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HENDI 231852 Vegetable Cutter Manual

HENDI 231852 Vegetable Cutter Manual Image

HENDI 231852 Vegetable Cutter

You should read this user manual carefully before using the appliance.

Dear Customer,
Thank you for purchasing this Hendi appliance. Before using the appliance for the first time, please read this manual carefully, paying particular attention to the safety regulations outlined below.

Safety regulations

  • This appliance is not intended for household use.
  • The appliance must only be used for the purpose for which it was intended and designed. The manufacturer is not liable for any damage caused by incorrect operation and improper use.
  • Keep the appliance and electrical plug away from water and any other liquids. In the event that the appliance should fall into water, immediately remove plug from the socket and do not use until the appliance has been checked by a certified technician. Failure to follow these instructions could cause a risk to lives.
  • Never attempt to open the casing of the appliance yourself.
  • Do not insert any objects in the casing of the appliance.
  • Do not touch the plug with wet or damp hands.
  • Danger of electric shock! Do not attempt to repair the appliance yourself. In case of malfunctions, repairs are to be conducted by qualified personnel only.
  • Never use a damaged appliance! Disconnect the appliance from the electrical outlet and contact the retailer if it is damaged.
  • Warning! Do not immerse the electrical parts of the appliance in water or other liquids. Never hold the appliance under running water.
  • Regularly check the power plug and cord for any damage. If the power plug or power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid danger or injury.
  • Make sure the cord does not come in contact with sharp or hot objects and keep it away from open fire. To pull the plug out of the socket, always pull on the plug and not on the cord.
  • Ensure that the cord (or extension cord) is positioned so that it will not cause a trip hazard.
  • Always keep an eye on the appliance when in use.
  • Warning! As long as the plug is in the socket the appliance is connected to the power source.
  • Turn off the appliance before pulling the plug out of the socket.
  • Never carry the appliance by the cord.
  • Do not use any extra devices that are not supplied along with the appliance.
  • Only connect the appliance to an electrical outlet with the voltage and frequency mentioned on the appliance label.
  • Connect the power plug to an easily accessible electrical outlet so that in case of emergency the appliance can be unplugged immediately. To completely switch off the appliance pull the power plug out of the electrical outlet.
  • Always turn the appliance off before disconnecting the plug.
  • Never use accessories other than those recommended by the manufacturer. Failure to do so could pose a safety risk to the user and could damage the appliance. Only use original parts and accessories.
  • This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge.
  • This appliance must not be used by children under any circumstances.
  • Keep the appliance and its cord out of reach of children.
  • Always disconnect the appliance from the mains if it is left unattended or is not in use, and before assembly, disassembly or cleaning.
  • Never leave the appliance unattended during use.

Special Safety Regulations

  • This appliance is intended only for cutting, slicing & grating fresh vegetables (e.g. carrots, potatoes, cabbage, etc) with the use of appropriate cutting discs in commercial use. Any other use may lead to damage of the appliance or personal injury.
  • This appliance should not be used for cutting frozen vegetables, bone-in meat or fish, etc.
  • Use the appliance only as described in this manual.
  • This appliance should be operated and installed by specialized trained personnel in the kitchen of the food industry such as catering, restaurant, bar, etc.
  • All installation, maintenance and repair works should be performed by specialized trained authorized technicians.
  • Do not place the appliance on a heating object. (gasoline, electric, charcoal cooker, etc.) Keep the appliance away from any hot surfaces and open flames. Always operate the appliance on a level, stable, clean, heat-resistant and dry surface.
  • Do not use the appliance near explosive or flammable materials, credit cards, magnetic discs or radios.
  • This appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or separate remote-control system.
  • Never bypass any safety interlocks on the appliance.
  • WARNING: Keep all ventilation openings in the appliance clear of obstruction.
  • WARNING: ALWAYS switch OFF the appliance and unplug from electrical power supply before cleaning, maintenance or storage.
  • WARNING: ALWAYS keep hands, long hair and clothing away from the moving parts.
  • Allow at least 20 cm spacing around the appliance for ventilation purpose during use.
  • Caution! Securely route the power cord if necessary in order to prevent unintentional pulling or contact with the heating surface.
  • Do not wash the appliance with water or waterjet. Washing with water can cause leakage and increase the risk of electric shock. No parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Do not clean or store the appliance unless it is completely cooled down.
  • Do not move the appliance while it is under operation. Unplug the appliance when moving and hold it at the bottom.
  • Do not operate the appliance without vegetables to avoid overheated.
  • WARNING! Take great care when handling the cutting discs. Wear protective gloves (not supplied) if necessary.

