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Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar A03992 User Manual

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A03992 Quick Start Manual


See an Important Safety and Product Information guide in the product box for product warnings and other important information.
Getting Started
When using your watch for the first time, you should complete these tasks to set it up and get to know the basic features.

  1. Press LIGHT to turn on the watch (page 3).
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the initial setup. During the initial setup, you can pair your smartphone with your watch to receive notifications, set up your Garmin Pay ™ wallet, and more (page 6).
  3. Charge the device completely (page 11).
  4. Start an activity (page 8).


  1. LIGHT
  • Press to turn the backlight on and off.
  • Hold to view the controls menu.
  • Hold to turn the device on.


  • Press to scroll through the widget loop and menus.
  •  Hold to view the menu.
    3. DOWN
    4. Up
  •  Press to scroll through the widget loop and menus.
  • Press to view the activity list and start or stop an activity.
  • Press to choose an option in a menu.


  • Press to return to the previous screen.
  • Press to record a lap, rest, or transition during a multisport activity.
  • Hold to view the watch face from any screen.

Using the Watch

  • Hold LIGHT to view the controls menu. The controls menu provides quick access to frequently used functions, such as opening the Garmin Pay wallet, turning
    on do not disturb mode, and turn the watch off.
  • From the watch face, press UP or DOWN to scroll through the widget loop.
    Your watch comes preloaded with widgets that provide at-a-glance information. More widgets are available when you pair your watch with a smartphone.
  • From the watch face, press to start an activity or open an app (page 8).
  • Hold MENU to customize the watch face, adjust settings, and pair wireless sensors.

Viewing the Solar Widget

  1. From the watch face, press UP or DOWN to scroll to the solar widget.
  2. Press to view a graph of the intensity of solar input for the last 6 hours.

Tips for Solar Charging
To maximize the battery life of your watch, follow these tips.

  • When you are wearing the watch, avoid covering your face with your sleeve.
  • When you are not wearing the watch, point the face toward a source of bright light, such as sunlight or fluorescent light.
    The watch will charge faster when exposed to sunlight because the solar charging lens is optimized for the spectrum of sunlight.
  • For maximum battery performance, charge the watch in bright sunlight.

NOTE: The watch protects itself from overheating and stops charging automatically if the internal temperature exceeds the solar charging temperature threshold (page 12).
NOTE: The watch does not solar charge when connected to an external power source or when the battery is full.

Smart Features

Pairing Your Smartphone with Your Watch
To use the connected features on your watch, you must pair it directly through the Garmin
Connect ™ app, instead of from the Bluetooth ® settings on your smartphone.

  1. From the app store on your smartphone, install and open the Garmin Connect app.
  2. Bring your smartphone within 10 m (33 ft.) of your watch.
  3. Press LIGHT to turn on the watch.
    The first time you turn on the watch, it is in pairing mode.
  4. Follow the instructions in the app to complete the pairing and setup process.

Setting Up Your
Garmin Pay Wallet
The Garmin Pay feature allows you to use your watch to pay for purchases in participating stores. You can add one or more participating credit or debit cards to your Garmin Pay wallet. Go to garmin.com/garminpay/banks to find participating financial institutions.

  1.  From the Garmin Connect app, select .
  2. Select Garmin Pay > Get Started.
  3. Follow the on-screen  instructions.

You can open your Garmin Pay wallet from the controls menu on your device. See the owner’s manual for more information on using the Garmin Pay feature.
Connect IQ™ Features

You can add Connect IQ features to your watch from  Garmin ® and other providers using the Connect IQ app. You can customize your device with watch faces, data fields, widgets, and apps.

Downloading Connect IQ Features

  1.  From the app store on your smartphone, install and open the Connect IQ app.
  2.  Follow the on-screen instructions.

Activities and Apps

Your device can be used for indoor, outdoor, athletic, and fitness activities. When you start an activity, the device displays and records sensor data. You can save activities and share them with the  Garmin Connect community. You can also add Connect IQ activities and apps to your device using the Connect IQ app (page 7).

Starting an Activity

  1.  From the watch face, pressUp.
  2. The first time you start an activity, select the checkbox next to each of your favorites and select Done.
    Your favorite activities appear at the top of the list, providing quick access to the ones you use most.
    Additional activities appear in the extended list.
  3. Select an activity.
  4. If the activity requires GPS, go outside and wait while the device locates satellites.
  5.  PressUp to start the timer.
    NOTE: The device does not record your activity data until you start the timer.
  6. After you complete your activity, press to stop the timer.
  7. Select Save to save the activity and review the activity summary.

Recording an Ultra Run

  1.  PressUp.
  2. Select Ultra Run >Up .
  3. Start running.
  4. If resting, select
    BACK·LAP to create a rest interval.
    The display reverses to white text on a black background, and the rest screen appears.
  5. From resting, select BACK·LAP to resume running and create a new interval.
  6. After you complete your activity, pressUp, and select Done > Save.

Power Modes
Power modes allow you to quickly adjust system settings, activity settings, and GPS settings to extend battery life during an activity. For example, power modes can disconnect
paired sensors and turn on the UltraTrac GPS option. The watch displays the hours of battery life gained with each power mode. You can also create custom power modes.
During an activity, hold MENU, select Power Mode, and select an option.

Device Information

Wearing the Device

  • Wear the device above your wrist bone.
    NOTE: The device should be snug but comfortable.

For more accurate heart rate readings, the device should not move while running or exercising. For pulse oximeter readings, you should remain motionless.

NOTE: The optical sensor is located on the back of the device.
• See the owner’s manual for more information.

Changing the UltraFit
Nylon Strap

Charging the Device
This device contains a lithium-ion battery. See an Important Safety and Product Information guide in the product box for product warnings and other important information.

To prevent corrosion, thoroughly clean and dry the contacts and the surrounding area before charging or connecting to a computer. Refer to the cleaning instructions in the owner’s manual.

  1.  Plug the small end of the USB cable into the charging port on your device.
  2.  Plug the large end of the USB cable into a USB charging port.
  3. Charge the device completely.

Operating temperature
range: From -20 to 45°C (from -4 to 113°F)
Charging temperature range:
USB charging: from 0 to 45°C (from 32 to 113°F) Solar charging: from 0 to 60°C (from 32 to 140°F)
Wireless frequency: 2.4 GHz @ -1.5 dBm maximum, 13.56 MHz @ -37.8 dBm maximum


Restarting Your Device

  1. Hold LIGHT until the device turns off.
  2. Hold LIGHT to turn on the device.

My device is in the wrong
Go to garmin.com/manuals/enduro /language for more information on changing your device language.
Getting the Owner’s Manual
The owner’s manual includes instructions for using device features and accessing regulatory information.
Go to garmin.com/manuals/enduro.

Getting More Information
You can find more information about this product on the Garmin website.

  • Go to support.garmin.com for additional manuals, articles, and software updates.
  • Go to buy.garmin.com, or contact your Garmin dealer for information about optional accessories and replacement parts.
  • Go to www.garmin.com/accuracy for information about feature accuracy.

This is not a medical device.
© 2021 Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries Garmin ®, the Garmin logo, ANT+ ® , and QuickFit ® are trademarks of
Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries, registered in the USA and other countries. Connect IQ ™, Enduro ™, Garmin Connect ™, and Garmin Pay ™ are trademarks of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries.
These trademarks may not be used without the express permission of Garmin.
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Printed in Taiwan
January 2021

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