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PENTAIR EC-140264 TR60 Triton II Fiberglass Sand Filter Manual

PENTAIR EC-140264 TR60 Triton II Fiberglass Sand Filter Manual Image

PENTAIR EC-140264 TR60 Triton II Fiberglass Sand Filter

Efficient, dependable filtration for your pool.
The Triton II Filter is the result of over 40 years of product evolution and refinement. It has set the industry standard for effectiveness, efficiency, long runs between service and years of dependable, low-maintenance operation.
The Triton II Filter features a special internal design that keeps the sand bed level, ensuring even water flow and resulting in the most efficient filtration possible.

The best reputation in the industry for all the right reasons.
Besides its filtration performance, the Triton II Filter delivers a level of dependability and ease of operation and maintenance. Every design detail has been refined to make the Triton II Filter the industry standard.


Heavy-duty closure
For easy access with built-in pressure relief valve, making inspection and maintenance faster and easier.

Swing-away water diffuser
Allows instant access to sand and all internal parts.

Combination sand-and-water drain
Speeds servicing and winterizing.

GlasLokTM process one-piece fiberglass-reinforced tank
UV-resistant surface finish for years of dependable, corrosion-resistant, unequaled strength and durability.

Flow system design
Controls filtration quality and helps ensure maximum run times between backwashing to save you time.

Threaded internal parts
For ease of maintenance.

Threaded bulkhead connectors
For easier installation and service.

Time-proven internal design
Ensures that all water receives maximum filtration for crystal-clear results.


Turnover Capacity–Res. (Gallons)
Model Number Filter Area Sq. Ft. Vertical Clearance* Filter Diameter Required Sand** (lbs.) Flow Rate GPM (Comm.) 8 hrs. 10 hrs. 12 hrs.
TR 40 1.92 32.5″ 19″ 175 38 18,240 22,800 27,360
TR 50 2.46 36.75″ 21″ 225 49 23,520 29,400 35,280
TR 60 3.14 37.5″ 24″ 325 63 30,240 37,800 45,360
TR 100 4.91 41.75″ 30″ 600 74 35,520 44,400 53,280
TR 140 7.06 47.25″ 36″ 925 106 50,880 63,600 76,320

* Required clearance to remove the closure.
** Use standard #20 silica sand.

The TradeGrade family of products is exclusively made for and sold by the world’s most demanding pool professionals.

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