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OVSFBJPLG2A, OVSFBJPBK2A, OVSFBJPDB2A Ovela Jepson 2 Seater Sofa Manual

OVSFBJPLG2A, OVSFBJPBK2A, OVSFBJPDB2A Ovela Jepson 2 Seater Sofa Manual Image




STEP 1: Please assemble all the wooden legs.

image 2

STEP 2 : To use it as a sofa bed please open the bottom zippers and pull out the 4x metal legs. Close the zippers.

STEP 3 : To use it as a sofa seater, roll up the sofa end and pull up the sofa head like the diagram below.

The job is now complete!
In the interest of our environment please dispose of all packaging thoughtfully.


  1. Read Instructions carefully Check no parts are missing.
  2. Lay out all of the components on a soft surface as if you were preparing to do a jigsaw puzzle.
  3. Carefully identify each component, especially those that are similar. The most common mistake is getting things back to front.
  4. Separate and identify each component from the hardware pack and rest each one in its proper location before fastening.
  5. Do not fully tighten screws (leave slightly loose).When the item is fully assembled tighten the screws – but do not over tighten.
  6. If glue is required DO NOT set until you are certain that the parts belong together.


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We recommend that you keep your original product packaging if at all possible because, in the unlikely event that you require a warranty repair, we cannot collect and transport your item if it is not safely or securely packaged.

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