Intended use

  • The appliance is intended for professional use and can be operated only by qualified personnel.
  • The appliance is designed only for cutting, slicing & grating fresh vegetables (e.g. carrots, potatoes, cabbage, etc) with the use of appropriate cutting discs in commercial use. Anyother use may lead to damage of the appliance or personal injury.
  • Operating the appliance for any other purpose shall be deemed a misuse of the device. The user shall be solely liable for improper use of the device.

Grounding installation
This appliance is classified as protection class I appliance and must be connected to a protective ground. Grounding reduces the risk of electric shock by providing an escape wire for the electric current. This appliance is equipped with a cord having a grounding wire with a grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an outlet that is properly installed and grounded.



The multi-purpose vegetable cutter can slice, shred, grate, chip and dice various foodstuffs (for the preparation of raw and cooked vegetables, fruit). With its range of cutting discs, the device is ideal for restaurants, high occupancy kitchens, institu-tions and small companies.


  • The vegetable cutter must be operated only by qualified personnel familiar with the use and safety instructions included in this manual.
  • In case of personnel rotation, vocational training is necessary.
  • Although the device is equipped with several safety systems, avoid touching the cutting discs and moving parts.
  • Before any cleaning and maintenance operations check if the device is disconnected from the mains.
  • Periodically check the cables and electrical elements.
  • Do not use the device to cut frozen food. Remove all hard parts from foodstuffs before cutting to avoid damage of the cutting blades.
  • Never replace any parts of the device by yourself. Call the authorized service.



Item no.: 231852
Operating voltage & frequency: 230V ~/50Hz
Rated input power: 750W
RPM Disc: 300 RPM
Noise level: < 60 dB
Protection class: Class I
Waterproof protection class: IP23
Dimensions: 500X250X(H)470 mm

Remark: Technical specification is subjected to change without prior notification.


The vegetable cutter is packed in a sturdy card-board box with shaped internal edges, which guar-antees perfect integrity of the machine during transport.
Each device includes:

  • Operations and maintenance manual.
  • Ejecting disc.
  • All packing components (cardboard box, foam, straps etc.) Can easily be disposed of as municipal waste.


The device connection and setting must be per-formed by qualified personnel.
WARNING: both the system and location where the equipment is to be installed must comply with the occupational safety and health regulations as well as other regulations in force.

The device is supplied with an electrical cable to be connected to a thermal magnetic switch switching off the device in case of accidental contact of the The manufacturer and the seller shall not be held liable for any the manufacturer and the seller shall not be held liable for any regulations. Place the device on a wide, levelled, dry and stable surface, away from heat sources and water jets.

operator with moving parts.
The device must be grounded according to the local regulations in force.

The manufacturer and the seller shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage which may result from failure to observe the local regulations n force.
The vegetable cutter is manufactured to be used with 230V ~50Hz single-phase connection. If the voltage is different from the data specified
on a rating plate, please contact the seller.



Skilled personnel in charge of the installation and electrical connections of the device shall be responsible for training end users. Safety measures to be applied should be communicated to end users. This operation manual is supplied together with each device.



The controls and pilot light are located on the top of the device in the middle of the alumilium base.

  1. Green (I) start push button
  2. Red (O) stop push button


Lift up the locking handle as shown in figure no. 1 And open the cover. Remove the ejector and place appropriate disc. Close the cover. Push the start button to automatically hook the discs in the correct position.


Shredding discs   280300 3mm
280416 5mm
280317 7mm
 Slicing discs   280102 2mm (3 blades)
280126 4mm (2 blades)


The device is supplied with the ejector fitted to the drive spindle. Release the cover lock and lift the cover to remove the ejector (see figure. 1)
Before starting work always check the cleanliness of the cutting chamber, the drive spindle, the ejector and the cutting discs.

  1. Slicing, shredding and grating
    • Mount the ejector onto the flat surface of the drive spindle.
    • Mount the required disc (slicing, shredding or other – options.
      • Turn the dics clockwise to insert the bayonet and keep on turning closwise until it reaches the pin.
      • To remove the disc, turn it in the opposite direction and lift it using the finger holes at the edges of the disc.
      • Close and lock the cover.
  2. Cutting into chips or cubes (option)
    • Mount the ejector.
    • Mount the chips/dice disc in the housing and check for correct fixing (the assembly area must be clean). The upper edge of the chips/dice disc must be placed slightly below the top of the body of the device.
    • Then mount the slicing disc of the same size as the chips/dice disc and close the cover.



