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Apps Smart Wristband 3 App Heart Rate Edition Manual

Apps Smart Wristband 3 App Heart Rate Edition Manual Image

Apps Smart Wristband 3 App Heart Rate Edition


Please consult your doctor before starting a new exercise program. Although the smart watch can monitor your heart rate, it can’t be used for any medical purpose. It is designed to help people live healthier lives. Please remember to consult your doctor before starting any exercise and diet plan.

Device requirements

This product supports devices with iOS 9.0, Android 4.4 and above, and Bluetooth 4.0. Android 6.0 and above devices need to open the GPS permission to use.


In order to ensure good charging contact, please keep the metal contact free of dirt, oxidation and impurities. if the device is idle for a long time, please remember to recharge at least once a month.

a. Please align the magnetic absorption line with the metal sheet of the bottom shell, and the magnet will automatically charge the positive and negative electrodes.
b. Please ensure that the charging contact is free of dirt and impurities. If there is, please wipe it clean to avoid affecting the charging.
c. Plug the USB into the SVS00MA charging stand, and it can be fully charged in 2-3 hours.

How to connect smart watch with mobile phone

4.1 Power on: charge or press the smart watch side button for 3 seconds.
4.2 Install APP: Scan QR code through mobile phone, or search “Smart Wristband 3” APP in Apple store, Google store and APP store to download and install.

4.3 Connect smart watch through mobile APP: First, put the smart watch close to the mobile phone, and then turn on the Bluetooth and GPS of the mobile phone according to the APP connection guide. Then search the APP for the smart watch. The Bluetooth name is “Smart Watch”. Click the smart watch to connect. Set personal information according to APP prompts, and allow APP to obtain mobile location authority to complete the connection.
4.3.1 Apple device connection: After the smart watch and Apple App are connected for the first time, the “Bluetooth pairing request” will be prompted. Please click “Pair” to complete the connection. After pairing, it is allowed to display a notice to check whether the Bluetooth settings are connected. Then enter the system to check whether the sharing notice is turned on, and then the smart watch can receive from 105 system push calls, SMS, QQ, WeChat and other notification reminders, otherwise can not receive the reminders.
4.3.2 Android device connection: When connecting with Android system, you need to open the APP background operation permission in the mobile phone manager or system settings (please open the options such as self-start, high power consumption, white list, etc., otherwise the APP will be cleared by the system, and the connection with the smart watch will be disconnected. For details, please refer to the help background operation solution). The message reminder needs to open the right to use the notice according to the information in the main interface. Please only check the smart wristband 3 app to get the message reminder.
4.4 Unbind:
Unbind Android device: Click unbind on the app device to unbind the smart watch and the APP.
Unbind Apple device :Click unbind on the app device to unbind the smart watch and the APP. Enter the mobile phone settings-Bluetooth, Click the exclamation mark behind the Smart Watch, and select ignore this device in the pop-up dialog box to Disconnect the smart watch completely. After unbinding, the smart watch will no longer receive any information notifications and content pushed by Apple.


  1. In theory, the smart watch supports operating system i0S9.0, Android4.4 or above and Bluetooth 4.0 devices, but not all mobile device models. Please refer to the actual conditions for details.
  2. The product is charged with SVSOOMA. It is strictly forbidden to use the overvoltage load power supply to avoid hardware damage.
  3. The smart watch battery is built-in and cannot be removed. Please do not try to replace the battery.
  4. The operating environment of the wristband is O’C to 45’C ;Charging temperature: O’C to 45’C.
  5. Please note when wearing: if you are sensitive skin or wearing the wristband too tightly, you may feel uncomfortable.
  6. Please wipe the smart watch dry before charging. Otherwise, it will lead to failure or corrosion of charging contact point.

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