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HENDI Cream Whipper Manual

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Thank you for choosing this versatile and high-quality HENDI Cream Whipper. With this universal kitchen tool, you can create a multitude of light desserts, creams, sweet and sour mousses as well as sauces. Some kinds of liquid ingredients, such as juices, coffee, chocolate syrup, vanilla cream, yogurt, etc. can be used in HENDI Cream Whipper, but only if they contain no insoluble substances!
For guaranteed quality, please use HENDI cream chargers only. Please read the instructions thoroughly before using them the first time!


If the warnings included in the manual next to this symbol are not observed, injuries of operating personnel and third persons, as well as whipper or other property damage, may
The manufacturer and the distributor shall not be liable for damage resulting from failure to observe the manual.
The filled whipper and cartridges are pressurized. Opening of the filled whipper partly filled whipper, and/or piercing of the full or empty cartridge is forbidden – the risk of explosion.

  1.  Please keep this instruction booklet for later reference to avoid any improper handling or operating. This whipper is designed exclusively for the purposes specified in this manual.
  2. The whipper and the charger are pressure containers that require increased attention and care.
  3.  For the chargers, pertinent safety instructions are given on its package.
  4.  Keep HENDI Cream Whipper and chargers out of the reach of children.
  5. For safety reasons do not bend over the whipper nor lean over the whipper when screwing in the charger! Remark that the cream maker head has to be firmly screwed on before the cream maker can be taken into operation with the charger.
  6. HENDI head screws easily onto the bottle in an upright position. Do not cross-thread.
  7. All HENDI parts can be assembled easily; therefore never use force.
  8. Never use the whipper if damaged. HENDI Cream Whipper which has been dropped should be checked by HENDI before resuming use.
  9. Press the lever until the hissing sound stops before opening HENDI Cream Whipper when gas has completely escaped.
  10.  Do not expose HENDI Cream Whipper to heat (stove, sunlight, oven, microwave, etc.).
  11.  Please be advised that tampering with the whipper and/or its components voids any and all warranties of the manufacture/supplier.
  12. The contents may not be warmer than 75°C.

(see illustrations)
If the warnings included in the manual next to this symbol are not observed, injuries of operating personnel and third persons, as well as whipper or other property damage, may occur.
The manufacturer and the distributor shall not be liable for damage resulting from failure to observe the manual.

  1. When using your whipper for the first time, or if you have not used it for a while, rinse the bottle first with lukewarm water, then with cold water before filling it with cream.
  2.  Fill with well-chilled fresh cream or well mixed and strained liquid ingredients (fig. 1). Never exceed the maximum filling quantity engraved on the outside of the bottle maximum one pint/0.5 liter for 0.5 L  bottle or maximum one quart/1 liter or 1.0 L bottle). If you want to sweeten your cream, we recommend using sugar syrup. If using sugar or cream stiffener, stir and dissolve it irst completely into a little cream to avoid the formation of lumps.
    The 0.5 l whipper shall be filled with 0.5 l of cream and only one cartridge.
    The 1.0 l whipper shall be filled with 1.0 l of cream and two cartridges.
  3. Ensure that the head gasket is positioned correctly and firmly in the head (fig.1). Then place the head on the bottle and screw closed as follows: Turn the head clockwise until you feel resistance, then turn a further quarter of a turn. Do not cross-thread! (fig. 2).WARNING – RISK OF EXPLOSION
    Make sure that the head gasket is properly seated and that it is not damaged. ONLY ORIGINAL GASKETS CAN BE USED!
    Make sure that the threads on the whipper head and bottle are not damaged.
  4. Insert the silver-colored HENDI cream charger (N2 O) into the charger holder as illustrated (fig. 1).
  5. Screw the charger holder and charger onto the inlet valve until the gas is released into the bottle with a hissing sound (fig. 3). Use 1 charger per filling (2 chargers with 1 quart/liter bottle). Shake the whipper briskly 4~5 times in a vertical direction. When using well-cooled light cream or other mixtures, shake up to ten times. Unscrew the charger holder and charger (fig. 4). The slight hissing sound while unscrewing is normal. Remove and discard the used charger. HINDI chargers are made from high grade steel and can be recycled.
    Make sure that the head gasket is properly seated and that it is not damaged. ONLY ORIGINAL GASKETS CAN BE USED!
    If an empty cartridge is left in the holder screwed on the head, the piston gasket will be damaged. Always unscrew the holder with the empty cartridge immediately after filling the whipper with gas.
  6.  To dispense the content, hold the whipper vertically (decorating nozzle pointing downward) about 1 cm above the surface. Then press the lever lightly (fig. 4). If whipped cream is not firm enough, shake it once more. When using later, do not shake again. Keep filled cream whipper in the refrigerator but never in the deep-freezing compartment or in the freezer. Before placing the whipper-in the refrigerator, remove the decorating nozzle from the nozzle adaptor, rinse with lukewarm water and replace. The content will stay fresh for several days in the refrigerator.


