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onn Bluetooth Earbuds AAABLK100024301 Manual

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Let's Get Started

On/Off and Pairing 

Removing the earbuds from the charging case

Take them out to Power On automatically & connect to the last paired device

For the first-time use, place both earphones back into the charge case first and close the case. Then open the charging case, earphones will go into pairing mode, connect to your device by selecting “onn. TWS Sport In-Ear”.

Putting the earbuds into the charging case

Drop them back and close the charging case, Power Off automatically & disconnect to the paired device

Pressing the side button or 4 seconds

Press & Hold Each Side for Power On/Off (If you are carrying the earphones without charging case)

Bluetooth Pairing

Pairing the earbuds with a smart device

Enjoy Your Music

Part of Android users can further increase volume by pressing the right side earphone two times even if their device is at maximum volume.

Controlling the music using the buttons on the earbuds

Accepting a Call

Controlling a phone call from the earbuds

Charging Your Earphones

Lights action while charging

Plugging the case into a charger

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