Before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance operations, check if the mains switch is off and the plug is disconnected from the mains.
Clean the device and the discs thoroughly every day to ensure correct operation and long life of the device.
The cutting discs and the ejector can be cleaned with a warm water jet.
Clean the device, in particular the disc assembly, only with a cloth or a sponge damped in warm water. Thoroughly remove all remaining foodstuff to prevent the discs from changing their position. Open the cover and loosen pin 1 as shown in figure no.3. Remove the cover and wash with warm running water.
Clean the surfaces with water with soap, alcohol, non-abrasive detergents or with water without chlorine- or soda-based substances (chlorinated water, hydrochloric acid).


When the white pilot light on the panel is on and the device does not start, check if the handle and the cover are closed. Safety microswitches are activated this way. The safety microswitches prevent the Never use abrasives, steel wool or similar products as they may damage the surface, coating or body of the device.
For cleaning use non-toxic hygiene products.

machine start if the securities are not activated. In case of failure, unplug the device and call the maintenance service or qualified personnel.
Do not start the device or attempt self-repairs.


If the vegetable cutter is to be idle for a long time, unplug and thoroughly clean the device and accessories. Use white Vaseline oil (or any similar product) to protect all parts of the device.
These products, mainly composed of oily substances and detergents, and available in spray cylinders for easy application, make aluminum surfaces glossy and prevent moisture and corrosion.
We recommend covering the device with a nylon (or similar) cloth.



No. Part Name No. Part Name No. Part Name
1 Handlebar arm 28 Pin 55 Bolt
2 Screw 29 Screw 56 Front cover of motor
3 Handlebar arm 30 Stator 57 Square key
4 Gasket 31 Rotor 58 Bearing cover
5 Gasket 32 Motor shaft 59 Oil seal
6 Gasket bolt 33 Spring gasket 60 Bearing cover
7 Pusher cap 34 Bearing 61 Shalf sleeve
8 Pusher 35 Ripple gasket 62 Screw
9 Small feeder hopper 36 Motor back cover 63 Nut
10 Hopper 37 Fan 64 Bearing
11 Seat of magnet 38 Spring gasket 65 Bolt
12 Magnet steel 39 Ejector 66 Strapped wheel
13 Screw 40 Core of disc 67 Belt
14 G003 grater disc 41 Ejector device 68 Belt wheel
15 Disc 42 Output axis 69 Nut
16 Spring 43 On switch 70 Contactor
17 Hook 44 Off switch 71 Support of contactor
18 Pin 45 Pin sleeve 72 Screw
19 Locking handle 46 Flat washer 73 Support of electric box
20 Flat washer 47 Fixing flat 74 Electric box
21 Spring washer 48 Screw 75 Bottom base
22 Screw 49 Microswitch-a 76 Clamp
23 Hopper lid spindle 50 Microswitch-b 77 Capacitor
24 Gasket 51 Flat washer 78 Bottom plate
25 Power cord 52 Screw 79 Foot
26 Body 53 Support of motor
27 Seat of magnet 54 Screw


Any defect affecting the functionality of the appliance which becomes apparent within one year after purchase will be repaired by free repair or re-placement provided the appliance has been used and maintained in accordance with the instructions and has not been abused or misused in any way. Your statutory rights are not affected. If the appliance is claimed under warranty, state where and when it was purchased and include proof of pur-chase (e.g. receipt).
In line with our policy of continuous product development we reserve the right to change the product, packaging and documentation specifications with-out notice.

Discarding & Environment
When decommissioning the appliance, the product must not be disposed of with other household waste. Instead, it is your responsibility to dispose to your waste equipment by handing it over to a designated collection point. Failure to follow this rule may be penalized in accordance with applicable regulations on waste disposal. The separate col-lection and recycling of your waste equipment at the time of disposal will help conserve natural resources and ensure that it is recycled in a manner that protects human health and the environment. For more information about where you can drop off your waste for recycling, please contact your local waste collection company. The manufacturers and importers do not take responsibility for recycling, treatment and ecological disposal, either directly or through a public system.

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