Mind the following important points:

  1. To get a better result, please cool the whipper well under cold water or in the refrigerator before filling.
  2. Only use soluble ingredients. For sweetening, it is best to use sugar syrup or liquid sweeteners. Granulated sugar or salt should first be dissolved in cool water or cream. Use powdered or liquid spices only. Insoluble substances such as seeds, pulp, etc. prevent the closure of the dispensing piston or might impair the proper functioning of the whipper. If you use blended mixtures, please use a fine strainer o remove seeds or pulp.
  3.  The HENDI Cream Whipper is well suited for the preparation of cold mousses, (hot) sauces, or Espumas.
  4. Excessive shaking may stiffen pure cream to a degree that it loses its soft texture, therefore please do not overshake! Do not shake every time before dispensing.  Please
    shake recipes consisting of mixtures of cream and other liquids well and more frequently.
  5. When dispensing, always hold the whipper upside down (decorating nozzle pointing downward), otherwise gas will escape and some cream may remain  inside  the whipper.
  6. For best result, serve immediately upon dispensing.
  7. For spare parts, please contact your dealer or HENDI directly.
  8. Use only genuine HENDI Cream Whipper spare parts. Never combine parts with other HENDI products or other manufacturers’ products. HENDI components are identified by HENDI marks on the head, charger holder, and the bottom of the bottle.
  9. For repairs always return the entire unit (head plus bottle).


The charger is not pierced open:
An unsuitable charger has been used or the charger was inserted incorrectly. Use the exclusively disposable HENDI cream charger and place it in the charger holder as shown in Fig. 1.
You have not pressed the lever, nevertheless, cream flows from the nozzle and can’t be stopped:

a) Additives such as powdered sugar, cream stiffener, pulp, etc. have not been completely dissolved, blocking the piston. Turn the whipper into an upright position (nozzle up), place it on the countertop and wait until the content has settled on the bottom. Cover the nozzle well with a heavy towel and carefully press the lever to release gas until the hissing sound stops, then unscrew the head, clean the dispensing piston, strain contents and refill the whipper.
b)The dispensing piston is damaged. Send the appliance to HENDI or a service center.

When the charger is being screwed in, gas escapes between the bottle and the head:
a) The head gasket is missing. Insert a head gasket in the head.
b) The head gasket is damaged. Insert a new gasket.
c) The head is not screwed on firmly enough. Screw the head onto the bottle firmly in accordance with User Instructions.
d) The upper edge of the bottle is damaged. Send the appliance to HENDI or a service center.

The cream is still liquid after preparation:
a) The whipper was not shaken firmly or often enough. Shake again firmly.
b) The whipper was not turned upside down when pressing the lever. Always turn the whipper upside down before pressing the lever (decorating nozzle pointing vertically downward!)
The cream is too firm and “spits” sideways from the nozzle:
The whipper has been shaken too much. Do not over-shake nor shake before each dispensing.
IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to modify the whipper. If you cannot solve a problem with the help of these instructions, please contact HENDI or a service center.

Before opening, allow remaining pressure to escape by pressing the lever until no cream or gas is discharged through the nozzle. An insignificant amount of cream may remain in the bottle – a teaspoon of liquid cream at the most.
Follow steps 1, 2, and 3 to clean your HENDI Cream Whipper:
1. Unscrew the head then remove the head gasket and decorating the nozzle. Hold end of the piston inside the head while unscrewing the nozzle adaptor with the other hand.
2. Thoroughly clean each individual component with a mild detergent and a brush.
3. Allow the parts to dry and reassemble them later.
4. When cleaning, only remove parts as shown in fig. 5.
5. Do not use any sharp objects or abrasive materials when cleaning the bottle.
6. Both, bottle and head are dishwasher proof.
Defective whipper (faulty materials or bad workmanship) will be repaired without charge (freight prepaid!) within twelve months of date of purchase per valid invoice. This warranty does not cover any liability for malfunction caused by improper use, use of damaged/wear parts, or any consequential damage. In order to assure the proper functioning of your cream whipper, only use original HENDI parts. In particular, we shall not satisfy any warranty or liability claims for malfunction, damage, and conseq ential
damage resulting from any failure of complying with and/or failure to read this manual and the safety instructions contained therein. For further information: visit us at  www.hendi.eu

– Changes, printing, and typesetting errors reserved.

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