click the touch button


  • After factory reset, the paired list of two earbuds as well as earbuds and mobile phone will be deleted. The earbud does not automatically reconnect the mobile phone and the other earbud after turning on.
  • After factory reset, when the earbud turns on again, it will automatically enter the TWS pairing mode (red and blue lights flash slowly). Two earbuds will be paired automatically. After TWS connection, left earbuds will continue to wait for pairing with the mobile phone (red and blue lights flash alternately).

Care and maintenance

Read the following recommendations carefully before using BTW-01. Following these, you will be able to enjoy this product for many years.

  • Keep it dry and don’t put it in the dump place to avoid the product’s internal circuit being affected. Don’t wear the headset when in strong exercise to avoid sweat enter.
  • Keep the product away from direct sunlight or hot places. High temperatures will shorten the life of electronic devices, destroy the battery or distort certain plastic parts.
  • Don’t expose the product to cold areas. It may damage the internal circuit board.
  •  Don’t try to disassemble the product as it may get damaged if you are not professional.
  • Don’t let it fall down onto the floor or other hard surfaces. The internal circuit might get damaged.
  • Don’t use intensive chemical products or detergents to clean the product.
  • Don’t scratch the surface with sharp things.
  • Don’t use this product during strenuous exercise. It may get damaged by sweat.

In case the product doesn’t function properly, send it to the store you bought it. The staff will help you to solve the problem.


  1. What does it mean when a red LED flashes four times every one minute slowly? Battery is low power, needs to be recharged.
  2. Why is the red LED off when charging? a) The charging case may not have enough power to charge the headset. Please charge the charging case. b) Make sure the metal contacts of the earbud and charging case are free of obstacles. c) The battery may dry up. Please charge the battery for 30 minutes, and then the red LED will be on.
  3. Why can’t I hear the sound on the headset? a) Make sure the volume is not too low or muted; b) Make sure the headset connects with the mobile phone correctly; c) Make sure the distance between the headset and the cell phone is in the available Bluetooth range.
  4. Why can’t I hear the sound clearly on the headset? a) Make sure the mobile phone is in the strong signal area; b) Make sure the headset is in the available range. and no other block0
  5. Why the pause/play, last/next song not function when playing music? Make sure your Bluetooth device supports AVRCP (AudioNideo Remote Control profile)


Bluetooth version Bluetooth V5.0
Bluetooth profiles HFP, HSP,A2DP and AVRCP
Operating distance 10 meters
Music time(one earbud) Up to 6.5 hours
Music time(two earbuds) Up to 5 hours (maximum volume)
Up to 8.5 hours (50% volume)
Talk time UP to 6.0 hours
Standby time About 130 hours
Charging time for earbud About 1.5 hours
Charging time for case About 1.5 hours
Charging input DC 5.0V /500mA
Weight One earbud:5.5 g
Charging case:29g
Measure Earbud:23.5*17.2*24.7mm
Charging case:58*25 36mm

Warranty Information 1 Year*

If you have issue with our BTW-01 product please contact our service center.
Authorized Service Center Blaupunkt Speakers
Address: Envent World Wide Pvt. Ltd.,
Khasra No- 15/15 (4-16), Village Samalkha, Tehsil Vasant Vihar, New
Delhi-110037. E-Mail: [email protected]
Tel: 1800 843 4333
Please prepare and submit the following information during the telephone or e-mail notification to facilitate the process:
– Serial number – Date of purchase
– A copy of proof of purchase in case of warranty
Note – Important information:
Please use the original packaging or another suitable packaging to protect the unit in transit.

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