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Hiseeu PoE Security Camera System User Guide

The Hiseeu PoE Security Camera System is a powerful yet affordable surveillance system. This user guide will show you how to use this camera system whether if it's your first time or not.

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PoE Security Camera System

Guick Guide

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Web: www.hiseeu.com

Tel: +1 917 688 2228

Please read this quick guide thoroughly before using and keep it well for future reference.


Please test the camera before installation.

  • Connect Cameras to NVR box by CAT5e Ethernet Cable provided.
    Connecting the cameras with cablesConnecting the cameras to a TV or a router

System Wizard

  1. Hit no more hints to exist system wizard.
    Startup wizard screen
  2. Mobile APP, you can scan the QR Code to download it or go to Google Play/APP store to download it.
    QR code for the app

System Login

  1. The default password is blank (no password)
    Signing in for the first time to the appChoosing a safe password
  2. If you don't want to set a security question€, please reboot the NVR by press the ON/OFF button.
    Safety question and rebooting the system

Internet Connection

  1. Please connect NVR box to Router via Network Cable;
  2. Right-Click Mouse Navigate to Main Menu > Network > Enable DHCP;
  3. After that, please go to “Net Service”, if the “Cloud Status” shows online, means NVR is online and ready for remote access.

The main menus screenNetwork settings screen

If the cloud status fails then reboot NVR device by press ON/OFF button. If the problem remains, please contact the vendor.

How to set up a video record?

24/7 Video Record

Please right-click the mouse navigates to Main Menu > Record Conf.

Please right-click mouse navigates to Main Menu > Alarm > Intelligent Alert > Tick of “Enable”.
Main menu screen with intelligent alertTips:

The device will be only recording when motion is detected.

Please Tick off “Mobile Reported” if you need an alert push to Mobile APP.

Default Setting is for Channel 1, hit “Advanced” > ”Copy”, Copy the settings to other channels.

How to playback video?

  1. Right-Click Mouse, hit “Playback”, Or go to Main Menu > Playback
    Go to the main menu
  2. Select Channel, Period, date, then click “OK”
    Selecting channel and then play mode
  3. Green: Regular Recording
    Red: Alarm Recording

How to backup video?

  1. Insert your USB Device to NVR’s USB port.
  2. Right-Click Mouse, navigates to Main Menu > System > Backup.
    Go to the main screen again
  3. NVR will Detect available USB device. Click “Backup”.If your USB Device didn’t show up, click “Detect”.
    List of backups taken by the cameras
  4. Select Record Type > Select Channel > Set the Time > Click Add
    Select the video Files> Choose Backup format > Start.
    Please choose MP4 as it is compatible with most video players. Filtering the backups by time and date
  5. Select the video Files> Choose Backup format > Start. Please choose “MP4”, it’s compatible with most video players.
    List of backups

Add a new camera or replace the defective camera

  1. Please connect the camera to the NVR box via Ethernet cable, make sure the camera and NVR are powered.
  2. Right-click mouse > Quick Set (Normally NVR will be configuring automatically)
  3. If your camera still not connected, please manually add it as below.
    a) Click “Search”, NVR will search camera with same IP segment, then select the new the camera’s IP address
    b) Select an empty Channel for the new camera (for example #5), then click “Add”
    c) After configuration successful, click “Apply” to save settings then click “Exit”

Restore to Factory Setting

Please right-click mouse navigates to Main Menu > Advanced > Restore.
Tick of “Select all” > Click “OK”

Explanation of Icons

Channel’s Name Motion Detected(Default)
Recording Play the video recorded for latest 5 minutes
Mute/Unmute Face Detected(Display only after enabling)
Human Shape Detected(Default) Video Feed Loss Detected(Display only after enabling)
Camera Blocked Detected(Display only after enabling)
Play/Pause Reverse to play
Stop Play in slow motion
Fast Reverse Fast Forward
Previous Frame Next Frame
Previous Video Next Video
Repeat to play all the videos recorded on the selected day Full Screen
Start/End video cutting Backup

Remote Access on Mobile Device

Download Mobile APP “XMeye” from “Google Play” or “APP Store”.

IOS http://d.xmeye.net/XMEye
Android â http://d.xmeye.net/XMEye

  1. Open the APP and follow on-screen instructions to register an account by your email.
  2. Click “+”to add device > Advanced.
    Device Name:
    Name Your Device as You Like.
    Serial Number:
    Click the “Scan” icon to Scan NVR’s QR Code. (Navigate to Main Menu > Advanced > Version)
    User Name:
    Input your NVR login password.

Remote Access on PC Client

Please contact vendor for PC Client download Link and video instruction.

  1. Download PC Client “VMS” and installed.
  2. Remain the default User Name and Password. Click “SIGN IN”.
  3. Navigate to “Device Manager”.
  4. Manual Add.

Device Name:
Name Your Device as You Like.
Serial Number:
Click the “Scan” icon to Scan NVR’s QR Code. (Navigate to
Main Menu > Advanced > Version)
User Name: admin
Input your NVR login password.


Q1. What’s the warranty?

All of our products with a 2-year warranty, any difficulties please contact the vendor.

Q2. How to modify the NVR password?

Please Right-Click Mouse Navigates to Main Menu > System > Account > Modify Password.

Q3. What should I do if I forget my password?

Please Click Forget Password > Forget Answer, you will get the “CAPTCHA” QR code. Open the mobile APP “XMeye”, click “+” icon > Forget Your Device Password (FIND PWD). Scan the “CAPTCHA” QR code, you will get a super passcode.

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