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Monster Clarity 101 Airlinks Manual

Monster Clarity 101 Airlinks Manual Image

Monster Clarity 101 Airlinks true wireless bluetooth headset

Product specification

Product number : Monster Clarity 101 Airlinks
Drive unit : 6mm moving coil
Bluetooth version : 5.0
Waterproof coefficient : IPX5
Audio decoding : SBC、AAC
Charging performance of the charging compartment : DC 5.0V
Endurance : About 6 hours
The number of times the charging compartment recharges the headset : About 4th
Charging Time : Approximately 1 hour for earphones, 1.5 hours for charging box
Weight : 58g


Bluetooth pairing

  1. Take out the left and right earphones at the same time
  2. When you hear the “pairing” prompt (the blue indicator light is flashing), turn on the Bluetooth of the device to be connected and connect to “Monster Clarity 101 Airlinks”
  3. If the connection is successful, you will hear the “connected” prompt (the blue indicator flashes once in 6 seconds)
  4. Single ear mode: no need to re-pair

Reset method

  1. Please delete the Bluetooth connection record on the phone first
  2. Please take out the earphones, press both sides simultaneously for 8 seconds, the earphones will sound Power Off, come again there will be two beeps and the headset will automatically clear all pairing information.


  1. Switch on/off: Take out/put back the charging box
  2. Adjust the volume level: tap the left ear 2 times (down)/right ear 2 times (up)
  3. Switch tracks: Tap and hold the left ear for 2 seconds (top)/right ear for 2 seconds (bottom)
  4. Play/pause, answer/hang up: tap the left/right ear once
  5. Voice assistant (not during music playback): tap the left/right ear twice
  6. Reject the call: Long press the left/right ear for 2 seconds to reject the call

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