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CPS Office Computer Chair Manual

CPS Office Computer Chair Manual Image
CPS Office Computer Chair Instruction Manual

[email protected]

Please make sure all the parts are included.
Missing parts? [email protected]

Read the instructions carefully.

Please follow the assembly steps.


Please use the Allen key included instead of an electric drill.

Use the box for an easier assembly.

STEP 1 Bottom

Use the base as support and press firmly from above with the wheel.
Make sure to put the wheels in the base before the gas lift cylinder.

STEP 2 Top

If there are any problems, do not hesitate to e-mail us. [email protected]


User Manual

To deodorize your new chair
leave the chair in a shady outside for 1-2 days.

For longer use
Re-tighten bolts every 6 months by using the enclosed Allen-key.
*Using an electric drill can damage the chair. Please re-tighten bolts manually.


Use this product only for seating one person at a time

DO NOT use the chair unless all bolts, screws and knobs are tight

DO NOT use the chair if only components are missing or damaged

DO NOT stand on the chair use as a step stool or ladder

Regularly check all bolts, screws, and knobs are tight

Be careful, some of the part are heavy and has sharped edge

Failure to follow these warnings may cause serious injury

If there are any problems, do not hesitate to e-mail us. [email protected]

Enjoy your new favorite chair
Our goal is to create a perfect customer experience. Let us know if you have any feedback. Your comment motivates us to become a better team.

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